AIG Sued For Breach Of Contract By Bruce Levenson’s Hawks Consortium

The current ownership of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, headed by billionaire Tony Ressler purchased the team from Bruce Levenson’s consortium who had been in charge of the Georgia based basketball team for over a decade. The sale according to ESPN was announced and confirmed over one year ago, but the Bruce Levenaon headed franchise are still trying to draw to a close the final aspects of their ownership revolving around the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry who had signed a six year $18 million contract in 2012.

Bruce Levenson and his fellow consortium members led the Hawks franchise on a turnaround of the team, which took the historic franchise from last place in the NBA standings to the number one seed in the nation for the playoffs in just a decade. Levenson became well known for the community based work he completed in the NBA community, which reflects his own position as a philanthropist ( in the Maryland and Washington D.C. community; Bruce Levenson’s work with the The University of Maryland has now taken on a global approach with students from the school backed by the Levenson family taking their not for profit skills to India and areas of Africa.

Bruce Levenson and his fellow consortium members believe AIG have breached the contract signed to protect them from workplace issues and torts, and should have already completed their claim made over the termination of the contract of Danny Ferry. The Levenson family have become major supporters of groups fighting bigotry and racism, and recently acted as joint chair’s for an anti-defamation league fundraiser for the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Bruce and Karen Levenson have also continued to play a major role in the work of the Washington D.C. based U.S. Holocaust Museum they backed financially during construction. For more info, visit

Brazilian Economy On The Upswing, Says Prominent Executive

A recent online article on discussed Flavio Maluf’s opinion about the upswing of the Brazilian economy. Maluf is the president of Eucatex, a Brazilian manufacturing company. The article talks about a new interactive tool called the Industry Thermometer. This tool has nine different indicators that the National Confederation of Industry uses to measure the strength of industry in the economy, says the article. During the last part of the second quarter and into the third, there were positive indications in the Brazilian economy.

Experts are optimistic about Brazil. They have studied the various sources and indicators that point in a positive direction. In the article, Flavio Maluf says that the recession of 2014 is quickly lifting, according to data from the Charter of Conjuntura of the Institute of Applied Research.

There is a quote from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics that there was a .3% increase in the industrial sector. This happened in the second quarter of the year. The data shows an improvement in the rest of 2016 for Brazilian industry, says the article. Maluf says that good production this year is the reason behind economic growth. He also says that the economy benefits when businesses find import substitutions and adjust their inventories properly.

Maluf is also optimistic about the growth of investments. He also foresees growth in the Gross Fixed Capital Formation. He opines that consumer confidence levels should improve, now that reports show financial recovery in the nation. The article says that the Industrial Entrepreneur Confidence Index has positive results, which is the first time in over two years. Maluf says that service and consumption sectors are increasing as they see a recovery in the Brazilian market.

Flavio Maluf earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He also studied business in New York University. Maluf began his career at Eucatex in 1986. After being in the trade section for a few years, he worked until 1996 in the industrial section. He brought tremendous growth to the company and was named president in 1997. Today, Eucatex continues making sustainable building materials, which are purchased internationally.

Law in Brazil

Law in Brazil is a multifaceted and ever-developing business. Good combat in the industry requires a balance of litigation skill, professional and personal presence, and strong abilities in communication both oral and written.


When you need a lawyer to help work through the legal system, it is important to have the right professional to help you navigate through. There are numerous considerations to take into account when selecting legal counsel for representation of the matters which concern you most. Whether you need a legal team for help in civil, criminal, or other legal matters, take your time to select the best expert in your specific area of need.


Ricardo Tosto is known as Brazil’s voice of command for clients. He has created the largest legal firm in the country and has worked on cases which have gained global attention. This spotlight has affirmed Mr. Tosto’s acclaimed status and transformed some of the economic laws in the country. The benefits are stimulating and compounding.


Mr. Tosto’s team of associates have trained closely under his supervision. His direction has guided their legal strategies and lead the team into further legal victories. Brazil law is now a commanding force globally with respect and progressive, pioneering mechanisms.


Find the perfect legal team to help you win your next victory. Ask helpful questions, keep record of your findings, and interview several firms. Brazil law can be discerning, but with the right team, you can get the help that you need to find an appropriate solution.

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Benefits of Co-working Spaces in the Big City


Co-working spaces are very common in the modern times, especially among individuals and small businesses. A recent study by one of the furniture giant companies in the country known as Haworth revealed that co-working spaces could help the large corporations in becoming more innovative.

The company has also noted that co-working is not just beneficial to startups and freelancers. More and more corporations in the country are already using co-working spaces, and they are already ripping the benefits. Experts in the industry say that shared offices have all the potential to change the knowledge work fundamentally and at the same time catalyze innovation for the future. The recent study has also revealed that the shared spaces play a crucial to the well -being of the workers in the large enterprises.


In the report, individuals who have used shared office spaces say that they were more productive and creative in their daily activities. The employees say that they were creative in their operations because the working atmosphere was satisfying compared to the traditional office. Shared office spaces throughout NYC were previously preferred by freelancers, but they are now being embraced by corporate organizations in the region.


Experts around the globe have realized that the shared offices are gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times. Gabor Nagy is a respected research manager who works with Haworth, and he has noticed the new growth in these types of offices. Gabor believes that this new growth reflects the changing aspirations of the young employees.

Gabor has also realized that most of the young people in the modern times are no longer interested in working for large enterprises that are already successful. These young professionals are always looking to work for a cool startup. In these startups, an individual’s impact is clearly visible.


Workville is one of the shared office spaces that are found in New York City. Workville is located in a perfect environment, and the companies who hire the offices will have access to reliable transport and good parking. Essential facilities such as restaurants and gyms are also available for the individuals who choose to use Workville.

U.S. Money Reserve Wins Four Awards At 20th Annual Videographer Awards For Creative Work

The United States Money Reserve has earned recognition as a recipient of four prizes from the prestigious Video Awards in 2016 for production and creative work. United States Money Reserve won Excellence Awards in two categories including Creativity TV/Cinematography and the TV/Production Commercial. This was a 28:30 infomercial that was aired on TV for which depicts the real testaments of the Testimonial Show. The infomercial shows how the loyal United States Money Reserve depended on their services and Richard Pretty who was the NASCAR driver.

The Excellence Award is one of the best awards given to top projects, shot, written, produced, and edited in an extemporal manner. For the company to win the two awards, it provides an easy way to increase the creative team’s self-esteem. The company also won an Honorable Mention and a Distinction Award for their sport “Pearl Harbor Show.”

According to the new CEO of the US Money Reserve, the company is honored to receive those awards as a way to earn international recognition for video production and creativity. Angie Koch, the CEO of the United States Money Reserve, said that the talent of their output, media, and marketing teams is inspiring. For the sake of the shows, the team is euphoric to bring the show’s live events trough incredible loyal customer participation.

The members and judges of the Communication and Marketing Association of Professionals (AMCP) are looking for in individuals and companies whose talent exceeds excellence standards. They are looking for work that functions as the standard in this industry. The Videographer Awards for 2016 had over 1,500 entries from all-over-the-world.

The United States Money Reserve, last month, won a bronze medal at the Telly Awards for the spot “Philip Diehl IRA.”

The 2016 Videographer Awards are judged and administered by the Communication and Marketing Association of Professionals (AMCP). The international company comprises of numerous advertising, communication, marketing, media production, public relations, and freelance professionals who enter the AMCP programs. For the program, there are twenty categories of presentations. For all these, the United States Money Reserve secured three of them. They include the Honorable Mention, Award of Distinction, and Award of Excellence.

The U.S Money Reserve is the country’s largest issuer of the United States government-issued silver, gold and platinum products. It was founded in 2012 to become one of the world largest distributors of state-issued gold, silver, and harmful platinum products. It has gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers across the United States.

Mark Sparks: A Role Model for Young Entrepreneurs

When it comes to mastering several trades to succeed in this world, Mark Sparks has proven quite successful. Mark has often been referred to as a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur as well as a businessman who has invested widely in different fields.

Currently, he heads a venture called Timber Creek Capital where he is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the co-founder. He is notable for his investments in various industries such as telecommunication, where he works closely with Splash Media as well as Cardinal Telecom and Jay Wireless. Mark Sparks also has an interest in real estate, business solutions and finally venture investments.

Mark Sparks is currently based in Dallas, Texas. He is well known around this area for his kind donations to help the less privileged. Mark Sparks has on various occasions stated that it pays to give back to the community. He has been involved in philanthropy since the 1980s and has worked with notable charities around Dallas and United States of America such as Samaritan Inn, which a homeless shelter.

He has also collaborated with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for the less privileged. Other than that, he is known to support the America Can! Academy. This is an American High School magnet program that is based in Dallas Texas.

Mark Sparks is also an author. At the moment, he is writing a book about his life and how to be successful in this life. The book has the title “They Can’t Eat You,” and it’s a book that details how the C students can defy the odds to become the best at their respective careers. Mark Sparks was not good at books while in college or high school. He, however, managed to become one of the greatest investors and venture capitalists of modern times.

Mark is known to offer some tips that young entrepreneurs should follow before seeking out the help of a venture capitalist. First, Mark acknowledges that it will be difficult to attract venture capitalists if you can’t offer a special commodity.

A commodity that is unique guarantees the investors return on investment and they often look for this mostly. Second, if your product is already being sold, you need to make use of sales data to show that the product is in great demand. This way, you will be able to receive funding for the existing commodity. Finally, always ensure that you formulate a clear cut strategy on the way you will utilize the money you are seeking.


Securus Committed To Honesty, Transparency And Integrity

Studies continue to show that when you allow prisoners to freely communicate with their loved ones, they are much less likely to commit another crime when released. The rate at which prisoners re-offend after being released is called the recidivism rate. It should be the goal of everyone working in the criminal justice industry to reduce recidivism.


But you may not know that private companies are allowed to run parts of public prisons. Take the telephones hanging on the wall. Those phones are services by third party telecommunications companies. These companies secure exclusive contracts to service those telephones which excludes any competition. And with a customer base literally locked up, that could potentially allow a company to abuse its position of power.


But that is not the case with a telecommunications company called Securus. Securus Technologies is one of the largest providers of telecommunications services to the criminal justice industry throughout the country. In fact, the company services some 1.2 million inmates in nearly all 50 states.


So it should make you feel good that the better Business Bureau recently gave Securus an A+ for customer satisfaction. The prison telephone company has expanded its customer services through a 220-seat call center. The call center is amazingly productive, answering calls within 11 seconds on average and resolving any issues on the first call over 99% of the time.


Securus has even gone through the pain of getting accredited by the BBB. The BBB continually monitors companies that volunteer and pay for the privilege of accreditation. They score the company on honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, a commitment to privacy and integrity. Securus scored high marks in each category and has received the honor. I believe that more companies should behave like Securus by treating people, even prisoners, with the utmost respect and dignity.


Talk Fusion Continues Philanthropic Endeavors

Talk Fusion launched back in 2007 as a means for CEO Bob Reina to find new ways to connect businesses with customers and potential new clients. Reina’s Talk Fusion has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years and CEO Reina hasn’t let the opportunity pass hi by to spread his success to places that need it. Reina likes to say that, “with great success comes greater responsibility” and he has put the phrase to the test with his charitable endeavors.


For CEO Bob Reina the goal of giving back should be part and parcel of success, not an outcome of it. That is why Reina donated a record breaking, and jaw dropping, $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. That thought process is also why Reina has continually made donations to an Indonesian Orphanage in order to give the children there the means and resources they need to have a better life while waiting for their ‘forever home’. The donations and philanthropic work that Reina has been a part of has spread to over 140 different countries. It’s easy now to see why Reina has been doing so well of late.


However, Reina isn’t only going to be the one giving back. Reina has also made it possible for Talk Fusion users to set up a charity account with a customized monthly donation plan. The charity account comes with all of the things that makes Talk Fusion so popular, like their award winning Video Chat and Video Email, while also setting up companies with the chance to continually donate. Reina’s goal of giving back to charities and nonprofits throughout the world has finally come to a realization in a huge way.


Talk Fusion is more than just a philanthropic endeavor writ large, it is also an important tool in the back pockets of companies everywhere. Talk Fusion has created a resourceful program that allows its users to connect with people all over the globe, helping with branding and networking outreach along the way. Users of the Talk Fusion Video Chat program, in particularly, have had nothing but good things to say.

Low-cost Approach to Online Reputation Management

In the modern online world, online reputation management is an important thing that both individuals and corporate entities need to take into account. Monitoring tools are an important component of any reputation management strategy. Relying on manually googling your company name is not something that is a foolproof method. The Huffington post mentions several tools that continually scans and reviews the internet for mentions of your company’s brand, products, and services (

The most basic methods of tracking the online reputation of your company are without cost. With a few easy steps common sources of information about your company can be monitored with automated tools that the sites provide within their interfaces. A Google alert can be configured to search for keywords and provide the originator with an alert by email when there is a mention of the keywords you have set online, at the intervals you choose. Using saved twitter searches can also help with brand monitoring. Setting an automatic search in Twitter allows you to catch any mentions of your key phrases and keep an eye on your reputation and respond to any positive and negative tweets about your company.

There are also third party tools that help to automate the process of online reputation management. One simple tool that automates the process, If This Then That (IFTTT), allows you to set alerts relating to Twitter or Facebook and send an alert to a designated email address. Social networking is not the only place online that a company has to follow to manage their online reputation. There are numerous complaint sites online that also need to be monitored for content. The Complaint Site Search ( allows the instantaneous search of 40 or more sites for complaints and allows those issues to be responded to and dealt with in a quick manner.

Whether a company chooses to invest a little or a lot on their online reputation, it is important to do something to manage it. Luckily technology provides low cost and free options that any size company can take advantage of.


Magnises Targets Millennials Without Calling Them Millennials

Whoever gave the people born between 1982 and 1998 the name,” Millennials” made a mistake. According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials don’t like that name and the associations that are attached to it. The Pew study showed that the Millennial generation on Vimeo does not describe themselves as being patriotic, religious, politically active, willing to sacrifice, moral and self-reliant. Only a little more than 30 percent of the people surveyed considered themselves hardworking and compassionate. Millennials are critical of their generation, but they are socially and environmentally conscious. They are also more accepting of homosexuality, interracial marriages, and immigration when they are compared to the GenX generation on Instagram and the Baby Boomers.

In short, Millennials are nothing like the generations that came before them and it shows. In a consumer-driven economy, Millennials pose a threat to the GDP output unless corporations figure out a way to relate to them. It’s hard for other generations to understand the inner workings of Millennials, but other Millennials that start businesses have a very good understanding of what makes them spend money. One 24-year-old entrepreneur from Short Hills, New Jersey has a concept that is attracting Millennials, and he is getting them to spend. That Millennial is Billy McFarland. McFarland founded Spling, the digital acquisition and optimization site, a few years ago. McFarland is a natural when it comes to the tech revolution, so it was only a matter of time before he combined the social media concept with a fun and exciting brick and mortar goods and service organization. That organization is called Magnises. Magnises is a concept that combines social interaction with empowerment. Those two characteristics are innate in every Millennial.

McFarland found a way to tap into the elite Millennial market in New York City and Washington D.C., and so far 12,000 people pay $250 a year to be a card carrying member of Magnises. The black Magnises card will link to a debit or a credit card, so it’s easy to pay for the goods and services that are part of the Magnises network. The response has been so great that McFarland is spreading the concept to Chicago, London, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Boston. Magnises members also pay $65 a month for a ClubPass which gets members into the hottest clubs in New York and Washington. There is also a HotelPass that gives members a $79 a night rate at any Dream Hotel. And the perks don’t stop there. Companies like Tesla and Johnny Walker are on board, and they are hosting events for Magnises members.

Billy McFarland was able to raise more than $4 million in venture capital to start Magnises. He was able to raise that money because members only clubs have been successful through the years, but Magnises is no ordinary members only club. Magnises combines the technology world with the everyday living world and that’s a first. Most members love the concept because they get to choose the perks that suit their needs and personality. Most of the current members are professionals in the fashion, finance, and tech industries. Those Millennials are used to doing what they want when they want and Magnises gives them that freedom.

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