Brad Reifler: An Asset to the Community

Brad Reifler always had high expectations for his career and life. He started developing his entrepreneurial skills early in life. While in Bowdoin College, Brad registered his first business enterprise that traded in the derivatives market.

In the year 2000, he sold his first company to Refco trading. Reifler has always been under the mentorship of his grandfather Ray. E. Friedman, a very experienced investor. You can say that Brad Reifler gained valuable lessons in business very early in life.

Wikipedia shows that after he had sold his first company, Brad Reifler partnered with other investors to form Pali Capital. Serving as the board leader and CEO, Brad exercised his skills and took Pali Capital to profitability. Within a decade of operation, Brad’s company had opened up branches all around the US, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In the year 2009, Brad spearheaded the establishment of Forefront Advisory and Management. In this company, he took up the roles of CEO through which he guides forex and commodity market traders.

Investors have been investing half-heartedly since the global financial crisis. It has been a very volatile financial market. Brad Reifler’s extensive experience in the financial sector makes him a target among entrepreneurs. He has hundreds of clients in his portfolio.

The best managers know how to observe and anticipate trends. They also strive to innovate sustainable ways of pushing the business forward. The volatility of financial markets forces investment bankers to seek alternative methods. For Brad Reifler, the future lies in the non-accredited investor markets, something he’s dealt with a lot and that’s been covered by Reuters his entire career.

For a long time, the financial sector has always identified with high-income areas of society. The middle and lower income earners have always been left out of the investment equation. However, numbers indicate a steady rise in the welfare of middle-income earners. The middle class forms the largest economic strata of society. The gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening every day.

The only way to close this gap is by empowering the middle class to financial independence. The large pool of middle-income earners has the potential to bring resources and invest. However, before the actual investment, financial literacy must be promoted through rigorous education programs.

Financial literacy assists investors to understand, anticipate and predict trends as well as come up with productive ways of investing their money. It also guards households against unscrupulous business dealings. Brad Reifler has once again cast his eyes into the future with the launch of Forefront Income Trust. This platform allows ordinary investors to gain financial knowledge and pool resources that the trust invests.

Brad Reifler has become an asset to the community. He speaks passionately about how all people can venture into the world if business. He encourages households to plan and invest in the future.