Hall Capital’s Morrison Is Changing The Working World for Women

Helane Morrison is one of the leaders of Hall Capital, one of the most successful and largest money managers in the Bay Area. Their assets have reached $24 billion. The investment firm that is located in San Francisco, was founded in 1994. The firm is managing some money for some of the most successful families in Bay Area.

Female Leaders

Morrison, along with Kathryn Hall and Sarah Stein, are the leading women in Hall Capital. Hall thinks that when the CEO of a company is a woman, and when there are other women at high levels as well, the company becomes an attractive workplace for women. Female leadership in financial companies is very rare, even though there are quite a lot of women in business schools.

Morrison’s Background

Morrison joined the firm in 2007. Before that, she was the head of the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) in San Francisco Office from 1999 to 2007. She was the representation of SEC in business, financial and legal communities. Prior to that, she worked at Howard, a San Francisco law firm, as well as Falk & Rabkin, Canady, Nemerovski and Rice from 1986 to 1996. She is a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation as well as the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of American Bar Association

Hall Capital

The three leaders of Hall Capital stated that the benefit package of the firm includes paternity and maternity leave, as well as workplace flexibility to accommodate their workers’ commitments to be met. As an addition, the firm encourages its employees to be engaged in outside activities. This is because Hall believes that people can do their jobs better when they are more engaged to activities outside the company. Hall Capital also has a zero-tolerance for anything less than complete integrity in the business world and refuses to align themselves who does not uphold these high, but very attainable ideals.

The Firm’s Condition

Under the leadership of Morrison and the other two women, the firm won foundations and endowments as clients because these investors decided to let other professionals to manage their money after the financial crisis in 2008. Now, about 20 percent of the firm is focused on endowments and foundations.


Even though female leadership is rare, there are some successful firms that are led by female such as the Hall Capital. As one of the leaders, Morrison offers a great and professional leadership. Under the leadership of these amazing women, Hall Capital will continue to improve while offering the best financial services.
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A New Type of High Quality Meal for Dogs

The Daily Herald recently reported on an exciting new trend among dog food companies. They brought up a familiar fact, that people are becoming more and more concerned about food quality. Most everyone these days is trying to ensure that they food they’re eating is fresh, high quality, and as tasty as possible. When people eat chicken for example they know it’s important for it to be fresh and tasty. But the big surprise from the Daily Herald comes from the latest group to take healthy eating to the next level. The same households that are focusing on healthy eating for the people within it are now taking a lot at what the family pet is eating as well. The Daily Herald also noted that there’s a new trend of dog foods patterned after human meals. This might seem a bit surprising at first. But it’s easy to forget that humans and dogs have been living together for quite some time. Any dog owner can attest to the fact that man’s best friend will often stare at the dinner table with a look of pleading in his eye. The fact that so many people have noted health improvements when eating healthier makes it quite apparent that the family pet deserves a food upgrade as well. But while this might come as a surprise to some people, others have been giving higher quality meals to their dogs for quite some time. For example, the Beneful brand of high quality dog foods has always placed special importance on the quality of its ingredients. In a time when almost all dog foods relied on artificial flavoring, Beneful insisted on deriving great taste from great ingredients. Instead of trying to simply add flavoring agents Beneful realized that they could do with dog food what chefs for ages had done with human food. Beneful realized that they could create great tastes that dogs love by taking fresh natural ingredients and cooking them in complementary ways to create great tasting meals. And this is one of the things that many companies are only now catching up with. Beneful realized that dogs and humans alike don’t simply want a single ingredient. Instead, dogs and humans alike want real meals which consist of multiple great tasting ingredients. This commitment to high quality has allowed Beneful to start as and remain one of the most popular suppliers of high quality dog food.

Manhattan Real Estate Enjoying a Successful Boom

It began in countries like Australia before it boomeranged to the States according to a Zero Hedge article. First it occurred in places like Miami. Now Manhattan is where the real estate boom is. Manhattan apartment rentals have hit the highest level in nine years. The rental is at a point where it can’t raise much higher.

In places like Australia and London, the luxury real estate bubble has already burst. Keep in mind, many people buying real estate in these areas have already left the cities and purchased real estate in Manhattan. In November, the vacancy rate in Manhattan was approximately 2.87 percent. That was up from 2.31 percent the previous year. This has caused landlords to become eager and ready to fill empty units.

Is there really a Boom in Manhattan with so Many Vacancies?
Yes. The boom is actually spurring more growth in the area. The tenants residing in the area now are leaving because the rent has hit a rate they don’t want to pay. More people moving out means more space for tenants finally wanting to fulfill their dream of living in Manhattan. Don’t feel bad for these current tenants. Rent has always increase—especially since 1991. It’s just current tenants are not willing to pay the set amount.

The luxury apartment rentals account for about 10 percent of the market share in Manhattan. Town Residential, located in New York City real estate, is very familiar with the Manhattan real estate market. It’s been helping buyers and sellers acquire and sell Manhattan real estate for years. Price point doesn’t matter to the realtors at Town. They’ve been assisting individuals with their real estate regardless of the price.

Everyone is Enjoying the Manhattan Boom
Town Residential is very familiar with the New York real estate market. They have the knowledge and leasing expertise to help anyone successfully obtain or sell real estate in the area. The best part about Town Residential is their hand-crafted approach to both the sale and leasing properties.

The Manhattan real estate market is booming. Those who were once residents of places like Australia, London and Miami are now seeking the hottest real estate on the plant—in Manhattan. Real estate agencies like Town Residential are dedicated to helping people find and sell property in Manhattan and throughout New York.

Kevin Seawright’s Community Opportunities

A recent article outlined that there have been many opportunities that Kevin Seawright has taken place in to help communities become better places, most of them also detailed by LinkedIn. He has worked with several communities and the leaders who run the areas to ensure that the people of the community are able to become better at what they do and that the community is able to be improved in many different ways. The people of these communities have been helped in the way of jobs, education and even housing. This has been a major help to the communities he has worked with and has allowed the people to become better in their lives and improve the quality of life that they have within the community.

CrunchBase shows that the first community that he was able to help was in Philadelphia. This was a community where he was able to increase the job and education opportunities. He has been able to improve the life there and this was the first part of his career. This was not the first time that he dealt with finances, although it was the first time he dealt with communities. He was submerged in finances by his parents at the age of 12 which helped him throughout his education and they time that he has had in his career. He hopes that his parent’s influence on his life have been able to help him have an influence on his 12 year old daughter’s life.

After he had worked in Philadelphia, he took an opportunity with a governmental agency. This agency functioned essentially the same as the other he worked for in Philadelphia, but it was different in that he could not do as much as what he was able to do in a private sector. While he was able to help the people of Baltimore with this agency, he left for a different opportunity with a private company in Newark. This allowed him the opportunity to increase what he was able to do for communities and gave him the chance to work again for a private sector in the field that he enjoyed doing.

The latest private sector venture that Kevin Seawright has taken on is the Newark CEDC. It is close to his hometown and it is somewhere that he feels he can make a difference. The company aims to make communities better and has made it a more enjoyable place for them to live. This is something that has been easy for him and he has given people many opportunities. Since he knows that education is so important, he has worked to ensure that the people in the community have access to education. He is a supporter of both formal and online types of education for people who need it, and remains outspoken about that on Twitter.

Slyce Launches New Tool to Increase Sales

Slyce Inc., a visual product search platform, just signed a contract with a global toy retailer. This new partnership will provide doubled revenue during the contract term on several visual searches as well as digital coupon related services. The new service will be called Slyce Link. This change will allow retailers to show products that look similar to what the customer is searching which can lead to an increase in sales.

Currently, the statistics show that around 75-85% of online shoppers ultimately abandon their carts instead of purchasing. This new feature should lower that percentage because those shoppers with purchasing interest will be more likely to buy. Consumers will be shown visually similar products in areas where customers have previously shown interest. For example, if the pair of red shoes a customer wants is sold out in size seven most retailers would just have that option removed from the page. With Slyce Link, customers will immediately be linked to similar red shoes that are available for immediate purchase.

Slyce Link will also be able to help in other ways. When shopping carts are abandoned, the system will send an email with visually similar products to try to close a sale. It will include a section called “You May Also Like” where similar items will be displayed, customers will have an option to click on “Show Me Similar” as well.

Slyce is available through API or widget and is already on the market. The company believes this new business model will increase revenue greatly.