The Basics and Characteristics of Zika Virus from Sergio Cortes

As Marilia Lima feels the realities of the Zika virus effects, she feels that the state has abandoned her. The virus causes birth defects in children born with the virus. The birth defects include small head and severe head damage. Lima gave birth to her child with defects attributed to Zika virus. There are currently more than for 3500 children affected with the virus. The virus was identified in the country on May, and the doctors are already establishing its effects to the birth defects.

Mosquito bites transmit the virus. Lima laments that she caught the virus through a mosquito bite during her pregnancy. With little known about the disease, she felt no need for alarm. The problems with her fetus started demonstrating on the next prenatal checkup. The effects were clear during birth as the child had a markedly small head. The doctors describe the condition as microcephaly.

According to Lima, her child has problem sucking and has developed problems in his lips, eyes and legs. She is a civil servant and a lawyer. Lima describes the condition of her son as very disheartening given the government is doing little in her case. Lima says her greatest support comes from her husband, family, and friends. Lima describes the government neglect as the contributor to the spreading of Zika virus. She also says on noticias the medical establishments do little to help her with her situation.

Speaking to the National Public Radio Lima says the doctors understand little about the new virus. The majority of Brazilians rely on the country’s National Health Service. Lima says that the inadequate knowledge about the virus has left her chasing doctors one after the other in search or help. The resident of natal is worried that time is running out decreasing the children’s only hope of survival.

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian medical expert. He traces the virus back to its identification in Uganda and Tanzania in East Africa. The virus has spread all over the world in Asia and South America. The worst affected are Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. The world health organization has already issued a warning of the dangers of the virus. Sergio notes in information published in his website that doctors are worried that the effects of the virus are severe and cases are increasing rapidly and outbreaks increasing.
The article is recapped from NPR .com

Russia Issues Ultimatum to George Soros’ Charities.



The Open Society Foundations around the world have opened this year on a sad note following the destruction of one of their projects in Russia. What makes matters worse is the fact that the heinous acts were perpetrated by government officials in the region.


Just a few days ago, Russian Media reported of an ongoing operation in the Northern Komi area targeting beneficiaries of Soros-funded projects. At a local college, a bundle of books in the library was set on fire. Officials also took with them multiple dozens of other textbooks. The books contained topics on the Renewal of Humanitarian Education and other subjects on governance that the government claimed contrary to its education system.


This hunt follows the official ban and blacklisting of two active foundations in the same area. Authorities feared the spread of ideological inclinations contrary to those of the regime. Some sources had earlier accused Soros and his organizations of providing ideologies that contradict the constitutional dispensation as well as the Federation’s tenets.


Following the accusations, a ban had been imposed on the groups. The Open Society Foundation, as well as the Open Society Institute, has operated in Russia and Ukraine ever since the fall communism. They were brought in to assist the torn communities heal and transition from the defunct social organization. Since then, they have facilitated social integration and exchange of cultural ideas with other communities in western countries.


George Soros has become a social entrepreneur and philanthropist since retiring from active management of his Soros Hedge Fund. George Soros seems to be under fire from various quarters. In his homeland, Hungary, politicians accused Soros of aiding illegal migrations of refugees who needed access to healthcare, education and housing. Neither George Soros nor any of his representatives has issued comments on these attacks on Open Society Foundations.


In other news, Soros is likely to continue doing his noble work. He has invested many years of his career and billions of dollars in making the world a better place. His philanthropy spreads beyond the United States to Europe, Asia, and Africa. If he ever gave up in life, then he would never have achieved such monumental success. The Open Society Foundations foster for an inclusive and transparent society where every life matters.


Concerning, the controversial shutdown in Russia, we can expect George to respond in a manner that justifies the behavior of an open society.

CCMP Capital and Master Investor Steve Murray Rise to the Top

CCMP Capital History

Founded in 2006, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC is a New York, New York based private equity firm who specializes in buyouts and equity investments internationally. CCMP is an acronym of former names and stands for Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan, Manufacturer Hanover Capital or JP Morgan and Partners. Investing over $100 million in equity, CCMP expertise and focus is in retail, industrial, healthcare and chemicals energy. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital origins began in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners, a private equity and venture capital branch of Chemical Bank. In 1991, Chemical bank merged with Manufacturers Handover and then merged with Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996. Chase became JP Morgan Chase once Chase Manhattan acquired JP Morgan in 2000. In 2006, JP Morgan Partners, an investment group within JP Morgan, decided to separate from JP Morgan Chase and CCMP Capital was formed.

Steve Murray and CCMP

One of the co-founders of CCMP Capital, Steve Murray, helped to build the company on to the power house it is today. Murray began working with Manufacturer Hanover back in 1984 and followed the company through each following merger. Murray eventually became the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital taking over from Jeffrey Walker in 2007. He helped start a fundraiser for $3.4 billion in buyouts and growth equity in 2007. He later followed up with a $3.6 billion fundraiser in 2014.

Steve Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on nypost, one of CCMP most innovative executive, passed away in March of 2015. He resigned from CCMP a month before he passed siting health reasons and was succeeded by Greg Brenneman. Murray had a bachelors in economics from Boston College and a master’s in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. He began his career as a credit analyst for Manufacturer Hanover and later moved up the corporate latter at CCMP to President and CEO. He was a leader in his industry and was known as a prominent private equity investor who had gained an illustrious reputation. During Murray’s time at CCMP, the company invested over $16 billion in growth capital transactions and leveraged buyouts. He also helped strategize and develop JP Morgan Partner’s spin out from JP Morgan Chase. In addition to heading CCMP, Murray has been a member of many boards including AMC Entertainment, Aramark and The Vitamin Shoppe to name a few. Murray was also well known for HIS philanthropic efforts such as his work with Make a Wish Foundation, Boston College, Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. His legacy and the people he touched will live on forever in the hearts of many.

How Your Business Can Benefit from a Wikipedia Page


Establishing a good profile on Wikipedia is a great way to boost a business, but more importantly you need to form a good working relationship with the contributors to the site. This platform was established back in 2001 and has become among the world’s popular websites.
It offers readers with information about subjects and offers the subjects some form of authenticity. It has over five million articles written in English alone and edited by over one hundred thousand contributors. It receives over five hundred million visitors monthly. Save for some concerns of inaccuracies, this site has garnered a reputation as an easily navigable hub for information.

Main Benefits of a Wikipedia Page

Your business must have attracted some significant amount of popularity and accomplishment to feature on wiki. This comes in form of top notch news or media exposure. There are two major benefits of having a wiki page for your business namely:

  • Businesses have a lot to gain from using Wikipedia since they allow consumers to research on information about services and products. You need to put your business’s history which can greatly reduce marketing and customer service costs.
  • There are endless companies editors that can easily revise entries although now you need to know how to best manage your presence on the website.

What to Do with Negative Publicity on Wikipedia

Despite Wikipedia’s efforts, there are chances when unwanted information crops up and this requires urgent crisis management.
Work with professional Wikipedia writing services to correct false information. Business people should not try to hide their identity or alter information as this makes it possible for people to identify who has made the edits. Hiding behind public relation firms is also a big mistake. You can get good Wikipedia writers and editors to help your business undo the harm as quickly and as professionally as possible.
If your company has lost money or its market share, try to offset the negative news by advocating for addition of more positive information. Allow the content to come before the contentious segment of Wiki’s profile. Mostly readers don’t read to the bottom of the page.
Always avoid bad press and publicity and develop an online following that can stick with your company without being influenced. Therefore, link Wikipedia with your other social network like Twitter or Facebook.


Putting your business on Wikipedia depends on the nature of the business itself. Otherwise you can get in touch with us to get qualified Wikipedia writers that can ease your headache of having to create and monitor your page for yourself.

Demystifying the Enigma That is Businessman Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana has a lacrosse camp named Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He created it with his friend Lou Braun. You can check their website at and see the type of team they seek to create. Jon Urbana is himself a well-endowed team player who has beaten many opponents in lacrosse. He was for a long time a top scorer and was in 2002 selected as the top rookie. Jon was also chosen to play for 3 University teams before finally deciding to play for Villanova University.

Urbana is a serious businessman. He seeks to weave a fun business environment that promotes healthy living. The lacrosse team is part of his entrepreneurship journey having cofounded Ellipse USA. It is a company that manufactures medical laser systems. He currently serves as the head of business development for the enterprise and has been noted for helping raise its production five times over. You can check out the resume of this 33-year prodigy here.

He is a DJ too. He has made music mixes that support the various pictures he’s taken. He has well a written MTV biography; that shows his other side. He uses Ableton software and his guitar to make music that appeals to a broad range of people. He has also created a soundclound account that has his many remixes and few original titles. You too can listen to his music here

Urbana has greatly leveraged Twitter to grow his brand. To him, Facebook is not where we post birthday wishes but where we educate our followers to be grown up adults. Check out this link Urbana also uses his Instagram account to post beautiful pictures of nature to his 1363 followers. The images are a testament to his love for nature. As for his twitter account, it mostly promotes lacrosse and has many young fans.

Jon Urbana is a certified pilot. It takes a strong and courageous man to qualify for the rigorous FAA airman certification, and Urbana aced them all. You can check out an article that praised him on the same at


Dressing up neatly could be difficult, especially when you don’t want to break the traditional rules that define the society. But surprising, sometimes breaking these rules could make you look more unique and gorgeous. It isn’t a sin to break fashion and beauty rules. Beauty specialist and professional entrepreneur on fashion and beauty Doe Deere advises on some old rules worth considering for revision.

The most common and fundamental is wearing a bold eye with a bold eye is against the fashion and beauty rules. Consider having a mix and match color that make you look more different. For instance having blue milk eyeliner and a red velvet lip may sounds wonderful. Also don’t forget to match your skin, very important!

The other considered rule worth breaking is the mixing of too many colors. Although you don’t want to end up with a rainbow impression, actually mixing colors’ the perfect and the correct way creates a good taste. The color is very dicey; having an apologetic splash of colors is a thing to admire. The trick to prevent from crossing over from good to worse is coordination. Your hair and make ups show at least show some communication. To achieve this quickly using the colors that coordinate for clothes make ups and hair as well.

Just like mixing colors, mixing patterns is considered breaking the loyal beauty rules. The secret in going behold this goes behold identifying the fun in combining models. A good combination of matching patterns is merrier. The best way is to keep the patterns in the same color family to avoid ending up with an awful mismatch. Maintaining mono chrome color makes it easy to match the patterns.

Socks should not be worn with open ended toes. That is a fashion rule that people struggle to keep. Just think of socks as they match with tights. They symbolize fun and hiding them under closed shoes isn’t fun either. Wear socks with a contrast toe with open ended shoes a watch the difference. The other rules worth to consider revising includes wearing black or neutrals if you have unnaturally colored hair. With proper color intensity, a slight color revision for this rule will give you a natural beauty taste.

Doe Deere is a talented designer and fashioner. She is also a successful entrepreneur who is the founder of Lime Crime products. She has an enormous online presence on instagram and other social media sites. The Lime Crime founder is a strong supporter of women entrepreneurship. Deere has worked word to build her idea to the leading manufacturer o fashion products.

She started with a small shop in eBay and has since developed to make her brands the leading in the market. The outspoken entrepreneur tests her products by herself to ensure they are fit and safe the market user. By doing this, her products have won a wide reputation in the market making them top of the best selling products in the industry.

An Amazing Year in New York City Real Estate

New York City is one of the world’s most important cities. This American city is the largest city in the country and a center for art, finance and commerce of all kinds. It is no surprise that people want to live here. What perhaps surprised those watching the market and those preparing to buy here was just how much people are willing to pay to do so. In an article for the New York Times, the paper recounts many of the year’s most astonishing real estate deals including those that have involved sky high real estate prices that shocked and delighted many observers.

As the paper points out, multi-million dollar deals are not uncommon in the region. A large apartment that the late Joan Rivers owned was spread out across three floors. The apartment went on sale after her death and was quickly snapped up by a buyer in search of a large space with the kind of details that might impress anyone including fireplaces and multiple balconies. Other notable deals of the previous year in real estate included a fabulous updated and elegant townhouse that is owned by Sarah Jessica Parker, a deal that exchanged hands for over eighteen million.

When looking for real estate here, many people find it very helpful to work with an agent who knows the area very well and knows how to spot a deal. This is why so many people who want to buy an apartment in New York City have turned to help from TOWN Residential Real Estate. They know that doing so allows them to be able to learn a great deal about all available apartments in any given part of Manhattan. They also know that they can expect impeccable service from the people here and skilled insights in the market in any specific neighborhood.

Staffers at TOWN make it their total and comple aim to help each of their clients locate the right kind of property in this area for them. Each agent knows that clients depend on them to find an ideal apartment or townhouse that may let them easily commute to work, enjoy access to local schools and even perhaps let them spend evenings at the theater and the opera. The right space can make all the difference. Real estate agents strive to provide all of their clients with the means to locate that space here in Manhattan.