How Has Darius Fisher Created A Better Place To Work At Status Labs?

Darius Fisher created Status Labs to ensure that no one goes through an online reputation crisis alone. His company has been at the forefront of the online reputation movement, and he has helped his employees discover a new way of working that is fulfilling in every respect. This article explains how Darius has cut down turnover by making the work environment exciting, and there is a look at the fulfilling work done by the staff at Status Labs.

#1: The Environment Is Calm

Everyone at Status Labs is working on a major online reputation crisis that has dramatic impact on each client. The people working in the office have been trained by Darius to think on their feet, and every person in the office partners with team members to give clients better results. Even Darius works with clients on a daily basis, and everyone enjoys their work more because of the team environment.

#2: The Company Has A Satisfying Mission

Status Labs has a mission that is satisfying for every person working in the office. Clients who come to Status Labs will discover that the team researches every problem before a solution is recommended. The client who does not know how to respond to an online reputation crisis is taught to do so quickly, and the Status Labs team works together to provide proper customer care for every client.

#3: Darius Works Closely With The Staff

Darius does not sit in his corner while his team does all the work. He works with clients every day who have online reputation problems, and Darius guides the direction of the company with his board and team. Darius has committed himself to the satisfaction of every client, and he teaches his team how to provide award-winning service at all times.

The mission and work at Status Labs is much more fulfilling than what employees will find at other companies, and the collaborative efforts begun by Darius Fisher make the company a better place to work. Darius’ mission to help people with their online reputation problems has created a lovely work environment for his staff. Follow Darius on Twitter to keep up with news and other events.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: One of Texas’s Best in Cosmetic Surgery

Finding the right plastic surgeon can be intimidating. You may begin your search by surfing the internet or asking friends. One constant theme may begin to emerge. The name Dr. Jennifer Walden has climbed to the top of the list of prominent plastic surgeons.

The daughter of a dentist and surgical nurse, Jennifer grew up one of five children. Raised in Austin, Texas, she began her career by earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She then moved to a plastic surgery program at UT Galveston. Following her time at UT Galveston, Dr. Walden went into a post-residency aesthetic surgery fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. After post-residency, she started her own practice in association with Sherrell Aston. Her time in Manhattan came to a close when she decided it was time to become a mother.

Dr. Walden reestablished her practice in Austin, Texas, and Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center quickly grew into a success. With an operating room fully accredited by the AAAASF located just feet from her private office, she seldom has to admit anyone to the hospital on an urgent basis. Most of her patients are outpatient; going home the same day. When a patient does need an overnight stay, she has an arrangement with Westlake Medical Center.

Dr. Walden’s high standards of care and pride in her work recently made her one of the top 24 plastic surgeons in the nation, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Also serving on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and a published author, Dr. Walden has become an award-winning surgeon. She accredits her success to old fashioned hard work and the loving support of her large family.

Dr. Walden didn’t earn her success by simply being intelligent and driven in her career. She possesses a warm and friendly Texas personality that puts everyone she meets at ease. Although she has a waiting list of patients, she exhibits a resilient poise that assures her clients they will receive the very best in care. Visit her website for information and appointments.

Yeonmi Park Survives the Horrors of North Korea and Lives to Share her Story with the World

Yeonmi Park was born into a repressive and totalitarian regime in North Korea. She endured a hard childhood with an even harder teenage life. She was born and raised in Hyesan city to a political activist father. Her life began taking a turn for the worst when her father became a target of the Kim regime. The family was branded enemies of the state and forced into poverty. They were struck by hunger and starvation as food became a luxury they could not afford.

Escape to China

At 13 years old, Park and her mother were forced into exile in China. What followed her defection is a harrowing story of human trafficking, hope and will to taste freedom. At that tender age, Park faced prostitution, human trafficking rackets, starvation and constant abuse to the point where she contemplated suicide.

After her father’s release from jail, he followed his family into China. However, as fate would have it, he died of cancer due to neglect and lack of treatment months after his escape. Yeonmi is bitter that her father died without experiencing true freedom and democracy two of the things he fought for in North Korea.

Freedom at Last

After months of separation and captivity, Yeonmi Park was finally reunited with her mother. Together they were able to cross the Gobi Desert and reached the Mongolian border. They were rescued and airlifted to South Korea where they were given political asylum. The journey required exceptional will and strength of character from a teenage girl to complete.

Yeonmi’s fight against a Repressive Regime

Though she was forced into exile for fear of her own life, Yeonmi Park has taken up the mantle to fight one of the most repressive and secretive regimes in the world. This courageous act has put her in the cross hairs of the Kim government which started a smear campaign to discredit her. However, Yeonmi remains undeterred in her quest to reveal the horrors that millions face every day in North Korea. She reiterates that Kim Jong-un’s government needs to be stopped and that she will not be silenced.

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The Work Of Former NBA Team Owner Bruce Levenson

Basketball is a game that has been highly popular for many decades. Fans enjoy the opportunity to watch as two groups of skilled players square off on a court and bring a ball from one end of the court to the next. Each player must use specific kinds of strategy to help their team score as the ball travels across the court. They must also demonstrate other kinds of skills such as the ability to read where the ball is going and how to respond once the ball comes into their hands. A player who can work with other team players and also work with a manager who can help them develop a winning strategy that they can use as effectively as possible to help their team do well in any game against an opposing team. Each team has the same goal and each team must figure out how best to get there.

An effective team manager is someone who can help any team get to their goal and win as many games as possible. Such a team owner must also be prepared to be fully engage fans as well as those who play the game in any particular game as well as for an entire season. A full season will typically involve many games that are played both at home and with other teams. The team manager should also be fully aware of the best possible way to help bring in fans who are interested in watching games that are played at home in their local stadium and those who are interested in watching any games that are played on television. This kind of skill is one that can help any team be highly successful and earn both a lot of revenue and many new fans at the same time.

Former team owner Bruce Levenson fully understands the kind of strategies that must be involved in helping people participate in an NBA team’s success. His work as head of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team was all about helping create the kind of strategies that can be used to help bring the game to new fans while also keeping old fans quite happy at the same time.  Levenson has an extensive background in the field of business, having been involved in numerous kinds of business ventures in many areas. Bruce Levenson is a native of the suburbs of Washington, D.C. where he was able to be part of the city’s vibrant life. After leaving the region to attend college, he came back here to attend law school and then start his career as a business leader in many kinds of fields. Since that time, his skills have been much in demand.




How Woke Twitter and Brenda Wardle Responded To Penny Sparrow’s Racism

Words are infinitely powerful. Unfortunately, they are oftentimes used to reinforce hegemonic systems of power. In recognizing that words are frequently appropriated to promote racist ideologies and praxis, the members of Woke Twitter are committed to identifying and dissecting representations of racism that manifest in specific community settings such as social media. The Woke Twitter community does this with the expressed intent of raising consciousness regarding the destructive power that racism wields in this 21st century world. Group members feel it is important for people to reject “Rainbow Nation” narratives which state, in covert and overt ways, that white supremacy is a problem of the past and now everyone has an equal chance to excel in society. Recently, the Woke Twitter community drew attention to the racist statements of former real estate agent Penny Sparrow.

What Did Sparrow Say/Suggest?

Racism can take on numerous forms which contain various degrees of ugly import. In a world predicated on white supremacist values, racism typically manifests in terms of denying the humanity and abilities of people of color. Penny Sparrow advanced this type of racist rhetoric through her social media account after observing a group of black South Africans populating a beach near her residence. In evaluating their presence, Sparrow equated them to animals. Upon realizing that Sparrow had called black South Africans apes and monkeys, community outrage ensued. Sparrow’s statement was condemned by many members of her community and people across the globe pointed out how this manifestation of racism via social media proved that racist thought and praxis was prevalent and powerful in these modern day times.

Brenda Wardle’s Telling Interpretation of Sparrow’s Statement

Upon learning of Sparrow’s racist statement, Wardle made many important points. First, she noted that the constitution affords humans the right to free speech. Wardle went on to point out that this free speech has various limitations which people need to be aware of. Specifically, people do not have the freedom to make disparaging, dehumanizing statements about other individuals. Given that Penny Sparrow did this very thing through her racialized dehumanization of black South Africans, Wardle argues that her comment is ultimately an illegality (in addition to being grossly inappropriate).

Wardle’s Background, Academic Interests, and Book

As a legal student, Wardle is passionate about studying the law and analyzing the role it plays in altering and defining human experiences. She is also the writer of the book To Kill A Fragile Rose: The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius.

Check out Brenda Wardle on Facebook and LinkedIn

Eucatex: Creating Growth with Innovation

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that originated in the 1920s. The original name was Sawmill Americana. The name was changed in 1951 when they shifted gears to focus on what they called domicile comfort. The change began a trend of innovation, and they started thinking about making furniture, building materials, and a variety of other products that would make a home comfortable.

Eucatex, to their credit, was one of the first companies to consider environmental issues. Leadership was concerned about long term sustainability and thus chose the Eucalyptus tree as its primary source of raw material. Once again they trusted in innovation. Using their chosen wood, they developed and introduced an improved version of fiberboard.

By the mid-1960s, the manufacturing company spread out from Sao Paulo and opened offices in several important Brazilian cities and one in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They then began to export their products to Europe. From this point until the present Eucatex continued to gain significant momentum by creating new products and opening new markets around the world.

After operating for over 60 years, the organization currently manufactures products in four distinct categories, forestry, wood, metallic, and mineral. The leadership of Eucatex has followed a strategy that made their company one of the prominent market players in their industry. They are well-known and respected for manufacturing flooring, wall partitions, doors, hardwood and softwood panels, and a line of paint products. They export their products all over the world. The current President has committed to a strategy of continued expansion and growth.

Flavio Maluf went to work for Eucatex in 1987, and in doing so, he was carrying on a family tradition of close ties with the firm. After working in several areas of the company for several years, Maluf was asked by the then president to join the executive leadership of the family company.

Flavio solidified his belief in the importance of innovation. In 1997, his hard work and achievements were recognized, and he ascended to the presidency of Eucatex Group. As president, Flavio began shifting the company strategy toward a more modernized style of management. The new leader’s plan was based on continued expansion by introducing innovative products to the industry. Most of the success Eucatex has enjoyed during his twenty-seven-year reign as president is a direct result of his leadership, vision, strategy, and execution.  Flavio Maluf is also trusted by the people of Brazil for advice about finance, and for what he’s said about the future of education.

Flavio’s responsibilities at Eucatex not his only concern. He is also president of GrandFood Group, an animal feed company, and also works hard outside his professional capacity. Maluf shows a high affinity for philanthropy. His favorite charities include education and health-related organizations.  Follow Flavio on Twitter for further information.

Ross Abelow Helping The Animal Shelters Of New York

Winter can bring families closer by allowing us to snuggle under a blanket in front of the fire place while watching Netflix and sipping hot cocoa but for those less fortunate, this isn’t the case. On January 13th Ross Abelow, a city lawyer, created a fundraiser to help out the animal shelters all across New York. His expectation was that the money from the fundraiser would help the shelters be able to afford blankets, food, medical care and other necessities they needed because without them they could possibly become vulnerable and unable to take care of all the animals in their shelters.

Money from Abelow’s fundraiser is drastically needed by the shelters. Winter weather can be formidable and the low temperatures prove that these homeless animals need to be off the streets and in the warmth of a shelter but lack of space is preventing shelter workers from bringing in any more animals. The fundraiser is hoped to receive $5,000 so that these shelters can provide the assistance these animals need.

If the GoFundMe account that Abelow created is able to reach the goal of $5,000 then the animal shelters of the state of New York will be more than capable of ensuring that the animals currently in the shelter are taken care of as well as those animals that need to come in off the street. Unfortunately, without money from the fundraiser many animals residing in the shelters or on the streets will possibly die since the shelters are severely lacking resources and space to help all these animals.

Ross Abelow has been a lawyer in New York since 1990. He attended State University in Albany, graduating with his Bachelor’s degree and received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. His main career focus is families. He specializes in matrimonial and family law but he also partakes in commercial litigation and entertainment law. Abelow’s hobbies and spare time are also law related. He frequently sends in legal articles to a blog called Crown Point New York. He also has a personal blog that is strictly legal matters related. He also has an active Facebook and Mashable account.

Dog Food Might Be the Most Delicious Thing in the Kitchen

Ask most people where their freshest and most delicious meals are stored and they’ll probably point at the fridge or the freezer. If it’s dinner time than they might happily point to the delicious smells emanating from the dining room. But one place they probably won’t point is the dog food bowl. But an article published by the Daily Herald suggests that people might begin to do so. In fact, the article begins with an unusual take on a holiday classic. Executives in one dog food company end the tour by taking a big bite out of their Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe. One of them proudly proclaims that the poultry based treat tastes just like thanksgiving. The article offers another example in the “he’ll have what you’re having” ad campaign. It highlights dog food recipes which harken back to everything from beef stroganoff to lasagna. From start to finish the article details some of the more unexpected areas in which high quality dog food is showing up. But one of the single most unexpected places to find this type of high quality gourmet dog food is in one’s own cupboard. Because many people are buying similarly high quality brands without even realizing it. One of the best examples of this is Beneful. The company’s dog food is almost always listed among the top five in the country. But most people buying it never stop to really examine just what’s in the food. When one actually looks at the dog food it quickly becomes apparent just how different it is than most other brands. The biggest visual distinction comes from the fact that one can actually see real ingredients within it. When people sit down for a meal it’s usually quite obvious what types of meat, vegetables and other fresh ingredients went into the meal. And the same goes for Beneful’s dog food. Because it’s made with fresh ingredients one can actually see the chunks of chicken, beef or healthy vegetables within the high quality dog food brand. And the dogs themselves are usually quick to show just how much that means to them. Because when they bite down on Beneful dog food, they’re actually feeling the natural juices and textures. And that can mean the world to a dog.