Eucatex: Creating Growth with Innovation

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that originated in the 1920s. The original name was Sawmill Americana. The name was changed in 1951 when they shifted gears to focus on what they called domicile comfort. The change began a trend of innovation, and they started thinking about making furniture, building materials, and a variety of other products that would make a home comfortable.

Eucatex, to their credit, was one of the first companies to consider environmental issues. Leadership was concerned about long term sustainability and thus chose the Eucalyptus tree as its primary source of raw material. Once again they trusted in innovation. Using their chosen wood, they developed and introduced an improved version of fiberboard.

By the mid-1960s, the manufacturing company spread out from Sao Paulo and opened offices in several important Brazilian cities and one in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They then began to export their products to Europe. From this point until the present Eucatex continued to gain significant momentum by creating new products and opening new markets around the world.

After operating for over 60 years, the organization currently manufactures products in four distinct categories, forestry, wood, metallic, and mineral. The leadership of Eucatex has followed a strategy that made their company one of the prominent market players in their industry. They are well-known and respected for manufacturing flooring, wall partitions, doors, hardwood and softwood panels, and a line of paint products. They export their products all over the world. The current President has committed to a strategy of continued expansion and growth.

Flavio Maluf went to work for Eucatex in 1987, and in doing so, he was carrying on a family tradition of close ties with the firm. After working in several areas of the company for several years, Maluf was asked by the then president to join the executive leadership of the family company.

Flavio solidified his belief in the importance of innovation. In 1997, his hard work and achievements were recognized, and he ascended to the presidency of Eucatex Group. As president, Flavio began shifting the company strategy toward a more modernized style of management. The new leader’s plan was based on continued expansion by introducing innovative products to the industry. Most of the success Eucatex has enjoyed during his twenty-seven-year reign as president is a direct result of his leadership, vision, strategy, and execution.  Flavio Maluf is also trusted by the people of Brazil for advice about finance, and for what he’s said about the future of education.

Flavio’s responsibilities at Eucatex not his only concern. He is also president of GrandFood Group, an animal feed company, and also works hard outside his professional capacity. Maluf shows a high affinity for philanthropy. His favorite charities include education and health-related organizations.  Follow Flavio on Twitter for further information.

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