Stephen Murray Legacy Lives On at CCMP

There is no doubt that a person would be proud to have his life’s work continue on after they are gone and that is just what has happened for the late Stephen Murray formerly the CEO of CCMP a private equity firm. Murray left the company abruptly last year due to some serious health issues he was failing. Although he lost his battle, the legacy of CCMP continues on and provides a legacy for Murray’s financial practice and ability.

Murray had been with CCMP since 1989 and since he took over for the founder of the group Jeff Walker has led them through several name changes. They were once known as Chase Capital Partners and later became JP Morgan Partners. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital came out of that and became independent in 2006 and in 2007 Murray took over as CEO of the New York based firm. From there he led the company on a rise to financial success that continues through to this day.

CCMP is a company that specializes in capital leveraging and has spent over $16 billion in growth equity transactions and buyouts since 1984. CCMP is now in the capable hands of Greg Brenneman who was the chairmen under Murray. There was a key-man clause that was triggered when Stephen Murray Capital left the organization but CCMP has managed to gain all necessary support from shareholders to resume investing activities in their latest fund. Many private equity firms have key-man clauses to protect funds raised if one or more of the individuals leave the company. This will prohibit a firm from using funds raised until those who invested money in the fund get together and determine a course of action that they are comfortable with.

Bloomberg Business released an article about CCMP alleviating the concerns of investors and won their support by doing two things. First they promised an additional $60 million to the fund to show that they were financially invested in making sure that the fund succeeds. Secondly they made a commitment to buy out the shares of the late Stephen Murray which made all investors know that the leadership of the fund would continue to function in a fiscally responsible manner. That puts CCMP on the road to a financially successful future.

Stephen Murray will be missed because he and his family made a serious commitment to giving back to the community. He spent a large amount of time supporting the Make A Wish Foundation in the New York Metro area as well as several local food banks to help fight hunger in the world. Of course he never forgot his roots giving annually to his former college, Boston College. He was a man that was competent and successful in business and generous and giving in his personal life.

Skout Travel Peaks Interest

The social media world has become something that is very enticing, but all the different avenues to social media can make it difficult to choose one particular app.

There are over 1 billion people on Facebook, but there are also a lot of people that are interested in trying Google+ and Twitter. There still some people that are connected to MySpace. There are also a lot of people that are trying to engage in social media through Snapchat and other text messenger related apps.

Skout is a social media app that allows people to connect with friends and meet new friends online. This is the app that is getting a lot of attention recently because of a new feature has been added to this app.

Skout has managed to attract a lot of new registered users by adding the Skout Travel App to the social media platform. This is an app that allows people to take virtual trips to various cities around the world. They can do this within a 24 hour period after obtaining a virtual ticket. This has become very popular with a lot of people that are interested in traveling. There are also some people who cannot travel that want a virtual travel adventure with a social media platform. This virtual feature gives them the ability to see various cities that they would never be able to see without the utilization of this Skout feature.

There definitely are a lot of people that are taking interest in this app because it saves them a lot of time. People that may be indecisive about where they want to travel can get an idea of what a certain city is like by utilizing this feature. That is something that will give this Skout app an edge over a lot of the other social media apps that are out there. People that may be looking for a certain app that has different features from the other apps like Pinterest or Twitter may consider what this app has to offer. Millions have already taken Skout Travel trips.

Social media has allowed people to do many things, in this concept of virtual traveling is one of the newest concepts around. People like this because it is easy to do this without living home. This may be the best way to cure boredom. It is always fun to see other countries this way.

George Soros: The Crusader For Open And Free Society

Ohio governor John Kasich received 488, 375 US dollars to fund his campaign for the presidency of the United States. Kasich is considered by many as considerate and reasonable as opposed to most of his competitors such as Donald Trump. John Kasich through his pool contribution committee (PAC) dubbed “New Day for America” received the said amount of money from Scott Bessent and Stanley Drunckenmiller who are the financial managers of George Soros fund.
Previously Forbes reported George Soros had donated millions of dollars in founding and funding various far left organizations such as and ACORN. He has also donated to various congregational aspirants campaign kitty. Hillary is the latest benefactor receiving 8 million dollars worth of donations via her PAC team. George said on  he is a firm believer in open society without restrictions and reaffirmed his believes by opposing candidates that were hell bent on creating border security. George stated that efforts should be made to oppose the stand of hardliners such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. The original article was published in the Political Insider and the original version can be found at

George Soros is a well known financial investor, philanthropist and writer. When one is talking about financial success George’s nybooks story should be deeply embedded in it. Born in Budapest, Hungary he was subject to Nazi Germany discrimination against Jewish descendants. He survived the Holocaust and the Battle of Budapest by pure wit and creativity. Having lost everything as a young boy he immigrated to Britain where he pursued his education. He worked various jobs to support himself before receiving aid for his studies. Later he graduated from the London School of Economics with bachelors in science. Working various jobs worked as an eye opener and made him realize he had a knack for investing he applied to various banks and was awarded with a job at Singer & Friedlander.

George has worked over 50 years in the investment sector. After his first job he worked hard and rose through the ranks until he founded Soros Fund Management in 1970. The fund has survived the harsh years and developed into one of the biggest hedge fund investment firms. He is the founder and manager of Soros Fund Management, Open Society Foundation and Quantum fund.

His experience in the hands of the Nazi made him realize the importance of a free society and removal of restrictions to movement. He has firsthand experience on the effects of restricting people and discrimination. Some people might view his inclination to free society as suspicious and sinister but they don’t have an idea of the effect of closing borders and the resulting consequences of discrimination that follow. He has made it his business to ensure that those who aspire to curtail freedom do not get the opportunity to do so. Over the years he has used his vast resources to ensure freedom trumps and has founded various organizations to advocate for the same. He funded black students to attain education in apartheid South Africa and he vocally opposed the Iron Curtain during the peak of the cold war.

George Soros and Other Donors Fund Bid to Get Latinos to Vote

 Billionaire philanthropist George Soros, along with other donors, have come together to bankroll a $15 million campaign to encourage Latinos and other immigrants to get out and vote in the upcoming Presidential elections, according to an article published on The New York Times Online.

Soros and the liberal donors are hoping that their funding will go towards mobilizing Latinos and immigrants against candidate hopeful Donald Trump and the other Republicans. The president of the Latino Victory Project, Cristóbal Alex, said of Trump, “From the first day he attacked us, he called us rapists and thieves. We could have a giant wall built and millions of families broken apart. The country is on the precipice”.

This outreach according to The New York Times article is to be coordinated through a super PAC will be called Immigrant Voters Win PAC. Strategists are saying that the amount being spent is one of the largest efforts ever spent on getting the Democratic voter-turnout for Latinos and immigrants. The majority of the money will go towards states that have a growing Latino and Asian population, such as Florida, Colorado, and Nevada. These states are also vital in the battle for which party will control the senate. Organizers for the super PAC are hoping that their campaign will bring in up to 400,000 new voters who will vote Democrat in the polls this year.

George Soros is personally donating $5 million to the super PAC. Soros is an immigrant to America, coming from Hungary in 1947. What has struck Soros the most in this Presidential race is hearing how the Republican candidates plan on blocking Muslim refugees from seeking aid in America. Soros said, “The intense anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric that has been fueled by the Republican primary is deeply offensive. It is harmful to our democracy and to our national interests. There should be consequences for the outrageous statements and proposals that we’ve regularly heard.”

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Freedom Pop is Funded for Worldwide Expansion

FreedomPop founded in 2011 runs on cellular service provided by Sprint, has over the past year managed to get tens of millions of dollars in VC funding. This has enabled the company to expand both domestic and international. With the cash flow, it has allowed the company to run independently following rumors last year of a potential acquisition.

In an interview between RCR wireless News and Stephen Stokols, CEO and co-founder of the mobile virtual network operator, he provided insight into the company’s model and was confident with its ability to compete in a very competitive market and have more plans for expansion in the future.

Those who sign up with FreedomPop will automatically get 500MB of data free to users in addition to 200 voice minutes. No contracts to be signed unlike other mobile carriers, this gives you the option of cancelling the service without any penalty fees. There is also free international calling, which is a bonus if you have family or friends overseas.
For texts that are sent or receive to over 50 different countries over wi-fi is all free and rates for calls are discounted for country-specific. Super cheap plans are available for those who want more for less than the going rate; their plan options range anywhere from 2GB up to 10GB.

When going through the signup process you are offered many upsells and extras beyond the base free plan. Though the extras could range between $5-$10 and you will still be saving a TON over your previous carrier.

FreedomPop is definitely one of the straightforward companies out there. It is the only carrier out there that offers completely free talk, text, and data service with no contract whatsoever and it also comes with the 4G speeds that FreedomPop subscribers get with these plans is phenomenal.

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Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion Brand

Talk Fusion is an exciting brand of video communications that far surpasses all others on the market today. CEO Bob Reina insisted on making this new form of video/web integration available for all types of companies, big and small. Talk Fusion is easier to access than most other video communications varieties both in ease of use and affordability.

Talk Fusion is unique in its accessibility on any type of device at any time. All types of computers, mobile devices and even cellular telephones can be used in conjunction with Talk Fusion. The company allows customers to either fully create their own videos, images and texts or use the pre-made Talk Fusion prototypes for customer ease and convenience.

The many different forms of video telecommunication are also unique to Talk Fusion. Video newsletters, video emails, video chat, live meetings and video conferencing are just a few of the services that the company provides. Talk Fusion also makes it easy to send an email to just one person or thousands at a time. The video within the email is actually embedded inside the email instead of simply providing a link to an outside webpage.

Bob Reina knows that simply providing the services is not enough for his customers. He wants to provide quality analytics regarding video use and the email recipients as well. All customers can easily find out how many clients have accepted sent emails and which ones have viewed the video. The information is instantly available on singular emails after being sent out. Reina knows that marketing information like this is crucial for a business to be successful.

Reina is committed to providing quality and cutting-edge tools and has been since 2007. He knows the importance of staying abreast of all emerging technology and internet developments. He has lead the Talk Fusion team for years with his vision. He has over 20 years in the field of relationship marketing and knows what to provide to other companies to help them thrive. He knows that technology and team work often go hand-in-hand in forming and maintaining a successful and profitable business.

US Money Reserve Helps Create Lone Sailor Statue


One of the largest gold and silver distributors in the World; The US Money Reserve, along with the US Navy Memorial Foundation collaborated to announce that a Lone Sailor Statue will be installed at Pearl Harbor. The statue will be dedicated to the people who serve throughout the World in The Sea Services. These people selflessly risk their lives to protect the right to freedom.

The Lone Sailor is a popular symbol of the US Navy Memorial. The Symbol personifies honor, respect, and devotion to duty. Those are all core values that have represented the Navy throughout its history, and contributed to the security of the US. The Lone Sailor is meant to inspire all service people and their families.

The majority of the funding for the statue according to is coming from a percentage of the US Money Reserve’s sales from its 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver coins. The 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold Coin pays tribute to the events of December 7, 1941 and the attack on Pearl Harbor. All proceeds from sales made by the US Money Reserve that are committed to the US Naval Memorial Foundation will help with the funding of the Lone Sailor Statue. The Statue was created by the US Navy Memorial’s official sculptor, and contains two different pieces; A sailor that stands over 7 feet tall, and his sea bag and cleat. Steel from the USS Arizona will be built into the base of the Lone Sailor Statue.

The US Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of gold, silver, and platinum products. The US Money Reserve has grown into one of the World’s leading distribution of gold and silver. The US Navy Memorial includes pools, waterfalls, flags, and in the future; The Lone Sailor Statue.

Jon Urbana’s Educational Pursuits Never End

Jon Urbana really does enjoy photography. His choices in subject matter do vary. The most common choice in those photos is food. No, the images do not look like advertisements in a magazine. The display of food and beverages is almost always interesting, original, and very artistic. In a way, the “food photos” border on pop art, and that is a good thing.

Photography with a bent towards food is made even more interesting after looking closer at Jon Urbana’s background. Urbana is most well known for his previous career as a professional lacrosse player. Prior to being a standout on the pro field, Urbana was a top player at Villanova University.

At the university, Urbana acquired a degree that helped develop his knowledge of business. Jon Urbana was able to combine his skills in lacrosse and business to form the Jon Urbana Next Level Lacrosse Camp. At the camp, Urbana is working hard at training the next generation of lacrosse stars.

Jon Urbana is clearly a very active person who has numerous varied interests. Those who want to learn a little more about the interests and pursuits of Jon Urbana may wish to check out his various social media platforms. Twitter user @jonurbana1, in particular, is always filled with updates on things that capture Urbana’s eye. Articles, videos, images, links to his blog posts, and more are all linked and highlighted on the Twitter page.

And saying Jon Urbana’s life is an active one is no exaggeration. He is also a highly certified pilot, and his skills have been acknowledged by the FAA. Truly, Jon Urbana is an inspiring figure.

Libraries Have A Job Helping People Get A Job

New Jersey has implemented a new service for their local libraries, and it may be the most lucrative thing yet, to come your way. In an article that was published on Press of Atlantic City in the area such as Ocean City Free Public Library and The Atlantic City Free Public Library are making a movement to assist their patrons in preparing for and finding jobs. These libraries are offering their services at no cost to their patrons. Classes on how to use software that would be required as one of today’s employment prerequisites like QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel, are among the topics addressed.

The libraries feel that because of today’s technological advancements many individuals have been left behind because they’ve spent so much time in one field of their occupation and never had to learn any of the newer technology in order to thrive in today’s working environment. One library has even assisted with making sure individuals understand the need for social media, Internet marketing, the use of email, and how to apply for jobs online. Classes can range from advanced, intermediate, and novice.

These classes have provided a great service to the community and are seated at a “first come, first served” basis and fill up quite quickly. The libraries state that as technology advances they are trying to keep up with the software and skills that are in demand in today’s job market.

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Soros thinks the EU could collapse

Billionaire investor George Soros believes the European Union is on the verge of collapse largely because of the migration crisis. The war in Syria has created thousands of refugees, and Europe is divided on how to deal with the inflow of these refugees, and that threatens the union, Soros said in an essay on his website.
He has criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel many times in the past, but he credits her with foreseeing the immigrant crisis and what it meant, and believes she and the German people are key to solving the issue.

Unfortunately he is not sure that will happen because of European country’s not wanting to do what is necessary to solve problems. He said the Greek financial crisis did nothing but teach some leaders to kick the can down the road, or more accurately perhaps, to kick it up the hill so it keeps falling back down. Now there are five or six countries headed toward a similar financial crisis as a result.

Future financial crisis could endanger the union, but the migration problem is one that could send it over the top. Terrorist attacks in France have also had a negative impact on the attitude toward refugees in France and other European countries.

Soros said on Bloomberg Merkel saw the potential of the migration crisis, and took some risks. It was Merkel who said the crisis could kill the European Union, and Soros believes she and the German people are the ones who can keep that from happening. Under Merkel’s leadership Germany has taken a leadership role in the migration crisis, and now they need to decide if they want to carry that leadership on to the entire continent.

Soros sees this as different than the Euro crisis that happened a few years ago. In that case she catered to public opinion instead of trying to shape it, and Soros saw that as a mistake. In the immigration situation, she has taken more of a leadership role and influenced public opinion to her way of thinking. That is why he thinks she has has done well in this crisis but not the other.

Soros grew up in Budapest, Yugoslavia and was a teenager during World War II when Germany was in power. He escaped the Nazi’s even though he was a Jew. He went to England to study at the London School of Economics as a young man after the war. In the early 1950s he moved to the United States and started an international investment company that has become very successful. He is regarded as one of the world’s richest men with a net worth of around $24 billion. He is now involved in several philanthropic causes around the world.