Fabletics And The Ascent Of Activewear

Recently acclaimed actress Kate Hudson sat down with Marie Claire Magazine to discuss Fabletics, the clothing company she co-founded, and it’s new line of athletic leisure dresses set to debut on the first of April. Female fashion enthusiasts have been thrilled by her brand of casual yet classy clothing appear thrilled for the latest Fabletics has to offer, that included swimsuits designed to suit superior performance, comfort, and support.

In the interview, she discusses the design, crafted for pro-active women who enjoy casual clothing that you can relax in without being restricted. Hudson is looking to establish a brand that is affordable and high-quality. It’s clear her target audience are health conscious athletic women looking for designer gear they can wear to the gym, to the beach, or on a date, all while still feeling comfortable and draped in good looking, well-crafted, all-purpose threads.

She wants clothes to be available to women that is both flattering and functional. The article expounds on Fabletic new line, on the Tropez dresses with built-in bras and stylish swimsuits crafted to suit activities like yoga on the beach. Despite the functional impetus behind aspects of this line, the article assures that like previous designs, Fabletics is yet again demonstrating itself as a brand offering sportswear for women with definite style, it’s femininity firmly intact. Additionally, the Marie Claire Magazine article highlights how Hudson is determined to provide an affordable line that can pass as high fashion, and it certainly appears she is doing it.
Fabletics was co-founded by superstar Kate Hudson, who, inspired to encourage women to live healthy lifestyles introduced a clothing brand that is striking, luxurious activewear. It should be inspiring to anyone to see such artful innovation in practice. Fabletics is fashion born out of pure positivity. Refreshing is one word for Fabletics. The brand exhibits performance based craftsmanship with striking aesthetic flair, an irresistible blend of class and comfort for today’s women. More information is available on the Fabletics main webpage.

Fabletics emerged after co-founder Kate Hudson joined forces with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, who serve as the brand’s co-CEO’s. In 2013, they decided to fill a hole in the market, and offer people affordable performance-based clothing. This unstoppable trifecta of innovators have achieved a number of things, and reached people across the world.

Now Kate Hudson is known not only for her excellent acting but for a her new, rather groundbreaking work in women’s fashion. Fabletics has spread across the world and women have responded with praise for the conscious clothing line with flair to spare, and appears set to take the world of women’s fashion by storm, while popularizing activewear as a new wave of groundbreaking fashion.

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