Dick Devos’ Political History

Many people are aware of the long and effective work history that belongs to billionaire philanthropist Dick Devos. DeVos is known primarily for his successful leadership of the multi-level marketing company, Amway. Amway was started by Dick DeVos Sr. and later passed on to Dick DeVos Jr. Although he did not originally found the company, Dick DeVos was extremely instrumental in developing Amway into a internationally recognized brand. The businessman gained a large amount of fame through his successful development of Amway, but Devos worked equally as hard in his political career. Dick DeVos began his career in politics in the late 1980s and has continued to be extremely active in the political arena for several decades.

Dick Devos began his political career by entering the race for the Michigan State Board of Education. In future years, the educational sector of the political arena would prove to be an area to which Devos and his family were extremely devoted. Devos launched a successful campaign for a membership to the Michigan State Board of Education and was elected the position after the election in 1990. Although Devos was extremely passionate about the educational development in the state of Michigan, the businessman was forced to resign from the position two years after being elected to the board. He stated that his resignation was the result of his increased responsibilities as the new chief executive officer at Amway. Five years later, when the businessman had become more settled in his responsibilities with his company, Dick Devos returned to his position on the Michigan educational school board.

After several years of serving his community faithfully on the state educational board, Devos decided to expand his political ambitions. Both Dick Devos and his wife Betsy had an extreme passion for the proper education of students in the United States. This passional led the couple to found the Educational Freedom Fund, an organization that provided funds to underprivileged children to attend private schools. The Devos family felt that the public educational system in Michigan was severely under equipped and decided to devote their political careers to the ratification of this injustice. After creating the Educational Freedom Fund in the early 1990s, Devos made his largest political move to date and entered the 2006 Michigan Gubernatorial race. The businessman felt that he could contribute a great deal of expertise and skill to the state he loved. Though Devos lost the race, he continues to be active in the political arena.

Wen By Chaz Dean Is Giving Women Back Their Confidence

Most women out there today take special care in how they treat their hair and what they put in it, but many are unaware that it’s not uncommon for traditional shampoos and conditioners to contain chemicals that can be harmful to hair. These harmful chemicals can actually cause an individuals hair to become brittle and dry over extended use. The best option for fixing this problem is switching to a hair product that is free of chemicals, and contains only natural ingredients. These product will clean the hair as well as keep it healthy and looking strong and plump.
The celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean created his own line of hair care products for women having difficulty with managing their hair, the Wen hair care line. He and his team designed this product for people who wanted to achieve results they normally would need to go to the salon for, right in the comfort of home. More importantly, he wanted to give women a product that would make them feel confident in their hair and looks. Wen cleansing conditioners come in different types, for different preferences as well. Check out the Wen Amazon products page.

Bustle Magazine writer, Emily McClure, reviewed the product herself in order to give her readers some insight on the product, and also to satisfy her own curiosity. She gave details in how she went about using the product over the course of a week, and she also posted before and after photos to show what she experienced. In the end, she was happy with her results even though she was skeptical and is sure to add Wen to her regular routine for hair care. With Wen’s 5 in 1 formula, it can take the place of many typical shampoos and conditioners women use from the store, as well as other styling products. For more info, check out the Wen official YouTube channel.

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What Bob Reina Believes to be True About Talk Fusion and Success

Bob Reina, Founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion takes his business seriously. Reina knows that in order to be successful you must be committed to what you’re doing. Reina believes that success isn’t overnight, but yet it’s making a solid commitment to be in the game of your business every single day. He is known widely for his ability to crack a joke, but Reina also knows what it takes to be successful in your business short-term and long-term. He attributes his success to sticking with his business regardless of the challenges that cropped up along the way.


Building a communications business isn’t an easy task. There are numerous tools as well as tricks of the trade to think about within the communications industry. Video communications have continued to evolve along with the host of rules and regulations, but Reina was committed to self-discipline to learning the industry and the changes that have come with it.


Bob Reina attended school at the University of South Florida while working several jobs in order to pay for his education. It was then that he’d decided that he would do whatever it took to follow his passion. At the time, Reina graduated first in his class at the Police Academy, but eventually he gave in to his desire to own his own business. His desire for entrepreneurship was born and he hit the ground running.


When the idea for Talk Fusion, a video communications business was born. Bob Reina was determined to give the gift of opportunity to others, promoting his endeavor through direct marketing. Today, Talk Fusion is one of the fastest growing direct marketing companies in the country.

Read more at http://yourmarkontheworld.com/talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-mission-change-lives/


How Labaton Sucharow Attorney Protects SEC Whistleblowers

It is interesting how all whistleblowers from all walks have been given a voice by the new regulations on the Security and Exchange Commission. Many whistleblowers currently find it easy and safe to report security violations since Security and Exchange Commission has provided them with both the platform and attorney representation. Since America faced with the great depression, there has been no other meaningful overhaul reform like the creation of the formation of the SEC Commission. AS significant inclusion in the reform is the Dodd-Frank Act. The Dodd-Frank Act gives the whistleblowers’ employment protection and financial incentives to encourage them to continue reporting security laws violation.

From the backdrop of the creation of the reforms, Labaton Sucharow Attorney was created to provide the advocacy and protection to whistleblowers. The Attorney represents the whistleblowers through its top class, skilled and qualified personnel including the detectives, forensic investigators, and financial analysts. The trained personnel applies the representation Act to represent the whistleblowers.

Additionally, the Attorney can give quality legal representation because of the right leadership of Jordan A. Thomas. Thomas has long years of experience in representing the reporters of the law violation to Security Exchange Commission. The experience enables Thomas to implement the whistleblowers’ protection Act to ensure that all perpetrators of the law are prosecuted. The Act gives the Attorney powers to fight for the whistleblowers’ compensation of 10%-30% from the penalties collected from the SEC Act application when the cases involve sanctions of more than $1 million. Also, the Attorney has the power to seek for additional payments on behalf of the whistleblowers when the set standards are met. The extra pay is estimated on the total sanctions from the reported cases by a regulatory firm or any other law enforcement company.

Also, the Labaton Sucharow Attorney uses the Dodd-Frank Act to prevent reconciliatory acts against employees who report law violating employers to Security and Exchange Commission. The bill ensures that reporters are protected through the creation of an anonymous reporting system that hides of the whistleblowers. Further, the Attorney allows for internal reporting through representation to further safeguard the identity of the reporters. The secrecy and confidentiality ensure that more and more people report violations to SEC.

The last step was taken by the Attorney to ensure confidentially, and privacy of the law cases is provision attorney-client privileges to whistleblowers and use a telephone, email to report cases. Read more.

White Shark Media Getting Strong Reviews Recently

While there are many organizations that have done a great job with respect to their ability to perform well in the customer service category, there are always some companies that take the cake with respect to service.

One of the top organizations that has shown as of recently that they are able to be considered a customer service focused company is White Shark Media. Not only have they done a tremendous job to please their current customers and clients, but their hard earned efforts are also starting to attract other clients and customers as well.

White Shark Media Video Review


When you go to look at the overall point of any organization, they truly only have one objective. The goal and the focus of any organization should simply be to figure out the best way to take care of their customers.

Whether that is providing a product and a service, or just answering questions and providing top quality solutions for the duration of the sales cycle, there are too many potential things to do for any organization to ever be “done” with the sales relationship. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia

That is exactly why when you start to see positive reviews it means that a given company hasn’t just fulfilled their end of the bargain, but rather they have gone above and beyond the scope of their duties in the eyes of the customer and have truly provided exceptional service.

As far as the reviews and testimonials listed on the website of White Shark Media directly, there is an ever growing case study list. The fact of the matter is when individuals are looking for any sort of way to prove that they can be great at what they do and truly trustworthy, then the amount of reviews and testimonials that they start to accumulate act as a currency of trustworthiness to new clients and customers.

The fact that White Shark Media is able to post so many actual examples and reviews right on their website shows exactly what sort of quality they can bring to the business world.

When it comes to fully understanding the capabilities of a top-flight organization such as White Shark Media Review team, then you can truly start to understand just how powerful of an organization they are.

Even though they have made tremendous steps forward in terms of customer satisfaction and overall growth, they will only continue to take additional strides when it comes to providing quality customer service.

TOWN Residential In The Concrete Jungle

It’s only natural to build properties in the concrete jungle, also known as New York City. With being the United State’s most populous city, the demand for housing is high. In a city where the space is sparse, properties offered by TOWN Residential provide an effective solution. These luxurious high rises are nothing short of breathtaking, guaranteed to leave you in awe. At this point, the only way to build in NYC is up. It is practically impossible to do otherwise because there is a lack of space.

TOWN Residential has proven time and time again they finesse in all things real estate. TOWN Residential has real estate projects taking place across the city in at least 18 different neighborhoods such as SOHO, Tribeca, Upper East Side, Gramercy Park, and so forth. In addition to having some of the best properties in New York, they also have some of the best representatives around, as well. This is why they are able to secure such a host of tenants over and over again. Its not surprising why tenants flock to these residences given the relative ease of mind they are able to achieve.

TOWN Residential is also a firm believer of equal opportunity housing. Regardless of race, color, creed, or nationality, all of their properties are in accordance with our country’s anti-discrimination laws. To deal with the 1031 objectives in mind, TOWN Residential has about 600 real estate professionals in Manhattan, alone. They also have ongoing developments in Miami, Florida, in addition to their NYC luxury apartments for rent. The superior class service they provide has made them New York’s leading luxury real estate firm time and time again.

Adam Goldenberg Is Making His Way To The Top

Adam Goldenberg is the currently the Co Chief Executive Officer for JustFab. The company managed to raise more than $50 million in 2013 and acquired a show company known as ShowDazzle as well. JustFab products are being used in many different countries, such as the United States, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, and the UK. They have also ventured into working with the brand Fabletics. Adam Goldenberg got his start at a young age, becoming an entrepreneur at just 13 by starting his own online bulletin board service. It wasn’t long after that Adam also decided to create his own company, which he founded when he was 15, known as the Gamer’s Alliance at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/for-intelligent-beautys-a_n_1624707.html.

He ended up holding onto the company for just about 3 years before selling it off to MySpace’s parent company, Intermix Media on Bloomberg. Intermix’s founder and President, Brett Brewer, wanted to hire Adam Goldenberg after seeing what he was capable of and being impressed. After he received the offer from Intermix’s President, Adam Goldenberg quit school and went on to work at Intermix as a VP in Strategic Planning. He also managed to earn a promotion and become one of the company’s youngest COO’s.

Adam partnered up with Don Ressler in 2001 in order to create a company together, known as Alena Media, a platform for e-commerce. For a while, the company was able to generate revenue streams in the millions, but in 2005 News Corp took over Intermix and wanted no part in the e-commerce company that Adam Goldenberg and Don were running. Because of this, the two of them decided to leave the company and try at something else, since they knew they had what it takes to be successful in the industry. Again, they decided to start up a new enterprise together, and they even managed to bring former back former Alena Media members to get it started. After going over different ideas for a business in Adams house, the team came up with the idea for Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent beauty managed to launch Dermstore, which was a marketplace where people could buy cosmetics and different products for skin care. Within two more years, they also launched Sensa. The two brands were bringing in large profit gains. By 2008, Intelligent Beauty earned an impressive $43 million and launched JustFab in 2010, an e-commerce retailer based on subscriptions. After hiring Kimora Lee in 2011, the company managed to pull in more than four million unique subscribers by the end of the year.

Currently, JustFab has roughly 35 million customers from all different regions, and has become a leader in the industry as an e-commerce company.

The Proactive Approach to Online Reputation Management

There is something to be said for online reputation management for entrepreneurs. According to reputation management website, Reputation.com, anyone that is trying to make their business work will need to consider all the things that are involved in the process of running a business. There is a fair amount of marketing that has to be done. There is also a good amount of money to be spent on the products that are being sold. There will also be a need for money for staffing. These are commonly referred to as the operation costs. One thing that people may not account for is the cost of online reputation management. Sometimes there is a high cost associated with getting consultants to manage your online reputation through various platforms.
It can be costly to pay consultants to build and guard your online presence. A ton of money can be saved when entrepreneurs make the decision to manage their online reputations themselves. There are at least 9 ways that people can manage their online reputation according to Forbes contributor Cheryl Conner. She has put together an article that highlights things like setting up your social media accounts and keeping your sites updated. These are core concepts to consider. There are far too many websites that have been constructed for businesses that fail to provide address changes or update employee profiles. There have been websites that have profiles of workers that no longer work for the organization. This reflects poor on a company.

It is always going to be better to be proactive when it comes to staying in touch with the needs of customers. This involves setting up accounts on various social media sites. It is also going to be important to acquire multiple domain names. This helps prevent people from getting similar domain names and leading potential customers to fake websites.

There are ways for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, but they have to be mindful of all the things that come along with ownership. It is going to be pertinent to have your online reputation reviewed. It will be vital to optimize search engine results with website Meta tags.