A New Lovaganza Announcement Is Definitely Something To Talk About

Never in recorded history has there been a worldwide event that took place simultaneously in eight strategic locations across the globe. Never before has there been such a worldwide event that lasted four straight months on Celebmafia.com. That’s a third of a year! Yet Lovaganza promises to do just this thing in 2020. According to PRNewswire.com, Lovaganza pushed back their release date from 2015 because new technology became available which would better allow them to provide exceptional entertainment. Where before, 3D involved cumbersome glasses sure to give the wearer a headache, with Lovaganza’s new IMMERSCOPE technology, the same kind of three dimensional experience can be had without the need for any glasses.

IMMERSCOPE is actually much better than modern three dimensional solutions. It features a one hundred and eighty degree screen that gives three dimensional films a realistic look which can’t be denied. Imagine having the intimacy of a stage play coupled with the explosions, effects, and Hollywood wizardry modern cinema is known for. Well, that mental picture is something like what Lovaganza has put together.

IMMERSCOPE will be touring the world via convoy from 2017 to 2020. Each year the Lovaganza convoy will feature a new film. There’s a trilogy in principal photography right now, but it’s only one third of a nine film saga that will have subsequent releases should Lovaganza’s groundbreaking concept get off the ground.

The Lovaganza films will feature the core principles which underly the Lovaganza experience. Those principles mainly involve a kind of Bohemian celebration of love, life, dance, and music from diverse cultures across the world. Lovaganza seeks to cater to all the world’s peoples. The main idea is this sort of Bohemian caravan used as a motif by which the world is inspired into unity.

Lovaganza will be more than just exceptionally eye-popping three dimensional cinema, however. Expect a kind of World’s Fair atmosphere modernized to the twenty-first century. There will be live performances as well as live expositions. Exhibits will be visual and interactive, and centering the whole cavalcade of wonders will be IMMERSCOPE.

Given the high ambitions of Lovaganza, it seems as though there must be budgetary support from backers across the planet. Such backing is so substantial that it’s likely this event will be one of the most historically profound of the new millennium. Whatever happens, Lovaganza is a conversation piece that could end up influencing the world.