Don Ressler Takes E-commerce to a New Level

Don Ressler is one of the most innovative and remarkable persons in the e-commerce sector. Don Ressler is one of the major forces behind the overly successful firm JustFab and its affiliate firms. Don Ressler also has a remarkable track record with start-ups. His first e-commerce venture was a start-up called, an enterprise that was later sold to Matrix Media. One of the most influential occurrences in Don’s career was his meeting with Adam Goldenberg. By then nineteen-year-old Adam was the COO at Intermix Media. Don Ressler worked together at Intermix to create an online market and an advertising platform that was called Alena Media. This creation remained to be the main revenue generator for Intermix for a long time.

After Matrix Media had been sold off to News Corp, a company that largely ignored the creations by the two entrepreneurs, the two came together to start a revolutionary firm. This is a move that was arguably the determiner of their success. After an intense brainstorming, the two came up with their second creation and named it Intelligent Beauty. This was another online platform more biased towards the cosmetic and skin care market. Two years into the birth of Intelligent Beauty, they expanded the firm to include an online fitness program. This move was greatly influenced by the love Don Ressler had for keeping fit. Intelligent Beauty then hired Brett Brewer who was the founder of Intermix and Alan Hirsch to assist in product development.

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Basing their knowledge and experience with Intelligent Beauty, Don Ressler, and his partner came up with JustFab. This was after they realized that to make fashion e-commerce a successful enterprise it had to be highly interactive, engaging and fun at the same time. They thus made some major developments on intelligent beauty and launched JustFab. In 2011 they made a smart move and brought Kimora Lee Simmons on board their management team. This step has remarkably influenced the success of JustFab positively.

Over time Don Ressler and his partner have continued to expand JustFab through the acquisition of some other affiliate brands such as FabKids, FabShoes, and Fabletics among others.

This way they have been able to grow their business to a global scale. JustFab has shown remarkable success with one of the CEOs hinting that they may be on their way to hitting IPO. Don and his partner have been able to create a string of online fashion subscription services serving countries such as the UK, France Australia, Germany, and Spain.

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