Philadelphia Businessman Describes Key Tips For Success In Business

A Look At Josh Verne And His Ventures


Josh Verne began working in business while in school. His father owned a small furniture shop in the city of Philadelphia. Josh would help his father out in the shop. Eventually Josh Verne took control of the business and turned a local furniture store into an international brand.


The furniture brand that Josh Verne developed is called Home Line Furniture. It would evolve into a wholesale furniture business that would have over a million square foot of storage, retail and industrial space. Home Line Furniture would have warehouses in its hometown of Philadelphia and Chicago. Josh Verne also expanded the brand into manufacturing. The brand would have a case goods assembly plant and an upholstery plant in Asheboro, North Carolina.


Mr. Verne officially worked at Home Line Furniture for over a decade and half. He sold the brand in 2011. The next business that Josh Verne would begin would be an internet based e-commerce business called Work Pays Me. This online business allowed people to purchase major products and services through a system offered by the company. This system revolved around paying for major products and services over a period of time through payroll or direct deductions. The internet start up Work Pays Me was acquired by Global Analytics in 2014 for an undisclosed some as the company was expanding its presence in the US e-commerce market.


FlockU is where Josh Verne currently works. This is an online portal targeted at college students. The content on the site according to Josh Verne is made by college students for college students. He contends that the best people who know what college students want and what they find interesting is other students who know what it is like to fit in their shoes. Josh Verne is the founder and CEO of It uses peer to peer marketing in its model to generate revenue.


Josh Verne Featured On Knowledge For Men Podcast


Mr. Verne has an impressive track record in business when you take into consideration that he is not college educated. Rather he is from the school of hard knocks and got his business acumen from working directly in the industry. During the podcast, Josh Verne offered some excellent tips. Here is just a sneak peek of some of them. Being a leader and not a boss as well as finding win-win situations are tips that anybody in business could benefit from. Leading means not commanding but listening to and working alongside everybody. This includes subordinates. Finding win-win situations means coming up with a solution that is ideal for all parties in a deal and not just one.

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