Vijay Eswaran: A Visionary And Generous Leader

Vijay Eswaran recently won GOPIO’s the International Leader in Global Business Strategies award. Eswaran is the QI Group’s executive chairman and co-founder. The e-commerce based conglomerate was founded in 1998. The group of companies have now diversified into direct sales and retail sales and offer education, training, telecommunications, media, leisure, collectables, lifestyle, luxury, property development, logistics and property development products. The QI Group is among the Pacific Rim’s most successful multilevel marketing companies with over one million independent agents.

While Eswaran was completing his advanced studies at universities the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1980s, he learned about and got experience with multilevel marketing. After completing his socioeconomics degree and his MBA, he spent a decade working in Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States before returning home to Malaysia. At that point he was given the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and lead his own direct sales company. He agreed and together with a group of like-minded individuals created a direct-selling company that grew to become the wildly successful QI Group.

The multi-business conglomerate was started in the Philippines and now has a presence in almost 30 countries and regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Now, in addition to his leadership role in the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran is also the author of a series of inspirational books and a well-respected motivational speaker. He has spoken at the CHOGM Commonwealth Business Forums, World Economic Forum events and other business, management and leadership forums. Eswaran has also spoken at a number of leading universities worldwide.

A prominent philanthropist, Eswaran established the QI Group’s corporate social responsibility arm ,the RYTHM Foundation, that does philanthropic activities all over the world. He also founded the Vijayaratnam Foundation in honor of his father. The foundation works with NGOs and a host of other charitable organizations to do special education, women’s empowerment, youth development and child mentoring projects.

His philanthropic efforts have led him to be honored by the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute with a lifetime achievement award for regional philanthropy. Forbes Asia named him a ‘Hero of Philanthropy’.

Fashion and Tech Will Continue to Merge in the Future


The technology and fashion industries have undergone huge changes in recent years. The only constant is that both of these industries grow together. Over time tech becomes fashionable. The journey that these two industries have undertaken is quite fascinating.


In the 70s the boom box caught on mainly because it allowed users to carry their music with them. Because it had two cassette decks, you could play music on one side and record on the other. In the 80s, the boom box began to appear in movies, which caused its popularity to grow. However, in the 90s, it was replaced by the more personalized Walkman. A decade later, the Walkman was replaced by the iPod. In short, the growth of technology is dependent on what is considered fashionable.


Today, the close relationship between fashion and technology continues to grow. Fashion designers see technology as the next frontier in expressing their creativity. A renowned fashion designer working with technology, Anouk Wipprecht, said that tech provides endless opportunities for experimentation. She has designed unique wearable pieces as the Pseudomorphs, a self-painting dress.


Some fashions evolve from the need from safety. For instance, it is not considered fashionable to adorn bike safety gear. A designer took up the challenge and came up with an airbag for cyclists. It pops up to protect the rider during an emergency. Other techs developed by designers for safety purposes are the Frontline Gloves. They are designed to assist firemen communicate with each other via hand gestures.


Designers have also been using recycled waste materials to create unique fashion pieces. For instance, a fashion designer used recycled bicycle inner tubes to create t-shirts and jackets. Another one used copper wire from a radiator to come up with a large gown. Fashion has also been used in the energy sector and in popularizing wearable technology such as Google Glass. Both of these industries work to complement each other.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch’s career as an entrepreneur began in 1976. He and his brother invested $2,000 to start an apparel company while he was still in college. By the time they sold it to Swire Group, it had grown into a huge business worth $165 million.


He has continued to use his talent of understanding consumer behavior to expand his empire. He has a diverse portfolio that extends well beyond the fashion industry. For instance, he has invested quite a lot in the real estate sector.



Jason Halpern of JMH Development | A Passionate Construction Guru

Jason Halpern was born on 1st January 1975; he is a Director of Parametric Dining as well as the Principal of JMH Development. The company has assets worth $500 million in New York state projects. The developments include an expansion on 184 Kent; a warehouse turned into 340 deluxe apartments.

Jason Halpern

JMH also developed the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, adding up nine luxury townhouses to the larger Brooklyn neighborhood. Jason Halpern remains dedicated to building new and modern buildings for rental property, and commercial purposes, all over the New York State.

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Tops Off Aloft South Beach

The new development announcement took place in New York on Sept. 15, 2014. The commencement of the topping off at the Aloft South Beach Hotel would mark a significant milestone in the entire construction process, signaling the start of the last phases of the project. The Aloft South Beach is a 235-room hotel that was scheduled to begin its operations in 2015 in Miami Beach.

The project was handled by Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development. It is a remake of the historic Motel Ankara with a new eight-story tower. The project was done by Plaza Construction and ADD, Inc., architects.

Jason expressed his excitement on the topping off of the deluxe hotel. He specializes in restoring historic buildings. Jason added that the beginning of the project marked a significant milestone in the construction process, as they progressed toward the completing and the grand opening of the Aloft South Beach.

The hotel will provide waterfront scenery with access to Lake Pancoast plus the Collins Canal that wrapped around the property. It is a block away from the shores of Miami Beach, in the heart of South Beach, and close to the Miami Beach Convention Center, art galleries, night clubs, the Bass Museum of Art, restaurants, and boutiques.

The South Loft also has an outdoor pool, a fitness center, roof deck lounge, and a large meeting room ideal for business meetings as well as social gatherings. It also has entertainment from local rising artists and the hottest bands at the W XYZ bars.

JMH Development

JMH Development is a top real estate development company with significant commercial and residential properties across the U.S. JMH has been a leader in the construction of the most exceptional and strategically located buildings in growing areas like Williamsburg and Brooklyn. The construction company has successfully reconstructed 184 Kent Avenue and the 340 luxury housing in Brooklyn.

184 Kent is named as a national historic building and received the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the reconstruction for reuse category. JMH also has several buildings such as The Townhouses of Cobble Hill, in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn. JMH takes great pride in building high quality, durable and fruitful properties all over the country.

Copa Star: Unmated Innovation in Healthcare

The Copa Star name is renowned all over Brazil, for being the best quality health care available. Located in the south of Rio, on the welcoming streets of Figueiredo Magalhaes, Copacabana, it has become an important and eagerly welcomed community asset. The Copa Star Hospital is comprised of a sprawling 21,000 sq. meters, completed only by 7 floors of the most innovative medical technology available. The exterior features and architecture were carefully designed and crafted to exude an unmatched level of luxury and opulence.From the moment patients and visitors walk through the doors at Copa Star, they are treated with the upmost hospitality and care. The interior accommodations are comparable to that of a luxury 5-star hotel, and ensure the highest-level of comfort available during each visit. The luxury interiors were carefully designed with a new design of hybrid patient rooms, which has been proven to aid in healing and recovery. A few other notable amenities include an on-site restaurant, robotic medicine, and even smart-capable rooms. Copa Star has set the highest standard of a premier healthcare institution in Latin America. Visit their Facebook page to know more.

The architecture and luxurious amenities are easy to boast, but most patients value a health care institution with the highest level of innovative medicine and physicians. At Copa Star, the standard is still set at the highest level by hosing the most innovative and successful medical professionals available. At Star Copa, patient are ensured that they will receive the most current and cutting- edge medical care available. From a 5-star pediatric emergency room, to the use of robotic medicine, Copa Star offers it’s patients an unmatched level of care and comfort. The Copa Star Hospital has continued to prove success in the healthcare industry, and now has expanded to include specialty wings such as an Intensive Care Unit and state of the art emergency rooms that provide excellent immediate care when needed. Due to high-demand, the hospital has recently began its newest project of expanding the outpatient services of Copa Star, and ensures patients and visitors the upmost ease and convince during their time of need.

The Copa Star Hospital is experiencing exponential growth, and prides itself on pledging to continually provide the community and communities around Latin America with the best health care available. If you are looking for a new health care institution where care and comfort are delivered by the most skilled and innovative medical staff- make the Star Copa choice!

Adam Milstein and Real Estate

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel born in 1952. Taking after his father who was a real estate developer, Adam is a real estate investor, co-managing Hager Pacific Properties. The private company deals in acquiring, rehabilitating, and re-positioning industrial, retail, office, and multi-family properties. At the firm, he oversees the company’s financing, disposition and accounting. He studied Business Administration at the University of Southern California where he graduated in 1983.

Adam is also involved in charitable activities that he sponsors through his foundation and making donations to different charity organizations. Together with his wife Gila, they founded Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that supports young people in Israel. Young professionals and students are educated to appreciate their Jewish roots with pride and advocate for Israel and its population, and also to strengthen the relationship between Israel and the US. He funds and guides organisations by partnering with those that share his goals and objectives. He also co-founded the Israeli-American Council where he is the National Chairman. Some of the other firms that Adam has been involved include the Jewish Funders Network, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara, and StandWithUs among others.

Visit his profile on Facebook.

Adam Milstein believes that one should be able to participate in finding solutions to issues and understand them rather than relying on other people. He makes follow-ups of these matters with consistency and persistence. Milstein also agrees an entrepreneur should avoid wanting to succeed in a short period and should also understand that it takes a while to reach the set goals. While in Campus, it proved hard to him because his expertise and experience were not appreciated. That’s when he thought of the idea of starting a real estate firm, but first, he worked as a commercial broker and later invested in real estate and decided to put his ideas into reality. Apart from real estate, his philanthropy work takes most of his hours in a day, and it excites him to see other people succeed in their lines of duty. One book that he recommends is ‘And the Good News Is’ by Dana Perino and keeps track of his contacts by using ‘Constant Contact’, his favorite web service.

Check out Adam Milstein’s Interview on Ideamensch.

Deck the Halls with Wengie’s DIY Edible Pranks


Is Christmas ever really over? To those who love the holiday, it is Christmas all year long. To those mischievous folks who also love Christmas, each day presents an opportunity to fulfill their goals and warm their hearts. Wengie is one of those people who both love the holiday and pulling a few pranks here and there. Her creativity allows her to coin master pranks that are also quite delicious. Her Christmas edible pranks were as silly as they were tempting and most enjoy giving them a try all year long!


Edible Wrapping Paper


Imagine opening gifts with family and friends, and suddenly somebody grabs a hunk of wrapping paper and takes a bite. Your first instinct would probably be to gag a little bit and then you might run to the kitchen and grab a spare cinnamon roll to share, right? Well, the shock would be quick to disappear when you learn that the paper is edible! Wengie simply takes wafer paper, edible paint, and uses ribbon and bows to complete the look.


Edible Jewelry


Few moments are as magical as the one dedicated to receiving jewelry as a gift. Though this edible prank is holiday-oriented, it can be used all year long with the right tricky individual. The beauty vlogger takes a fruit gummy of any shape, an adjustable ring, and edible glitter to make this quick ring. When onlookers least expect it, she munches away and creates some uneasy yet oddly satisfying tension in the air.


Yummy Snowman Decorations


An iconic symbol of the season is a classic snowman. We see these mock figures in globes, on clothing, in holiday lights, and even food. The zany YouTube personality enjoys incorporating an edible one into her decorations and snacking in front of the unsuspecting. All she does to execute this prank is take cake icing, mold it into the desired spheres, and use poppy seeds as the accents, like buttons and eyes. She uses carrots for the arms, but urges viewers to experiment with other edibles, including pretzels, candy, and chocolate.

Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. For all years of professional experience, he has worked to determine the fate of more than 50 companies. Josh Verne is also the Founder and President of This is a company that has more than 10 million members. For this reason, it has attracted more companies to have their products sold in a manner that is not achieved in the industry. Josh Verne has founded more than 40 companies in a span of 20 years. For all these companies, he has developed them to multi-million corporations before selling them off. For this reason, he is considered as one of the most proficient members of the business community in the United States.


Josh Verne is a man of vision. According to him, a young person must have the vision to succeed in life and business. For this reason, vision can only be defined as the power that helps envisioned people see things that other people cannot see while standing. For this reason, a young man must develop his habits in the way of business and vision.


  1. Be a leader, not a boss

There are two management positions in any starting business. For you to lead a business, you must choose to become a leader or a boss you cannot choose the two in a single instance. For the bosses, they engage in commanding their subjects to do what they want to do even when they do not agree to their terms. However, the bosses engage in inspiring the people to follow a course of action before determining their future. As a matter of fact, it is always better to be a boss than a leader. You will always achieve more if you are a leader. For this reason, you will also be respected by your juniors.

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Why It’s Time To Ditch The Shampoo And Conditioner Forever

As more and more studies are released about the damaging effects of popular ingredients used in name-brand shampoo and conditioner products, more women than ever are moving to a more natural approach when it comes to caring for their hair.

One of the most popular ingredients used in hair care products is synthetic fragrances. Many women pick out a shampoo or conditioner based on how good it smells. The problem with these synthetic fragrances is that they are produced from petroleum, a chemical that can cause serious scalp inflammation, resulting in dandruff and dry skin.

Additionally, studies show that these synthetic fragrances get absorbed through our skin and into our bloodstream. These chemicals are toxic and can result in a variety of health problems such as kidney disorders and hormonal imbalances.

Another popular ingredient used in almost every commercial shampoo product is sodium lauryl sulfate. This ingredient makes shampoo foam up into a rich lather. Many women believe that a foamy lather is a sign that a shampoo is doing its job. However, this lather is actually useless as it doesn’t affect the cleaning abilities of a product whatsoever. What sodium lauryl sulfate does do is dry hair out tremendously, leaving it frizzy and damaged. That’s because this chemical strips hair of its natural oils that keep it soft and healthy.

Read more: Celebrity Hairstylist Chaz Dean Talks What It Is Like Developing Natural and Effective Hair Products

That’s why women are switching to a new product called Cleansing Conditioner by WEN. This product gently cleans and conditions hair without stripping it of its natural protective oils. The ingredients found in WEN Cleansing Conditioner are completely natural and plant-based. Instead of using synthetic fragrances and sulfates, WEN product uses botanical extracts and vegetable glycerin to make hair softer, shinier and healthier than ever.

If you’re tired of spending money on hair care products that leave your hair feeling dry and dull, Buy WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

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Securus Corrects Inaccuracies in Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Press Release

Securus Technologies is a standout amongst the most proficient suppliers of criminal & civil justice innovation solutions within the United States. The organization, through their main goal, has worked to enhance public safety, investigations and monitoring. As indicated by a current medicinal release, the organization has issued various redresses to GTL in a public statement.

As indicated by the organization, GTL has official statements which are misleading and inaccurate, consequently, Securus Technologies working to get them corrected in the right strategy. Since Securus discovered these statements plainly deceptive to the public, they have looked to have the issues redressed in the most appropriate way. The primary objective for the released press release is to have the organization revise cost of their deceptive statements.

GTL knows about the way that the court procedures are exceptionally long. Actually, the legitimate methodology will end up devouring of dollars. In addition, it may take numerous years to have the court case decided. Thus, the Securus does everything possible to scrutinize the validity of the organization to deal with the lawful issues influencing the organization in the most ideal ways. With regards to the best benefits of the organization, Securus is stressed over the choice the organization has made over the case in the event that it has any sense concerning time and cash. As a result of good monetary practices, the organization is especially eager to drop the court case and take after the best lawful strategies to have their cases dropped.

Richard A. Smith, while responding to the official statement issued by GTL, said that he would be glad to notice that the organization works to reinstitute their innovation concerning their GTL heat off test toward towards the ending of the season. However, it is great that the Securus organization is working towards sustainability in ensuring that the predicaments are handled in a credible manner.


Try Wen by Chaz Dean To Repair Your Unhealthy Hair

Are you someone who likes to look good before walking out of your home every morning? If so, I bet that you spend a lot of time doing your hair. If so, how many of those products that you are using are good for your hair? Can you name the ingredients in those products? Are you able to pronounce the ingredients in your products? Do you know how many of those ingredients are actually chemicals? If not, then you need a new product.

You might have heard of Wen by Chaz. You see commercials on the television where actresses like Jennifer Aniston all brag about how Chaz was able to make their hair healthy once more. Did you know that if you switch to Wen you are able to have hair like the stars? I bet you thought that they were only paid to have hair like that and in real life, their hair is not as pretty. Fact of the matter is, their hair is actually that healthy. Your hair can be too if you start using WEN hair by Chaz.

Sure, you can’t simply walk into your local store and buy the shampoo right away but wouldn’t you rather be able to have healthy hair and place an order once a month or would you rather just have easy accessibility to your hair care needs. I know I would much rather have the ability to repair my dying hair before I would like to be able to walk into a store and purchase the very same item that is killing my hair.

Most people will tell you that your hair is splitting because you do not have the right vitamins in your body, well this is somewhat true however it is also true that you are using the wrong things on your hair. Most likely the same person who told you that is also buying the same items in the store that you are using. Start using Wen, you won’t have to worry about anything again damaging your hair, as long as you are using Wen that is.

For more product information, visit the WEN hair Facebook page and Twitter.

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