Fashion and Tech Will Continue to Merge in the Future


The technology and fashion industries have undergone huge changes in recent years. The only constant is that both of these industries grow together. Over time tech becomes fashionable. The journey that these two industries have undertaken is quite fascinating.


In the 70s the boom box caught on mainly because it allowed users to carry their music with them. Because it had two cassette decks, you could play music on one side and record on the other. In the 80s, the boom box began to appear in movies, which caused its popularity to grow. However, in the 90s, it was replaced by the more personalized Walkman. A decade later, the Walkman was replaced by the iPod. In short, the growth of technology is dependent on what is considered fashionable.


Today, the close relationship between fashion and technology continues to grow. Fashion designers see technology as the next frontier in expressing their creativity. A renowned fashion designer working with technology, Anouk Wipprecht, said that tech provides endless opportunities for experimentation. She has designed unique wearable pieces as the Pseudomorphs, a self-painting dress.


Some fashions evolve from the need from safety. For instance, it is not considered fashionable to adorn bike safety gear. A designer took up the challenge and came up with an airbag for cyclists. It pops up to protect the rider during an emergency. Other techs developed by designers for safety purposes are the Frontline Gloves. They are designed to assist firemen communicate with each other via hand gestures.


Designers have also been using recycled waste materials to create unique fashion pieces. For instance, a fashion designer used recycled bicycle inner tubes to create t-shirts and jackets. Another one used copper wire from a radiator to come up with a large gown. Fashion has also been used in the energy sector and in popularizing wearable technology such as Google Glass. Both of these industries work to complement each other.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch’s career as an entrepreneur began in 1976. He and his brother invested $2,000 to start an apparel company while he was still in college. By the time they sold it to Swire Group, it had grown into a huge business worth $165 million.


He has continued to use his talent of understanding consumer behavior to expand his empire. He has a diverse portfolio that extends well beyond the fashion industry. For instance, he has invested quite a lot in the real estate sector.



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