The Tempus Initiative and Eric Lefkosky, the man behind it all

Tempus is a company that whose main goal is to see that patients with cancer get the most appropriate care for their illness and possibly get to recover from it. The founder of the company and the person behind the development of the applications in use by the patients is Eric Lefkosky. Eric is an entrepreneur and one of the greatest innovative thinkers in the country. He hopes that all the efforts being made by Tempus will lead to a cure for cancer within the century.

Eric was born in 1969 in South Field, Michigan. His mother was a Sunday school teacher while his father was an engineer. He spent his early childhood in Michigan and went through his elementary and high school education there. After his senior year, Eric joined the University of Michigan to study Law. This is the point in his life that he started putting the entrepreneur in him to work. The first company that he started was to sell upholstery. The company, known as Brandon Apparel was established by the collaboration between himself and his friend and the capital was from money that they borrowed from their friends and family. He then started another company which he called Innerworkings. This company was for the provision of procurement services to SMEs. The company experienced great exponential growth and even had an IPO is 2012.  Source

It was during the time that he was working with Innerworkings that he started another business by the name of Echo Global Statistics. This was a logistics company that was so successful that it listed in NASDAQ in 2006.  See

Starting Tempus

 Eric Lefkosky always believed that the best way to deal with potentially fatal illnesses like cancer was to use genetic profiling. This is the entire ideology behind which Tempus was established. Through the applications, the patients disease is analyzed and particular unique characteristics established. This helps map out an individualized course of treatment that responds to the patient’s specific needs. There are caregivers who really help in genomic sequencing. The application therefore helps catch potential complications long before they spell doom on the patient’s recovery.

In addition to Tempus, Eric Lefkosky  is a member of the board at the Chicago Children’s Hospital. He is a true inspiration in business leadership and philanthropy.

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