End Citizens United: Championing for Political Accountability

In the wake of the growing political undercurrents following the controversial firing of the Federal bureau of Investigation (FBI) James Comey, End Citizens United has partnered with a likeminded organization to push for political accountability. The partnership was announced by the organization’s president and executive director Tiffany Muller. The partnership with Every Voice will focus on pushing for the appointment of a nonpartisan and independent investigator to probe the controversial suspected links between President Trump’s campaign team for the 2016 presidential elections and Russia. This includes cyber attacks instigated by suspected Russian hackers against the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


To achieve their goal, the new partnership will sponsor grassroots campaigns including advertisements and mobilization of locals to pressurize sitting senators to push for the appointment of an independent investigator into the alleged rigging of elections by the Russians. The campaigns will also including urging the electorates to call their senators and sign a petition towards the same. Their decision is informed by the growing number Congressional leaders and senators sharing their stand. The campaign is specific and has identified specific senators to target with petitions, calls and advertisements. The 3-million membership organization, End Citizen United, was founded in 2015 and is dedicated to protecting the integrity of U.S electoral process against the debilitating effects of the big money entities allowed by the Supreme Court ruling to finance political campaigns. These ideals are also shared by its partner, Every Voice.


 Preparations for 2018 Congressional Midterm Elections


The upcoming 2018 Congressional midterm elections presents a unique opportunity for End Citizens United to support candidates it believes will push for policies aimed at suppressing the stranglehold big money has on the country’s electioneering process. Towards this end, the grassroots activism political action committee has embarked on an aggressive initiative to raise funds. The first quarter of 2017 has brought in significant success as the number of first time donors has increased significantly, making up to 40 percent of donors. The organization has raised $4 million so far. The leadership of End Citizens United headed by Tiffany Muller, the executive director and president, believes that donations made to the organization will surpass the $25 million it raised during the 2016 electioneering period. It is projected that up to $35 million will be donated to the PAC to support various causes and candidates whose ideologies will reform the current campaign finance laws.


The Democratic-aligned PAC with strong grassroots presence has already pledged to support several senators and congressional candidates such as Jon Ossoff. As an opponent of big money in politics, End Citizens United only accepts donations that do not exceed the conservative$5,000. The organization has also partnered with likeminded organizations to push for such causes as calling on the Senate reject some of the nominees for various cabinet positions in President Trump’s administration.




Benefits of Using NuoDB

In business, it would be advisable to keep up with any market changes; this ascertains that you should never be left behind at any one given time. The software market is amongst the means of achieving the needs of business, meaning that survival is not all that businesses should be focussed on. Obtaining the client’s expectation and offering them what they would prefer must be the primary goal.

When using NuoDB, there are lots of benefits which a business can attain, amongst them being applications mitigation to the cloud database. These applications will push the business forward such that you can always know the fundamental properties needed always. That is, no matter the amount of information that you would like stored in the cloud, it will be possible for NuoDB to achieve all your needs.

Furthermore, provision of new cloud applications is another advantage in which you can attain. New applications provide better security while still establishing that everything using the SQL database can work as expected. Nonetheless, these are applications can be modernized, thus making it possible for any future updates. Since it is cost effective, NuoDB ascertains that you can meet all your requirements according to the available demand; more so, it will increase the overall size of the business.

Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Christopher Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital Company based in Dallas. For the company, nothing thrills them more than attaining better business models in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. Christopher Burch has been an active entrepreneur in the world of business and investment. He is also considered as one of the most prominent serial entrepreneurs in the United States. For more than four decades of experience in founding and selling companies, Christopher Burch has attained a good name in the business platform. He has led to rising of numerous companies across all ranges of networks.  More of Burch on bjtonline.com.

Christopher Burch has also attained growth capabilities in the entitled company. The technology and fashion industries have always benefited from the knowledge and strategic achievements. Christopher Burch has invested more than $2,000 to commence the Eagles Company that dealt in young fashion. When the company was founded, it started as a small startup. For over one decade of experience and growth, it was valued at $150 million, in the end, he sold the company to another enterprise for $160 million, Christopher Burch used that money to commence his duties in the business entity.

Fashion and technology, according to Christopher Burch, are seamless. As a matter of fact, he considers the two industries seamless. This is because both industries are related in a way that shows the real leadership in the fashion and technology industry. Both industries have seen many changes together. For this reason, they end up working to get better business entities. One remaining constant is that both industries will keep on receiving changes. When fashion changes, the effect is also received in the technology industry. When you look at the present technological changes, you can never attain better business associations with one industry.

When time passes, technology improves to become fashionable. On the other hand, technology also grows to achieve functionality. A fascinating part of the journey is how technology evolves with the fashion industry. For this reason, they will end up working to attain better business management. A glimpse of the past events associated with the industries shows how the two industries will keep on growing to the future.

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The 70s brought about the introduction of the boom box as the newest entity. The favorite stations were carried around through this technology, if you had this technology with you, you were considered fashionable.   Check fashionista.com for additional articles.

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Jose Auriemo Neto’s Contributions to the Growth of JHSF

JHSF is a real estate company in Brazil. JHSF plays a huge role in the commercial and residential markets. This company was established in 1972, and its headquarters is in Sao Paulo. Fabio and Jose Roberto founded this corporation.

Services and operations of JHSF

JHSF is a public company with a net worth of R$1.641 billion and its president is Alexander Callado. This business generates approximately R$671.9 Million annually. JHSF serves clients in Manaus, Salvador, Uruguay, and Rio de Janeiro. JHSF is responsible for the development of some of the greatest properties, such as shopping centers, international business airports, and high-end hotels. JHSF pioneers in the provision of quality, innovative, daring, and sustainable solutions. This company has operations in Salvador, Manaus, Miami, New York, and Punta del Este. JHSF has four main business components, including Airport, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, Shopping Center, and corporations. It one of the oldest companies in Sao Paulo and has a broad range of clientele.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the chief executive officer and chairperson of JHSF. Neto is responsible for overseeing the company’s projects as well as administering JHSF’s portfolio. He is also tasked to manage the company’s major clients. In 2009, he facilitated the signing of the partnership between JHSF, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci. Neto also played a vital role in overseeing the company’s collaboration with Valentino that led to the establishment of Valentino and R.E.D Valentino stores. Neto studied at the highly rated Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University.

Neto commenced his career in 1993 at JHSF, and he has over the years rose above ranks to the company’s chair post. Neto has always been innovative, and this trait has earned him promotions at JHSF. In 1997, he developed a parking lot management company popularly known as Parkbem. This company became a services department for JHSF. A year after the formation of this division, he was tasked to develop the company’s first shopping mall, the Shopping Santa Cruz. Neto is also the founder and managing director of Cidade Jardim. He had also worked for B Store for a year in 2006.

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Jason Hope Predicts Totally Automated Logistics

Jason Hope is perhaps best known as a internet entrepreneur from Arizona who started premium mobile content provider Jawa. With a lengthy career of highly successful startups spanning decades, Hope has recently taken to the internet to blog about the vast possibilities that will ensue from the coming technologies broadly termed the Internet of Things.

One of the areas in which Hope sees radical transformation coming to pass is in the logistics industry. Jason Hope believes that, currently, there are massive inefficiencies that persist in the fields of warehousing, delivery and transport of manufactured goods. Hope believes that the trucking industry will largely become automated within the next decade. This will lead to dramatic increases in efficiency and productivity and is likely to reduce the cost of consumer goods far more than even the large reductions that have been seen over the last 20 years and what Jason knows.

Another exciting prospect, Hope says, is that warehouses will become largely automated. Many people think that some of these technologies seem like things out of a science fiction novel. But Hope is quick to point out that most of these technologies already exist today. For example, Amazon’s warehouses throughout the United States rely heavily on the use of automated robotics and fully self-contained systems that have completely eliminated workers from many tasks crucial to the functioning of their warehousing operations. Hope believes that, while these technologies currently are too expensive for the vast majority of small businesses to implement, within the next decade, the cost will fall to the level where they will begin to make economic sense for America’s small businesses and Jason’s lacrosse camp.


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He is Mostly Known Due to His Role at Madison Partners: A Closer Look at Arthur Becker

Bloomberg featured Arthur Becker, a management officer at Madison Partners, LLC, in an interview on February 15, 2017. From the interview, a lot about his career, aspirations, and personal life was learned

Madison Partners

Becker had real estate interests for a long time, but he had not been able to venture wholly into it since he was engaged in the tech sector at the time. After selling NaVisite in 2011, Becker was free and ready to try out a new challenge in the real estate industry in NYC. He invested in several condos in the region before expanding to Miami, Florida. From that, Madison Partners came to being.

Becker’s Strengths and Challenges

Becker is most productive when working with people he respects and he, therefore, surrounds himself with such people. He has reaped big from the realization. However, he acknowledged the fact that business success and failure are concurrent; he has failed on several occasions and succeeded in others. He told Ideamensch that the biggest challenge he ever encountered in business that nearly led to failure was striking a balance between passion and strategy. He said that for any startup business, it is critical to marry vision and strategy so that it can be realized.

Arthur’s Worst Job

Mowing grass by the roadside and under the scathing sun when he was a teenager was the worst job Becker ever did. According to him, the job was not just difficult but also poorly paying. That job, however, taught him vital life lessons and encouraged him to work hard in order to achieve a better life.

Arthur’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

Arthur Becker had some words of advice for entrepreneurs. He advised them that in order to succeed, it is paramount to be super intelligent. Secondly, he argued that a good rapport with staffs is healthy for business. Most importantly, he advised them to be good listeners and flexible enough to absorb and accommodate new ideas from the staff members.

Arthur’s Career and Education Backgrounds

Arthur Becker is a prominent figure in New York for his fruitful involvement in technology and real estate industries within the region. He graduated with business from Dartmouth-headquartered Tuck School of Business in 1974. Becker has had successful stints at several firms, including Madison Technology Group, LLC and Atlantis Investors, LLC. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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