Bruce Bent II: A Pioneer of Safe Investment

Money market fund is a special investment option that offers investment opportunities for a clique of investors seeking for safer options with quick returns. They are primarily debt securities that operate on a fixed investment platform. Investors who chose this option of investment enjoy the luxury of less volatilities and a significantly short maturity period on their investments. Moreover, some of the options provided by money market funds are not taxable. This is because they are mostly exempted from taxes. However, in some cases they fail to meet the threshold for taxation. Money market funds also come with a low credit risk due to their short maturity period and low volatility. Short term investors would find money markets funds more appealing as well as those seeking for safe investment options with low risks. Since money market funds are extremely liquid, it attracts securities investors who are keen on quick returns even though the returns on investment are significantly low compared to other investment options.

Bruce Bent II: An Industry Veteran

Bruce Bent is a financial expert and buisness entreprenuer who knows all to well the ins and outs of money market funds. Bruce Bent II is currently serving as the president and the vice chairman of the company’s board of directors at Double Rock Corporation where he has works. However, his reputation as a visionary and innovative leader stretches beyond his current roles. He is an industry veteran with years of experience. In 2000, he joined the company as an assistant treasurer. He rose meteorically in a career that saw him become one of the company’s executives. He was also a trustee of the company’s joint trust fund.

Academic Background

Other than his business strategy skills and specialization in mutual funds and financial services, he also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy from the Northeastern University.

When Reserve Management Company and Hallmark Investment Series Trust came together and formed an investment fund, he was appointed as the trustee of trusts for the fund. He also worked for several companies including RMCI and RESRV among others.

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