Eric Lefkofsky: The Man Who Co-founded Tempus

The best companies today are those that have a passion for service beyond profit. There’s always the finance factor for every business, but if the first motive is to create the best product, you’ll know that as a customer you’re waiting for an outstanding creation. This situation is the experience that Eric Lefkofsky’s had when he co-founded Tempus.


The Role of Eric

Mr. Lefkosky is an American entrepreneur who co-founded Tempus to promote some of the best policies, programs, and platforms for a better cancer care for patients. Tempus is mainly a technology company that allows physicians and medical practitioners to confer the best cancer care for all those who need it.


There is a lot of duties that Eric has for Tempus as its CEO and co-founder, and some of them include making it the best company that offers the best health care process for patients. It is not the duty of the business to cure cancer, but only to improve the process that patients undergo during treatment and learn more about Eric.


The Philanthropist

With the help of his wife Elizabeth, Eric formed an incredible and trusted charitable institution that not only offers support for the scientific programs needed to advance cancer care but also present the right methodology for the researchers to find better ways for physicians to better do their work as doctors and read full article.


The combined efforts they have were able to fund more than 50 charitable programs that administer proper changes to the way cancer care gets delivered. It is also in 2013 that the couple joined The Giving Pledge, an organization that is also supporting some of the important causes that the couple finds meaning in helping and Eric’s lacrosse camp.


Lefkofsky is also active in his involvement with the board of directors at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, which is a fascinating group that needs support from influential and tech-driven people like Eric. There is also something in Eric that makes his heart closer to the arts, which made him support The Museum of Science and Industry and fund its programs to create the best exhibits for many children, adults, and organizations to enjoy.

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