Elysium Comes up with Products for Long Term Health

While aging is a natural process that everyone has to go through, not many people are happy about it. Elysium Health is confident about their research, as they believe that it is now time to turn chemicals that prolong the lives of mice and worms in the lab into over the counter vitamins for human consumption. The company is hoping to meet the regulation of the FDA as well as working to conquer death in order to continue winning the trust of consumers. Like every other product that could improve longevity, this is likely to attract a lot of traffic.

According to one of the founders of the startup, MIT biologist, Leonard Guarente, it is challenging to prove that drugs with the capacity to elongate animal life can do the same for humans. He says that such an experiment would take decades to prove. This is why he decided to take the shortest distance between two points and follow a more direct path that does not require the FDA’s approval or clinical trials to have the product on the market.

What this means is that the company’s new and first product, which is a blue pill, is likely to be going on the market for the first time comes with no guarantees that it can actually keep you youthful. This new marketing strategy is a changed one for the experienced biologist who was involved in similar research studies in a company that was later bought by GlaxoSmithKline as the trial failed to pan out as expected. Guarente previously worked at a high profile biotechnology startup known as Sirtis pharmaceuticals which studied the components in red wine with the hope to make it part of treatment solution for diabetics.

Unlike what happened at Sirtis, Guarente approach with Elysium blue pill is to market it as a dietary supplement. The aim is to make follow-ups with clients and stick to market surveys. This is something they hope to achieve together with other founding members, namely the COO Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli who serves as the CEO, for the new company.

Even though the company is not interested in mentioning its sources of funds, it has some powerful and reputable people in its advisory committee including a team of world-class scientists. If this is anything to go by then, the chances are that the blue pill could be a success in a short period of time. Experts in this field are getting excited at Elysium’s idea as they figure it to be a significant development in wellness research. Most experts get frustrated at the fact that the FDA does not recognize their efforts in targeting aging and so steer clear of this field. Therefore, the approach taken by Elysium is one that many consumers are hungry for. Its great performance could open great doors for many researchers. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/534636/the-anti-aging-pill/


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