Kate Hudson’s Innovative Online Fashion Giant Fabletics

One of the hottest fashion brands to hit the market is Fabletics, an entrepreneurial powerhouse launched by Kate Hudson. Fabletics has captured the women’s wear market with what is they call “Athleisure”; a colorful combination of athletic wear and leisure wear that women are making fashion statements in while running daily errands. Self-titled ‘Fashion That Performs’, Fabletics is an online subscription-based / brick and mortar retail company started by Kate Hudson to give women comfort, quality, and trendy looks for affordable prices.


Holding 20% of fashion sales, Amazon was a stiff competitor for Fabletics at first, but by streamlining their marketing plan Fabletics has successfully transformed online fashion sales. An effective marketing strategy that’s proving to be successful is reverse showroom techniques. By using real-time sales data, the physical store locations are stocked with top-selling merchandise based regional performance. Up to a third of Fabletics customers are already active members of the online store, and signing up for online membership is part of the in-store shopping. This creates a way to track customer behavior, suggest more items based purchase history, and engage with them in the future. Customers tend to spend more money with brands that are relatable. Even the clothing items that are tried on in dressing rooms is collected into the company database, making it easier to offer a particular customer related items to the ones actually purchased and leave out related items to the ones they put back.


In an interview with Marie Claire, Kate Hudson talked about her love of the brand she co-founded. When asked would she wear Athleisure apparel out on the town, Kate Hudson replied “ Yeah, I don’t see why not! Wear it wherever you want. Out on the town, to dinner, whether it be on a date, or with your friends—it works with whatever you’re doing”. Kate Hudson has a vision of women with different body types being able to dress in stylish items that are affordable and easy to order.


Fabletics will auto-charge $49 per month, with a free $25 outfit upon sign up. In months that a customer’s budget is a little tight; that same customer can choose to skip them until the next month. During the initial setup of the membership, the Lifestyle Quiz asks questions that help determine personal style preferences. Taking the Lifestyle Quiz is fun, and a great way to start looking great in the comfortable, no fade styles of Fabletics.

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