Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHealth Group

Troy serves as the CEO and the president of the US Health group. The USHEALTH group is an insurance company based in Ft. Worth, Texas. Its focus is on self-employed individuals and retail business owners. The company has its aim of combining the abilities of its clients and insurance products on demand amidst providing superior customer service in every sector of the firm’s operations. The company focuses on selling health insurance plans amongst a large variety of people.

Mr. McQuagge joined the firm in 2010.He rebuilds the company’s distribution agency, the USHEALTH advisors. Due to his dedication, he became the organization’s president and CEO in 2014. Under his leadership, the company has developed and become a highly competitive individual health insurance market. He managed the profitability of sales of health insurance. He mainly targets those that are under 65 years of age. Read more about Troy McQuagge at

Troy won gold in the 2016 one planet business and professional excellence awards. He was named the CEO of the year 2016. The award recognizes companies for their business and professional excellence in every industry. The one planet awards honor conferred in different categories from all over the world. These groups include; executives, teams, new goods and services, PR, marketing, and corporate communications. The organizations are responsible for submitting nominations for public and private, profitable and none profitable, large and small and new startups.

Troy is a corporate executive and business person from Panama City, Florida. He attended the University of Central Florida where he majored in legal studies B.A in 1982. Troy lives in the town of Coppell, Texas. He has served in different sales related businesses. He started his early career in health insurance sales and had over 30 years of experience. He first joined the Allstate insurance in 1983. Troy worked for the company over a relatively extended period.

Mr. McQuagge has worked in close collaboration with different organizations. These institutions include; hope kids’ Phoenix, semper fi fund, trinity habitat for humanity, health market and phoenix of New Orleans. He has worked with companies like free life insurance of America, and student insurance division of united insurance companies. He joined the UCI health insurance agency in 1995 and left in 1997 for UGA. He is an expert in different fields such as business management, strategic planning, product design, and executive leadership.

Troy is useful in other fields to leave alone health insurance. He is a big wig in banking, accounting, and other business sectors. He has seen the USHEALTH group win a bronze Stevie award of the year and also another for corporate social responsibility. In June 2017, he won a silver Stevie award for executive of the year. He is a leader willing to volunteer and has worked hard for success. Visit:


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