How Todd Lubar Sees The Plusses And Minuses Of Smart Home Technology

Following Moore’s Law, the pace of technological advancement rapidly increases year to year. Things that we take for granted today were impossible to imagine just a generation ago. Watching older tv shows makes you aware of just how different things were just back in the 1990’s let alone even farther back. As someone that follows technology, Todd Lubar says that watching a series like the Back to the Future movies will prove to you that devices they thought were impossible are now common.

Of particular interest to Todd Lubar is how homes are now being smartened up by many homeowners. Nobody would have thought even a decade ago about us now having smart thermostats that know our patterns so they know when to turn on and off the heating and/or cooling on their own. Smart lighting is also fantastic, especially for those with disabilities. Being able to turn on and off lights via a smartphone app is a God-send for those who have troubles with mobility.

According to Patch, there are challenges to overcome, though, when you start buying these devices. There are limits to artificial intelligence, such as difficulty understanding those who speak with a foreign accent or have a speech impediment. Tech companies such as Google and Amazon are tackling these issues but in the meantime they do limit who has access to the technology.

Todd Lubar is a mortgage broker in the Baltimore area. At TDL Global Ventures, a mortgage lending firm, he is the owner and president. He has been in the industry for over two decades and has witnessed the changes that have very much changed what homes are nowadays compared to what they used to be.

Beyond working in the mortgage and real estate industry, Todd Lubar expanded his skills by going into other industries as well as an entrepreneur. At one time he owned a commercial demolition company and he has also owned a scrap metal recycling business. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 and has a bachelor of arts degree in Speech Communications. You can follow him on Twitter

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