The Brain Behind USHEALTH Group Inc. Success- Troy McQuagge

Good moments deserve a recap. Troy McQuagge, the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. has given them a moment to experience the taste of victory and greatness. This is after the Prestigious One Planet announced him the Gold Winner as the CEO of the year. This was a special moment for the CEO and his company. This is because the Prestigious One Planet is a Universal Award Program that recognizes and award businesses and professional merit. The award program is not set aside for a specific category of organizations. Everyone around the world is given a chance to participate in the nomination. Follow Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

The CEO says that he is humbled to receive such an honorable award. Troy McQuagge, says that the award belongs to all the USHEALTH Group Inc. staff. The CEO also says that the organization is working towards providing a more affordable solution for their clients. This is to ensure that the schemes of their customers grow along with their health care needs.

Troy McQuagge, joined the group in 2010.USHEALTH Group Inc. immediately showed some changes. Troy McQuagge revolutionized the USHEALTH Advisors which is the distribution agency. In 2014, he was crowned the President and CEO of the company. Under his leadership, the company has expanded and has successfully made it through the tough competition. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge

The CEO is a business person from Panama City, Florida. He’s currently a resident in Coppell, Texas. McQuagge is an alumna of the University of Florida. The CEO is fit for his position because besides his rich academic background he has a 30 years’ experience in different sales positions.

Troy began his career journey in healthy sales where he spent a big portion his career. In 1983, Allstate Insurance where he worked for a long time. Later in 1995, he moved to UCI/Health Market. In 2010 he joined the USHEALTH Group Inc. where his serving currently as the President and CEO. Initially, Troy worked at the sales department managing the profitability of the health insurance. At first, he targeted individuals below the age of 65.

Troy is the CEO that the USHEALTH Inc. Group deserves. In his era, he has seen that the portfolio of the company has been expanded. This is to ensure that their clients have a wide range to choose from for their life insurance schemes. The Company is trustworthy, and through this, the company has kept long-term customers.

The USHEALTH Group Inc. has maintained its position at the top as a result of excellent leadership and quality services. The Company has something for everyone. The company considers both the high-income earners and low-income earners as well. The company also understands that different clients have different needs. They, therefore, offer customized services besides their long portfolio. Read:


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