Ronald Fowlkes Article

Ronald Fowlkes is a renowned businessman who has modernized the law enforcement and defense industries. He owes his success to his police experience and his years of serving in the Navy-Marine Corps. His expertise gives him the ability to have a broader vision in the defense industry than others can perceive.


Fowlkes served in the military during the First Gulf War in an honorable capacity, being promoted deservingly twice through his career. He served from 1989 through 1993. Training for Marine Combat culminated for him at the Marine Corps School of Infantry. Additionally, Fowlkes engaged in a basic course at the ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company.) Further studies included parachute accreditation and other basic engineer courses. He performed various parachute operations and gunfire missions.


When returning from the military, Ronald Fowlkes served his community by working in law enforcement at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for ten years, and three years with the St. Louis County Police Department. For the last seven years in law enforcement, becoming a team leader in 2003, Fowlkes was a certified instructor in defensive tactics, SWAT/URBAN warfare, shoot house and tactical rifle exercises. His military training helped him in combatting gang problems that threatened citizen’s lives in the area. He served his community in law enforcement for 13 years.


Ronald Fowlkes has a proven track record for training both new law enforcement and military personnel efficiently, making it possible for others to carry on after him. He and his fellow officers were skilled in enforcing the law while maintaining order and control throughout the city. The force is responsible for investigations into the trafficking of illegal narcotics, illegal gun possession and other violent neighborhood crime. They also acted as a Civil Disobedient Team and as a WMD Response Team.


Ronald Fowlkes worked as a contractor for Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) in the 2000s back in Iraq. He trained U.S. Military personnel in numerous operations, CQB, evidence collection, post-blast analysis, and ran infantry operations. Fowlkes also specialized in the interrogation of detainees and hostage situations. After returning home again, he chose a different career path aside from law enforcement.


Fowlkes current role is the Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited, specializing in commercial products and law enforcement. Eagle Industries manufactures equipment for tactical operations and operational nylon gear. His role on the job entails calling on customers nationally, developing products for other law enforcement individuals, training over 150 sales personnel, selecting products to promote, and making the selection of products for sales and development.


Ronald Fowlkes is an avid hockey fan, and when not working, he is involved in the sport somehow, including engaging as the coach to his son’s hockey team.


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