The ICO Life of Jordan Lindsey

ICOs (initial Coin Offerings) did exceptionally well last year, with 752 new ICOs having raised a collective $5 billion. And it is expected to continue its upward spiral through this current year. That prediction is especially assured in the face of more and more big name companies embracing blockchains. It is almost weekly the case that newspapers everywhere are full of discussion of trends in cryptocurrency. The biggest trend among ICO companies this year is going lean in the face of mounting limitations and regulations concerning how these companies can raise money.

To avoid any of these things, most companies will only raise the bare minimum, which is $2 million to $10 million. One big player in the current ICO industry is Jordan Lindsey. He is the founder of Bitcoin Growth Bot. He is also the founder of JCL Capital. Lindsey was born and raised in New York. After high school, he visited San Francisco, fell in love with it, and moved there to begin his professional life. He found that trillions of dollars are traded between countries all of the time. He drove himself to become a part of that.

During those early years, he taught himself programming and systems architecture design. He has successfully created algorithms that have resulted in billions of dollars. Today he is working with his development team almost continually to make his system even more productive. He and his top team of professionals are profoundly optimistic about what they are doing. Throughout his professional life, he has lived in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was while in Bosnia that Lindsey met his wife, Giovanna Acha. The couple is today the proud parents of three beautiful daughters. As a child, he loved to compete in sports. This passion has remained with him as an adult.

Leading the Financial Ways in Dallas

Based in Dallas, Nexbank SSB is a regional bank and financial services company offering its clients mortgage banking, commercial banking, corporate advisory services, and investment banking. The bank customer’s mostly financial institutions, institutional clients, and corporations enjoy personalized banking and financial services. They include mergers & acquisition, lending, corporate finance and advisory, customized programs and syndicated loan servicing. Moreover, they offer internet banking, mobile banking, savings accounts and personal checking accounts among other services. Nexbank was founded in 1922 and is a member of the FDIC.

As growth and development plans continue being rolled out, Nexbank completed a $24 million common equity capital raise in 2016 June, for general corporate purposes. This is as the bank forge in new opportunities reflected by an increase in total assets and returns on average equity. The bank has strong capital levels, liquid profile and earnings and Nexbank ratings were upgraded to stable outlook by Kroll Bond Rating Agency. Nexbank deposit and senior unsecured debt rating went higher up from BBB to BBB+. Mortgage banking volumes have risen from $3.5 billion in 2015, $5.0 billion in 2016 to $46.1 billion in 2017. In 2015, the bank acquired College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. Nexbank CEO and President John Holt said College Savings Banks will retain its brand, name and current operations, functioning as a division of Nexbank.

Nexbank’s commitment and leadership to its clients lie on the delivery of exceptional value at every chance presented. Their commercial banking deals with agency services, commercial real estate lending, credit services, treasury management, specialty financing, financial institutions, and commercial lending. Mortgage banking offers warehouse lending, wholesale & correspondent lending, MSRs, and Jumbo solutions. Under institutional services, Nexbank provides real estate advisory, public funds, property management, corporate finance, and customized deposit services. Their total assets as of December 2017 stood at $8.382 billion, almost twice from the same period in 2016 that stood at $4.649 billion.

NetPicks: Forex Investing Support Since 1996

Forex trading, also known as FX trading, is the trading of foreign currency including every aspect of trading, buying, and selling currencies at determined prices. Forex trading allows for currency conversion for international investments and trade. The international nature of Forex means that trading is accomplished 24 hours per day. When trading is closed in one city it will still be open in others. With individuals consistently trading through electronic financial exchanges based in all of the major international cities trades can be made as spot trades (current market) or in the forward or future market (

Spot trading or trading on the current markets is the method of preference for individuals; however, business owners with the goal of hedging their risks prefer the options of trading in the forward or futures market. The FX trading market is quite liquid with rapid price changes that can provide financial opportunities.

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, NetPicks is a company which has been providing support to investors since 1996. The company aids traders with charts and a live signal service. The company guides traders to assess risk factors of selected currency pairs prior to making trades. NetPicks reiterates that trades should be completed without an emotional involvement and solely using monetary allowances that can afford to be lost. Once someone is well-versed in Forex trading they are potentially able to begin with small amounts (even as low as $100) and begin to build up little by little.

Each and every member of NetPicks took trades yesterday, are taking trades today, and will also do so tomorrow. The company is actually comprised of individuals who are facing the potential gains and losses just as their customers are each time they respectively trade ( NetPicks helps customize a system which can best guide customers based on whether they are looking for full time employment, part-time employment or whether they simply wish to complete a few trades. NetPicks prides themselves on having an exceptionally well-trained team offering easy to learn yet highly effective systems, plus the advantage of nearly two decades in the business.

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Don’t Miss Out On Finance Options With Aloha Construction

Who Is Aloha Construction; Storm Reigning Professionals

Established in Southern Illinois, and proudly serving the 60402, 60412, and 60416 zip code to name a few the Aloha Construction group has your back after a storm. They continue to operate as a family owned and operated business with years of expertise and over 356,000+ local area contracts successfully completed. Aloha is chosen over other local area competitors for their superior finance programs and quality service. After a storm, OSI can help you satisfy your claim with the work of a licensed and bonded professional with eco-friendly material for every contract.

When you need your roof repaired, OSI will step in with a courteous professional with an on-site supervisor to get the job done right the first time. They never have unnecessary technicians in and around your home. In fact, their response time is under 24 hours for most estimates.

Aloha Construction Services

Roofing Services

Your roof is an important part of your exterior home decor and also controls the temperament of your home by eliminating the elements. When the snow comes down in the North, many residential customers notice damage on their roof from the excess water that has melted from the snow.

Siding Services

Aloha offers several siding type including vinyl and durable aluminum products. You can select your style from actual samples, during you no-risk free consultation. The professionals at Aloha know how to help you spruce up the exterior of your home with new siding.

Aloha Construction Helps Ravished Community In Aftermath Of Hurricane Maria

Texas was hit hard over the recent summer from Hurricane Maria and as a result, several residential areas and businesses were destroyed. The Aloha Construction group was able to respond to their tragedy with rebuilding efforts around the local Houston and Austin, Texas area. Their customers have been able to upgrade or repair their roofing and siding with the help of a professional. Let the professionals at Aloha sit down and tell you what they can do for your home improvement needs today.

Netpicks is Assisting Investors to Make Wise Investment Decisions

Trading reports by Netpicks indicate that FX trading is well done in pairs and traders are permitted to make their trading moves depending on the prices of currencies. This is purely because all too often, forex trade is based on speculations on whether the price of currencies will rise or fall.

Background Data

Well described as FX trading, foreign exchange trading provides traders with trading opportunities in not only decentralized opportunities but also currency pairs. To add to that, people who participate in such like trading opportunities through electronic as well as counter financial exchanges are in Paris, London, Sydney in addition to New York.

Guidance on Trading

With the assistance of charts and online trading signals, traders can proceed to trade in every aspect of the business given. It, therefore, means that every trader can trade 24 hours in a day. Of course, when the exchange closes in New York, it is evident that traders are allowed to extend their horizons of trading to Sydney. On the other hand, when the market in Sydney closes, traders can be allowed to trade in Tokyo as well as additional European countries.


In all the types of trading, sports trading is the most preferred by a significant number of traders. Even so, it is clear that traders can pursue forward markets as well as future markets. In addition to this are business owners interested in curbing and hoarding their risks in trading. All said and done, it is factual that most traders need guidance when it comes to dealing with most of these businesses.

Trading Currency Pairs

When it comes to trading currency in pairs, it is clear that many traders would like to participate because of its substantial liquidity. Moreover, the value given on any aspect of trading is solely based on the approximations provided.


Netpicks was established in 1996. The company provides trading and emerging tutorials on the viable trends of trading in the stock exchange. Moreover, it provides the gold standard requirements for most users who want to indulge in trading. From giving people systems, stocks, options, and signals, Netpicks is the world’s leading platform for training regular trades.

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NSC Is Revived

Gregory James Aziz has made his name in the world of business by specializing in revamping old companies who look like they should be closing their doors. This ability has made him a very rich man. Often, he will come into a business that is struggling and make the necessary changes so that it can grow. He will own a portion of the company so as the company grows and becomes prominent once again his stock prices will go up. Then, when he gets ready to leave the company, he sells all of his shares back to the corporate entity and pockets the millions of dollars that he has made.


1Recently, National Steel Car reached out to this man to see if he can do anything to turn their business around. They had been losing market share and profit for over 10 decades and if something did not stop soon their company would close its doors.


Gregory James Aziz accepted the offer to become chief executive officer and National Steel Car move back to its prominent spot as a railway manufacturer. Greg Aziz began by instilling a passionate vision of innovation and excellence and creativity. This vision was to create a rail car that met the strictest Canadian environmental regulations, could be customized by the purchaser, and could carry 35% additional weight while traveling 20% faster and producing 90% fewer carbon emissions.


The company was excited to create such a rail car, they knew it would be a game changer, but they also were humble enough to admit they lack the skills necessary to make this company create railcar. In response to that problem, Greg Aziz hired two European professors to begin mentoring the executives and the managers to become more innovative and more efficient. Greg James Aziz watched as their talents grew, which in turn, helped them to inch closer to this project’s end.


Gregory James Aziz then began mentoring and training other talented people in his company to be leaders. By giving them additional responsibility and authority, they had the power needed to swiftly move this goal along. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Once National Steel Car created this railcar and received billions of dollars as profit, Gregory James Aziz decided he would host a celebration in honor of the people. Besides paying out large cash bonuses, he wrote out personal thank you letters for over 2000 members in this huge workplace.


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Michael Burwell Is At The Top Of His Game

Michael Burwell was named the new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for Willis Towers Watson (WTW) in the latter part of 2017. WTW is a brokerage and solutions company and a leader in the global advisory field. Burwell replaced the retiring CFO. Mr. Burwell brings to the table more than 30 years of professional service experience. Prior to WTW, Burwell served in senior leadership roles including the Head of Global Transformation, CEO and COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Price Waterhouse Coopers, LLP (PWC). In 1997, he became a partner at PWC and eventually took on the challenges of the leadership for the company’s central region. He went on to become the CFO in 2007 and CEO in 2008.


Additionally, he includes on his resume 11 years of audit experience, as well as 12 years of transaction advisory services. His experience also includes assisting companies performing pre-merger due diligence and valuation.


Adding Michael Burwell to the WTW team was met with a great deal of enthusiasm. His understanding of managing and leadership, as well as transformation is a great boon to the company and its long-term growth. The company maintains a strong focus on client services and Burwell was considered the perfect cog to add to the wheel. Adding to his expertise, Burwell is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Mr. Burwell earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Michigan State University in Business Administration. In 2010, Burwell was named Alumnus of the year at Michigan State.


The history of WTW goes back to 1828. The company has 40,000 employees and they work with clients in more than 140 countries. The company designs and delivers personalized solutions that work to enhance capital that protects and adds strength to individuals and institutions, cultivate talent, optimize benefits, as well as manage risk. WTW is based in Arlington, Virginia and maintains locations that include North and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. The strength of the company and the team, under Burwell’s leadership is their ability to work with clients on an individual basis and unlock the potential each client has and enhance their future growth for continued success. See Related Link to learn more.


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Netpicks is a company that focuses on helping traders to attain success financially. This company was established in 1996 by Mark Soberman who is currently the CEO of the company.  Since then, it has been in the forefront in providing trading education in the future and forex trading. The company has its headquarters in Irving, Texas

Forex trading, according to netpicks, is investing in movements of currencies. Forex trade is mainly on speculating the rise and fall of currency. This form of business allows traders to trade currency in various parts of the world  (  They are two forms of practicing the trade which is electronically, and over the counter in financial exchange centres based in major cities around the world, these cities include; New York, Paris, Tokyo, London and Sydney.

Netpicks provides the traders with live signals and charts to help them in the trade ( In the forex trade, there consist of many forms of trading. Some of these forms include; spot trading, swing trading, options trading, future markets and future markets. Most traders prefer spot trading while most business owners go for future and forward markets. Forex trading uses some specific terms in their trades. Some standard words used in forex trading include PIP which is price interest point. This means a loss or a gain, Bid price which refers to the cost of traders who are selling their currency, ask price which refers to the cost currently of the purchase of currency and spread which means the difference between ask and bid price.

Forex market is limited, that is it has few options regarding the currency pairs, another characteristic is that it is very liquid and out of this liquidity retail traders benefit from it. The company staff advice traders especially ones who want to join the forex market to clearly study it before engaging in any trade and to make wise decisions without being attached emotionally to their efforts. The Netpick staff works day and night tirelessly to ensure that their clients are pleased and satisfied with their services.

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Southridge Capital Does It The Right Way

When a financial company has been around for over two decades, such as Southridge Capital, it can be safely assumed that they have leveraged the right strategies for their clients and can deliver on the promises they make to their members. Even the staggering $1.8 billion dollars in investments do not adequately describe how prolific the core team at Southridge Capital has been. With the responsibility over 250 companies, Southridge earns the trust of their clients every single day while remaining true to the strategies that have brought them so far since their inception in 1996.

Behind the lead of founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks, Southridge Capital is known for their reputation of business development and executing on plans. Ridge is, and always has been, committed to setting the overall strategic direction of the company. And as the company’s history now ticks over 20 years Hicks is in charge of making sure that the strategic direction can adapt to the financial markets while also staying to true to the core ideals of the company. This task is, of course, easier said than done however the precipitous growth and consistency of the company behind Hicks’ lead have left members and clients feeling confident in the future of the company.

According to PR Newswire, one of the more exciting recent endeavors of Southridge Capital is their $5 million dollar equity purchase agreement with Elite Data Services, Inc. Southridge Capital was able to lure in the fast-growing Elite Data Services, Inc. by offering them a creative and unique plan to help build their company. Through their ability to identify and partner with innovative companies such as Elite Data Services, Southridge Capital has shown that they are continually committed to adapting to the fast moving financial world. This type of massive investment is just one example in many of Southridge Capital being able to see an opportunity to lend their expertise to rapidly ascending companies. Check out scribd to know more.

For many people the idea of finding a trustworthy finance team can be stress-inducing, but luckily there are companies like Southridge out there that can be seen as a guiding light of honesty in the confusing field of finance. For over two decades now the Southridge Capital team has been committed to delivering results — and there is no reason to expect them to stray from that path in the near future.

Gregory Aziz: Master of National Steel Car

Getting into the engineering and manufacturing industry is no easy task. Firstly, it’s one of the oldest corporate industries in the modern world. That means a lot of the companies in it have existed for over 100 years. With reputations like that, it’s not easy for a startup to compete.


Secondly, engineering isn’t an easy field. It’s one of the few fields that depend on change and innovation, and not everyone’s mind works like that. Also, engineers have to know how to use technology in a positive way that allows them to create and improve upon high-quality products.


Luckily for National Steel Car, none of that is a problem. Founded in 1912, National Steel Car is one of those 100-year-old companies, and it has brilliant engineers. It also has one of the best CEOs in the world, Gregory J. Aziz. When Greg Aziz took the job, he accepted the responsibility to carry on the company’s high standards.


Not only does National Steel have the highest standards in the region, it’s one of the leading manufacturing companies in North America. Along with the numerous values and traditions, Aziz had to figure out how to introduce new ideas without crushing the past.


Currently, Gregory James Aziz taking the company in a better direction. His job is to not let the company get stifled and push the employees to new heights. That’s an easy task considering he found the employees are already brilliant and need little managing and direction.


His appreciation for the workforce goes beyond just a boss-employee relationship. Gregory James Aziz sees high-value in their dedication, commitment, and trust in each other’s abilities. If it weren’t for the current employees, National Steel Car would not be at the top of the industry. Aziz found a way to capitalize on their potential.


Unlike other CEOs, Aziz allows them enough room to innovate while also pushing them to go further. Part of that strategy is not letting them get comfortable with their past successes. People who get used to success tend to slack off later in their career. Despite any success, Aziz never stops pushing. See This Page for related information.


Under his leadership, things are better than great. Every year, for the last 13 years, National Steel Car has won the TTX SECO award and never disappointed a customer.