Alexandre Gama Leads From The Front

Alexandre Gama is perhaps the greatest and most talented Brazilian copywriter in the past 50 years. After establishing himself as a talented writer in the 1980s, he took his career to another level in the 1990s, working as a creative director for a number of firms before opening his own agency in 1999. The agency, Neogama, has become one of Brazil’s best and known around the world.

Neogama won a Golden Lion award at the Cannes Film Festival in their first year of existence. They have gone on to win another 22 Golden Lions in the nearly two decades since. Gama has won numerous industry awards for his leadership and guidance of Neogama, including Executive of the Year in 2006. His choice to stay actively involved in the everyday operations of Neogama has made him a favorite executive across the advertising industry. There is no end in sight as Gama continues to lead from the front.

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