NGP Van: the ultimate political campaign team

NGP Van: the ultimate political campaign team


NGP Van is a pioneer tech provider for Democratic and Progressive Campaigns & Organizations. The firm divulges the eight stages of starting a political campaign. Launching an attack is a critical issue and should be well thought and should have a strong foundation. This entails proper preparation.


Step one as revealed by NGP Van, recently an award recipient,  is to create and develop a Communications Plan. This entails putting your message details and power points in a well-mannered order. It is also advisable to put in one’s opinion on specific significant issues. The candidate is advised to include the reasons for running for office in the newspapers.


Step two is to set up a website. NGP Van advises the candidate to set their site where every interested party can find the candidate. It should be a simple website entailing relevant info such as the bio and donation. For those who are not newcomers, they should update their website to their current endeavor. It is also prudent to have the site ready before announcing to prevent any delay.

Step three revealed by NGP Van is to acquire a CRM for managing data. This helps the candidate to prevent any data loss. Digital 8 which is owned by NGP Van is a perfect example of many users trust the company and thus accumulate a lot of donations. Digital 8 also collects and stores email participants for the campaigner.


Step four is to develop a brand identity. This entails a logo and a color scheme. The logo should be simple and straight to the point. It is ill-advised to change the logo during the campaign period as it will make the campaign have a disorganized outlook by the voters.


Step five is to prepare social media accounts including the campaigner’s Twitter and Facebook handle. The handles should entail a decent profile picture with the logo as well as the website details and bio of the campaigner. The campaigner should also hire social media handlers to make the accounts lively thus get donations as well as volunteers.


Step six is to establish messaging, and mobile programs thus get to mobilize and connect with the voters as well as volunteers. It is advisable to include the number to every social media account as well as during the announcement date.


Step seven is to have Digital Ads especially immediately after your announcement. This is through sites like Google Search and Google Display Ads as well as Facebook and Twitter Ads.


The last step is to be prepared to make and have called. This is through talking to donors for their support. NGP Van can assist the campaigner using NGP 8.


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