Staying Healthy with Ara Chackerian

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ara Chakerian, is helping to cultivate prosperity to man and animal alike. Recently Chakerian has been working closely with the Michigan Wildlife Council to preserve wildlife population. The guidance of forestry experts like Ara Chakerian has allowed Michigan’s forests to flourish with abundance in trees and space for outdoor recreation.


Conserving older and younger trees have allowed many different animals to survive in their natural habitats. Birds can build nests in the older, higher trees, and with the Council spreading those trees wide apart, they leave room for hiking trails and campsites. Proper planning like this enables Michigan to help the paper and wood manufacturing companies continue to process quality products. This surprising development reminded Ara Chakerian and Michigan’s Wildlife Council of the good that they are doing in the environment.


Graduating from Florida State University with a B.S. in marketing, Ara Chackerian has founded multiple companies. Currently the Executive VP of Research and Development of Health Diagnostics LLC, Chackerian has had plenty of experience in the health business. Chackerian was founder and CEO of BMC Diagnostics which was later acquired by Health Diagnostics. He has also founded Embion and ProviderLinks. Ara Chackerian has also held several leadership roles in three other health-based companies.


In Ara Chackerian’s spare time he has become quite charitable. He has formed multiple non-profits that focus on giving back. One of which these non-profit companies is Nor Luyce. This company works with Armenian teenage girls and mentors their self-esteem, self-reliance, and sense of community. Ara Chackerian is currently a board member for Nor Luyce. Check out Medium to know more.




Ara Chackerian is currently living in San Francisco where he is still active in all of his lines of work. He wants to continue working within the health industry and is closely following Digital Healthcare as his next venture. You can visit their website

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