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Andrew Brooks is CEO and founder of Sinclair a luxury accessories brand called Vianel, which he founded from his dorm room. He has been helping people face the challenges of the market, celebrate accomplishments, and plan ahead for tomorrow.

The summit was structured in the following manner:

-A keynote address by Aerin Lauder, who talked about how she started an online lifestyle brand for women and how beauty is the focus of her business.

-The panel was moderated by a senior at Georgetown and president of the GRLA, Anthony Fadil. Notable panellists included Vianel’s Andrew Brooks Sinclair, Jocelyn Gailliot, and Olga Vidisheva. Each panellist discussed their respective ventures spanning different industries; all were launched within the past five years.

-Brooks talked about how he started Vianel because he couldn’t find a cardholder accessory he liked.

-Gailliot talked about how she was the first retailer to specialize in All-American prep.

-Vidisheva’s business connects local boutiques to global clients.

The summit’s focus was on how to cultivate a brand identity and nurture client relationships in the saturated online marketplace.

Andrew Brooks Sinclair founder was named one of the “30 Under 30” Retail by Forbes 2017. A co-founder of his company Sinclair, he remarked, “Online customers today are used to having endless choices, and even more established entrepreneurs can sometimes still get swallowed up in the mix.” He focused on his core values and offered consistency for his customers to avoid this. For example, Andrew Brooks created an invoice that would be received and processed in the same way for every customer, regardless of whether they were existing or new customers.

The panellists at the Global Luxury Summit had a lot to say about social media, with Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Estée Lauder, specifically focusing on using platforms like Instagram to connect with customers. Lauder relayed a story of her grandmother applying makeup to a prospective customer and recalled that her grandmother was no stranger to jumping into the job. There is some distance between the younger Lauder and her grandmother’s opportunity to do the same in today’s digital world. None of the other panellists had that chance. Each one had to find their way to talk to customers based on what they sold and who they sold it to.

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