Meet the Canadian Businessman-come- Advisor Louis Chenevert.

Louis R. Chenevert has served as the chairman and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation since 2008. After working as the CEO for six years, Mr. Chenevert opted for retirement. He has as well served the company as the President. Since early 2006, Louis was the Chief Operating Officer of this firm.

Before joining United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert worked with the General Motors. He worked with this firm for over a decade. During his stay in this firm, he got a promotion to hold the position of the Production General Manager. From here, he worked with the Pratt & Whitney.

A year after retiring from his position at United Technologies Corporation, Mr. Louis went to work with the Sachs Merchant Banking Division. He, for two years, worked as the Senior Industry Advisor. Chenevert is as well a member of various business forms. He makes a part of the Business Council. He was also a part of the US- India CEO Forum, but he retired. He additionally is a part of the Board of Directors at Cargill Inc. Moreover, Mr. Chenevert chairs the Board of Advisors of the Yale Cancer Center. He is as well a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Chenevert is an alumnus of the University of Montreal. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Commerce degree which he got from this university. From the same institution, Chenevert was honored with a doctorate. He serves as a chairman of a Board of Advisors of this institution.

Louis Chenevert had worked at different multi-million- dollar corporates. From his service in such firms, he came up with the idea to start up his own company, now United Technologies Corporate. Numerous ideas were also brought up to the table by some of the executive board members of the company. In an interview, Mr. Louis states that the company is majorly driven by its interest to deliver to clients the best of service.

Louis additionally states that United Technologies Limited had come to life by him focusing on nurturing the talents presented to him and keeping up with the continually evolving technology. Close monitoring of the staff was also mandatory to keep the business smoothly running. Constant and thorough business reviews also held the firm on its feet and focused on its primary goals.

Staying Healthy with Ara Chackerian

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ara Chakerian, is helping to cultivate prosperity to man and animal alike. Recently Chakerian has been working closely with the Michigan Wildlife Council to preserve wildlife population. The guidance of forestry experts like Ara Chakerian has allowed Michigan’s forests to flourish with abundance in trees and space for outdoor recreation.


Conserving older and younger trees have allowed many different animals to survive in their natural habitats. Birds can build nests in the older, higher trees, and with the Council spreading those trees wide apart, they leave room for hiking trails and campsites. Proper planning like this enables Michigan to help the paper and wood manufacturing companies continue to process quality products. This surprising development reminded Ara Chakerian and Michigan’s Wildlife Council of the good that they are doing in the environment.


Graduating from Florida State University with a B.S. in marketing, Ara Chackerian has founded multiple companies. Currently the Executive VP of Research and Development of Health Diagnostics LLC, Chackerian has had plenty of experience in the health business. Chackerian was founder and CEO of BMC Diagnostics which was later acquired by Health Diagnostics. He has also founded Embion and ProviderLinks. Ara Chackerian has also held several leadership roles in three other health-based companies.


In Ara Chackerian’s spare time he has become quite charitable. He has formed multiple non-profits that focus on giving back. One of which these non-profit companies is Nor Luyce. This company works with Armenian teenage girls and mentors their self-esteem, self-reliance, and sense of community. Ara Chackerian is currently a board member for Nor Luyce. Check out Medium to know more.




Ara Chackerian is currently living in San Francisco where he is still active in all of his lines of work. He wants to continue working within the health industry and is closely following Digital Healthcare as his next venture. You can visit their website

A New Company Enters The Energy Drink Market

There are plenty of companies competing in the energy drink market, but now there is one more to make consumers happy. That is the Jeunesse Global company. Yes, you read that correctly, Jeunesse Global is getting into the business of energy drinks. They want customers to taste the difference in what they have to offer and what the rest of the energy drink industry has put out to date.

What makes Jeunesse Global so different is that they were founded by two formerly retired people with a mission. These individuals were actually a couple, and their mission was to provide the kind of products that people wanted in their lives to help them look and feel younger and healthier. It was not going to be easy of course, but the company has not let that get in their way. They continue to crank out innovation after innovation.

Nevo is the name of their revolutionary energy drink. It is special because it provides the energy boost that people are looking for while at the same time cutting out many of the added ingredients that come with those other beverages. They also keep it down to just fifty calories per can. That means that even a person who is on a diet can still get the energy boost that they crave.

In order to purchase this beverage you will need to speak with a Jeunesse Global partner. They are all over the planet selling the Jeunesse Global brand to their friends and family. You might actually know someone who does this and not even realize that this is how they make their money. You should ask them what they can offer you in terms of these types of products. They often have the whole catalog ready to go for you.

There are few opportunities in life to consume a product that you both enjoy and that does not bust your diet up too badly at the same time. Nevo is that rare exception to the rule that so many people are looking for in life. Anyone who is serious about their energy levels and diet should try it out.

Netpicks is a Valuable Resource for New Forex Traders

The foreign exchange markets that deal in the currencies of various countries offer an array of opportunities for speculation and online educator Netpicks has a wealth of experience to teach new traders just how to do it. Global currency markets or forex can often enter into stable trends that can last for long periods of time. The liquidity and volume of these markets are unparalleled among investment vehicles and trading them an be done at a very low cost.

Another important feature that has been highlighted by Netpicks is the limited number of major pairs that traders focus on. Stocks, on the other hand, number into the thousands and the research involved can be tedious, consume vast amounts of time, and it can lead to great frustration as well. Tracking major currency pairs is something much more manageable and Netpicks provides great education and tools for this. For example, they can teach new traders what economic reports are the most relevant and possible consequences that could result.

The responsible use of leverage is crucial for all forex traders and Netpicks can help new traders in this regard. They are able to teach them the proper trade size for their particular account so that one adverse move doesn’t wipe them out. Position sizing and trend analysis are two things that they excel in and they can be readily learned.

Offering to Educate

Netpicks offers outstanding forex charts and a live signal service that can be a great help to new traders. These powerful tools are just two which are found in their comprehensive offerings.

The ability to make detached decisions which aren’t driven by powerful emotions can be the difference between success and failure as a forex trader. Netpicks can teach this important concept and help students find success quicker as they avoid a costly time of trial and error.

Netpicks is successful as educators because their systems have been produced by professional traders who are still active today. Since 1996, they have been teaching students how to navigate powerful markets to accomplish their trading or investing goals. They educate all types of traders from day traders, swing traders, and longer-term plays as well (

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Alexandre Gama Leads From The Front

Alexandre Gama is perhaps the greatest and most talented Brazilian copywriter in the past 50 years. After establishing himself as a talented writer in the 1980s, he took his career to another level in the 1990s, working as a creative director for a number of firms before opening his own agency in 1999. The agency, Neogama, has become one of Brazil’s best and known around the world.

Neogama won a Golden Lion award at the Cannes Film Festival in their first year of existence. They have gone on to win another 22 Golden Lions in the nearly two decades since. Gama has won numerous industry awards for his leadership and guidance of Neogama, including Executive of the Year in 2006. His choice to stay actively involved in the everyday operations of Neogama has made him a favorite executive across the advertising industry. There is no end in sight as Gama continues to lead from the front.

Preparing for the Trade With Netpicks

Many sources of information go into all of the different strategies to use for trading. However, there is one thing that they fail to go into. This is mental preparation. Fortunately, Netpicks talks about having the right mentality as a trader. This is also something that is discussed in forums. Often times, the poster says that a trader has to be like a robot when he is trading. This means that emotions can’t be allowed to get in the way. After all, when people get emotional while trading, they often make the worst decisions.

Netpicks can offer tips that can help people overcome their emotions when trading.

One thing that can replace emotions in the world of trading is information. When people take in enough information, they can formulate a conclusion that can help them come up with the right trading strategy for markets such as Forex and stocks as well as others (  One thing that they can do is come up with a really sensible strategy for their mental make up and way of processing information. The strategy is effective because it is developed with the intention of not necessarily winning trades but minimizing the losses of a losing trade.



Netpicks understands that knowledge and understanding is one of the best ways to overcome emotion. When people have knowledge of what they are doing, then their emotions will be less likely to take control of them. This means that there is a smaller likelihood of a trader holding a losing trade with the hopes that it is going to turn around. This will also reduce the likelihood of someone trying to get revenge on the market. One of the worst things a trader can do is trade a larger amount in a desperate attempt to get back what he has lost in a previous trade. For additional tips,


Jason Hope Focuses on Biotechnology in Entrepreneurial Efforts

There has been a renewed focus on the world of biotechnology here in the entrepreneurial world. Biotechnology represents a real opportunity for humanity to take back control of their future to some extent. jason Hope, a prominent futurist and entrepreneur from Arizona, made headlines when he decided to partner up with the SENS Foundation by giving away a massive $500,000 donation to the research facility. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit research facility located in California that is focused on finding ways to battle age-related illness. The decision to donate so heavily to a facility like the SENS Foundation was not one idly found by Hope. Let’s dig into the career of Jason Hope, the future of the SENS Foundation, and the turn of events that led the two to team up.

Jason Hope is a prominent entrepreneur who made his name in the field of mobile communications. Early on after graduating from Arizona State University, Hope would found his first company — JAWA. JAWA specialized in mobile communication technology and this flagship company would give Hope the early success that he needed in order to really spread his wings and start working toward becoming a prominent entrepreneur and futurist. With JAWA in the wings, Hope would be able to turn to his own passions in order to start spreading portfolio and establishing himself in the tech industry. As a result of this success, Hope would begin the researching process that led him to the SENS Foundation.

Hope’s research into future investments led him to consider biotechnologies as a viability. Biotechnology is a burgeoning field that has incredible importance to the future of not just technology, but humanity in total. Medicine, as it turns out, is a huge industry that always has room to grow. Hope ended up connecting with the SENS Foundation CSO in Dr. Aubrey De Grey. The two would have instant chemistry and Hope would cite that connection as a leading reason for his decision to invest via a donation. Hope and Dr. De Grey both believe biotechnology to be immensely important to the future of medicine, particularly in relation to age-related illness. The goal with Hope’s donation, and the rest of the work at the SENS Foundation, is to address illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even Arteriosclerosis. Hope’s donation will go specifically toward helping to find ways to treat and cure arteriosclerosis and for that, the medical field should be thankful.

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Choosing Netpicks Tips By Choosing Trading Type

There are steps to getting started with trading. For one thing, people have to decide what kind of trader they are going to be. One of the major factors is in the amount of time they intend to put into trading. There are many different types of traders. The primary types of traders are full-time traders, day traders, swing traders and a few others ( There are many other types of traders. However, the best thing to do after deciding the type of trader one is going to be is to look for a strategy that is going to be a winning one.

One of the best ways to look for a strategy is to consult trading information sites. One site to look at is Netpicks. They have some of the best strategies in the trading game. The overall goal when it comes to profiting is to buy low and sell high. Another important tip is to make smaller losses and larger gains. The only thing that people have to figure out is the how. This is where they look up important information from Netpicks about the market. Among the important pieces of information they have to find is information about what it means to have a strategy (

One of the reasons that Netpicks has the best type of information for the trader is that they address the most important part of trading is the mindset of the trader. Once one figures his mindset out, then he can look to different strategies in order to find one that works the best for him. The strategy that works best for him is the one that gives him minimum losses and maximum gains. Once he manages that, then he is going to experience major successes in the Forex market as well as other markets that he trades in.

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National Steel Car is Going Down the Right Road

National Steel Car is the most influential railcar manufacturer to ever hit North America. Its power is second to none and its profit is obvious since it owns over 30% of the market share. They had been creating railcars for companies across Canada and the United States of America for nearly 10 decades and they have been transporting goods safely throughout Canada no matter how dangerous the snowy place may be.

The reason they were able to continue on into this 100 year of business was that Gregory James Aziz led them with great business wisdom. He ensured that they were creating a quality product that was easily used by each customer to purchase that. He never wanted to stop being efficient and he never wanted to stop innovating. He knew that as long as National Steel Car would continue to grow it would continue to dominate the field.


Greg James Azz made National Steel Car to be a success in the future. He did that by continuing the innovation that made the company so great to begin with. This innovation can be seen in their newest vision which is to create a rail car that would be considered to be modular and customizable. Customers have been begging for this for years, yet no other steel car company thought it would be possible to create. However, Gregory James Aziz is a dreamer and he will do everything he can to bring this to market.

He prepared National Steel Car to achieve this accomplishment by training them. He brought in efficiency experts and management gurus who were able to hold workshops and seminars that span throughout the month and throughout the quarter. Every worker was required to attend at least one each quarter of the year. The higher up the ladder they were, the more events they had to attend.


Then, Gregory James Aziz drafted job descriptions for employees who worked in his company. Once the employees knew what they had to do, they were all in favor of giving this modular railcar created. By knowing whose responsibility a certain task was, it allowed the workers to openly communicate with those responsible for the correct thing. Get Additional Information Here.


National Steel Car just celebrated their Centennial ceremony. It is and an amazing feat that they were able to stay in business this long. However, based on their current status they may stay for 100 years more.


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The Chainsmokers Started The New Year With New Music

New Hit Single “Sick Boy”

The Chainsmokers have jump started the year 2018 with their darkest song yet called “Sick Boy”. Anyone who follows the Chainsmokers knows that their music is usually a peek into their lives and what’s going on around them. The new single “Sick Boy” is a dance-rock tune that tells a story of how life is for them now. There will be a few more dark tracks to follow on the new album. The Chainsmokers lately have talked about how tough it is having a life in the spotlight where people’s opinions of them are based on an interpretation of not only their music but the opinions of others who don’t know them personally. They have referenced the new day of technology where everyone has to wear a mask from the social media perspective. The younger generations will be focused on an internet standard and that is a scary place to be. They are not afraid of the challenge, however, saying that they are very much on the track to keep being successful and they plan to stay innovative to keep their relevant status in the music industry.

About The Band

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ and producer band consisting of two members, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They often collab with other artists for vocals, however one of the band members Andrew Taggart is also a singer on a lot of their tracks. Their genre of music is EDM, pop, and electropop. The band first came together in 2012 and had their first musical breakthrough in 2014 with the song “#selfie”. Even though they are still fairly new to the music scene they’ve already won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording at the 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony. The Grammy was for the song “Don’t Let Me Down”. Their success didn’t stop there. They have also collected 2 American Music Awards and 5 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Since they’ve arrived on the music scene they have consistently released music to stay in the spotlight. Their debut EP was titled Bouquet and released in 2015. Their second EP Collage was released in 2016, and their debut studio album Memories…Do Not Open was released in 2017.