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Whether we realize it or not, technology plays a great role in our lives ranging from playing music in your home, listening to podcasts to controlling appliances around you. There are different types of technologies available in the market giving you a wide range to choose from. Zilch was launched to make this easier for you. It provides cashback options as soon as you select the best tech for you.

Other than offering cashback, Zilch also provides its users with the buy now pay later option. Here, you get to go home with the tech of your choice and be given more than 6 weeks to pay in installments. The cashback applies when you pay fully for the tech hence receive 2% back. This is a great way to save your money as you enjoy their services.

For every purchase made here, the user receives 100 bonus points for every $1 spent. These points can later be used to make purchases on the zilch app at reduced rates. When a buyer opts for the buy now pay later option, they get to get home with the product and receive an allowance of 6 weeks to pay equal installments until the debt is cleared.

The buy now pays later option ensures that all users get to use updated technology and are given enough time to come up with the money. Over the years, Zilch has partnered up with numerous retailers both online and in retail stores to offer 0% APR at retail shops. This makes their services available for you while shopping at these retail shops. You can also access the buy now pay later option at shops that have not partnered with them.

Zilch also offers guidance on appliances like TVs, Smart Speakers, and Wireless Earbuds hence with this knowledge, you can make a great choice on your appliances based on the quality you were looking for.

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