New Brunswick; the dream city of Mr. Omar Boraie

Anyone who sees New Brunswick City today can understand the dream that Mr. Omar had for many decades. When Mr. Omar, the president and Patriarch of the Boraie Development LLC., first got to this city in 1971, he saw a city that had great potential for growth. Although many natives would not understand his dream, he persistently continued to think of better ways of developing the city. His first achievement is when he raised the first story building that houses his office on the eighth floor. The second building that gave the city the class it needed was Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Later, Tower Two was built next to Tower One changing the entire look of the city. To know more visit Bloomberg.

According to NY Times, to keep the growth, the city required to have some classic residential units. Omar copied the style of New York City and started building story buildings. He built 121 residential units on a twenty-five story high building. His son Waseem Boraie says that people at first thought his dad was crazy, but they later came to appreciate his dream for the city. Today, the city has many story and modern buildings. The latest project of Mr. Omar is just about to be completed. A residential building on Somerset Street in the center of the city called The Aspire.

The new City now houses many important buildings which include a State Theatre. An advert was carried on the New Jersey Stage and talked about the coming back of free Summer Movies sponsored by Boraie development jointly with the Provident Bank. This was to be held at the State Theatre. Many recreational activities now, can take part in the city projects and activities because of the new facilities available. The face of the city has now been transformed through the effort of the Mr. Omar and the Boraie Development LLC.

Boraie Development is a privately owned company in New Brunswick NJ. It is an Industrial Building and warehouse oriented property. It is headed by its founder and president, Mr. Sam Boraie according to Boraie Development LLC website. According to the PR Newswire, Boraie Development is soon opening a Luxury rental tower for Individuals who are Inspired to aspire. Its director of Marketing, Ham McDonald, said the residential units would offer the coveted lifestyle. The modernized building houses 238 studios, one bedroom, and two bedrooms designed apartments. Residents will also enjoy modern amenities like ample parking, a lobby with 24/7 doorman among others. It is surrounded by many other facilities like universities, restaurants, and hospitals.

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Different Forms of Marketing and the Expertise of Mullen Lowe

Some of the most experienced marketers understand that there is a lot that goes into marketing. It is a lot more than just advertising and telling people to buy this product from that company. In fact this is only a small part of marketing. There are a lot of other activities that a business owner could do in order to maximize his success. This includes reaching out to the audience and connecting with them on issues that are relevant to the company. However, it is important to hire an ad agency when it comes to advertising product or the company.

One company that is really good about advertising is Mullen Lowe. They know how to set the right mood for the customers to buy the products. Jose Borghi is one of the creative minds behind the company. He makes sure that the advertising is perfect for the company while bringing in a lot of the sales. While Mullen Lowe can handle the advertising the company or the client can handle the reaching out and communications aspects of the business. Jose and Mullen Lowe can be creative and come up with something that is appealing and has the right tone.

This is actually a good combination. One can take the time to handle the advertising while the other could talk to the newly gained customers. A company that takes the time to get to know the customer is going to keep the customers. These days, customers are not going to go for the company that just has the coolest products. They are going to take their business to companies that make them feel good about themselves so that they will want to continue doing business with the company. When one handles all of the different aspects of business, then he is going to have a business that is lasting and more visit click here.

Swords of Passion: Getting to Know Michael R. Zomber

Michael Zomber is internationally recognized for his expertise of knowledge in Japanese samurai swords. Zomber has passionately collected antique arms and armor for over forty years. He has made informational contributions to America as a guest historian on the History Channel’s Tales of the Guns series. Doubling as a historian and talented story teller, Zomber is accredited with over a dozen screenplays and numerous historical novels including Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and a non-fiction work, Jesus and the Samurai. Accompanying the aforementioned work, Zomber is also a man who boasts admirable education and heartfelt contributions.

Michael Zomber’s formal education accompanied by his passionate expertise are a dynamic duo for rich and fulfilling content. Born in Washington D.C., Zomber holds bachelor’s degrees with honors in English Literature and Psychology. He also holds a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA. Having chosen the path of a historian and writer, one cannot help but take interest in his work. Society today holds great value to those who possess substantial comprehension in Literature and Psychology. Zomber’s work reflects on the combination of his knowledge and expertise. Despite his passion deriving from arms and armor, Zomber is a lover and very philanthropic in his ways.

Bundled with with his sharp mind and creativity, Zomber is a successful husband and father. He is married to Andrea Zomber with whom he has two children, Gabriella and Christopher. Accompanied by his wife, they show supportive effort towards a plethora of philanthropic organizations. Mr. Zomber is a firm believer on investing in his values of love, compassion, and peaceful resolution of conflict. His expertise is but an interest and does not reflect on his wisdom and morality. A few organizations Zomber has contributed to are the Randolph Bourne Institute, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, The Smile Train, and UNICEF.

Michael Zomber is a man of widsom and morality. Having practiced his craft for over 40 years, many would consider him a master Historian. Possessing experience and formal education is prominent in the United States and reflects on his current success and accreditation. Zomber continues to contribute to the world accordingly to his values. His work is of value to any person who will pay mind to it. Zomber will be recognized for his efforts for many more years to come.  Zomber’s passion for history endures, and he’s definitely interested in continuing to find new antiques for collecting.

OrganoGold is Expanding to Different Parts of the World

Bernardo Chua, CEO of OrganoGold, is not from America. He has a desire to become a dominant coffee producer on American soil though. He also wants to dominate in his native land of the Philippines. He has desires to keep his number one status in Japan and the the United Kingdom when OrganoGold reaches the top. This is the sign of a CEO that wants to become a dominant player in the industry that he is in. Chua is an awesome leader, and he has been building his OrganoGold empire with a large amount of innovation. He has the Ganoderma mushroom, and this is breaking ground in the coffee industry. Healthy coffee has never been something that people did a lot of talking about because this didn’t exist. It was Chua that saw a void and made the decision to fill it.

There are still people that have never heard of this brand, so Bernardo said on YouTube he feels that his work is not complete. He wants to get this coffee and tea brand on the lips of everyone around the world. He has shown that he has the skills to reach out to a lot of people, and there is still a lot of room to grow.

Chua made it a priority to create gourmet coffee, but he didn’t stop there. He would expand his coffee to include a lot of variety. Chua would also migrate his OrganoGold from one brand to the next with some product variations. He didn’t care if other major companies like Starbucks were not branching outside of the beverage industry. He knew that he had a healing mushroom that was giving him loyal customers that had a growing curiosity. This curious nature of the fans of his coffee and tea would allow him to branch outside of the beverage industry.

The healing mushroom would prove to be the missing link that would give him what he needed to make a splash outside of the beverage industry. Now there are people that are experiencing this brand in different parts of the world. They are getting acquainted with the brand that Chua believes in. They are getting a chance to buy in on what Chua has presented to the world as one of the healthy new beverage and lifestyle products lines for people that are striving to live healthy. Chua has worked hard to bring OrganoGold to mainstream audiences.  Follow Bernardo on Facebook as he strives to make the world a healthier place.

Sanjay Shah’s Contribution to Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Entrepreneurship is one of the pillars that significantly that help the growth of a country’s economy. It gives business people a chance to provide employment opportunities to other people thereby improving their living standards. To build on business ideas and innovations, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to have a forum that they can inspire other entrepreneurs and provide insights on how to do start a business enterprise. One of the forums that entrepreneurs use is Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. This show is a platform where entrepreneurs can obtain valuable business insights and motivation from other entrepreneurs around the world.

Recently, the host of the show interviewed Sanjay Shah on of the most brilliant business men in the world. Apart from being an astute businessman he is also significantly involved in charitable projects. One of the important business insights that he shared during the interview is that every entrepreneur should be alive to the fact that he or she needs other people to help them do the work of managing the business enterprise. Also aspiring entrepreneurs shouldn’t underestimate the amount of money that they start a business with. It is necessary at this stage to stay focused and work with the capital that one has to ensure that the business grows exponentially. What is required most is a positive attitude is vital when one intends on starting a business.

Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital which is a brokerage firm located in London dealing with proprietary trading, financial consulting sports investments. He is also the firm’s chief executive officer. Apart from this, the he also founded Autism Rocks. This is a charitable organization that mainly deals with creation of autism awareness and funding scientific research on autism. He started this organization when his son was diagnosed with Autism. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability characterized by difficulties in the development of social relationships and communication skills. To further promote this organization, he has partnered with a couple of artists in the music industry. They include Drake, Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble. The autism rocks fest will feature prominent artist like Flo Rida and Tyga. People are encouraged to seek more information about autism and how to be a part of the contribution.

Stephen Murray Legacy Lives On at CCMP

There is no doubt that a person would be proud to have his life’s work continue on after they are gone and that is just what has happened for the late Stephen Murray formerly the CEO of CCMP a private equity firm. Murray left the company abruptly last year due to some serious health issues he was failing. Although he lost his battle, the legacy of CCMP continues on and provides a legacy for Murray’s financial practice and ability.

Murray had been with CCMP since 1989 and since he took over for the founder of the group Jeff Walker has led them through several name changes. They were once known as Chase Capital Partners and later became JP Morgan Partners. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital came out of that and became independent in 2006 and in 2007 Murray took over as CEO of the New York based firm. From there he led the company on a rise to financial success that continues through to this day.

CCMP is a company that specializes in capital leveraging and has spent over $16 billion in growth equity transactions and buyouts since 1984. CCMP is now in the capable hands of Greg Brenneman who was the chairmen under Murray. There was a key-man clause that was triggered when Stephen Murray Capital left the organization but CCMP has managed to gain all necessary support from shareholders to resume investing activities in their latest fund. Many private equity firms have key-man clauses to protect funds raised if one or more of the individuals leave the company. This will prohibit a firm from using funds raised until those who invested money in the fund get together and determine a course of action that they are comfortable with.

Bloomberg Business released an article about CCMP alleviating the concerns of investors and won their support by doing two things. First they promised an additional $60 million to the fund to show that they were financially invested in making sure that the fund succeeds. Secondly they made a commitment to buy out the shares of the late Stephen Murray which made all investors know that the leadership of the fund would continue to function in a fiscally responsible manner. That puts CCMP on the road to a financially successful future.

Stephen Murray will be missed because he and his family made a serious commitment to giving back to the community. He spent a large amount of time supporting the Make A Wish Foundation in the New York Metro area as well as several local food banks to help fight hunger in the world. Of course he never forgot his roots giving annually to his former college, Boston College. He was a man that was competent and successful in business and generous and giving in his personal life.