Goettl expands family

Goettl Air Conditioning recently expanded their family of companies when they acquired Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. Las Vegas Air serves residential clients, and Paradise Air serves multi-home and rental customers. This acquisition gets them 20 employees and 15 trucks. Goodrich feels that this acquisition has helped to strengthen their goals and further expand their family.

Goodrich expects business to double, which is why he is busying adding to his company. The mission of the companies will remain the same: to provide quality care to the residents of the Las Vegas Valley. Goodrich is known for his investment in the community and the HVAC industry. He has funded scholarships and programs to help veterans find jobs through the local college. Goodrich sponsors the Post-911 Veterans tools award, which allows vets a 1,000 award to get the tools necessary for starting their HVAC jobs. They want to ensure that the talent has the right tools to start their careers. Goettl continues to improve and acquire other businesses to provide the same high quality HVAC service as his company.

This merger was about helping both companies. Stephen Gamst, partner at Las Vegas Air, said the merger was about his employees and taking better care of them. He felt Goettl had the resources and the ability to take care of his highly qualified employees. The merger would help Goettl expand their workforce and Gamst would get resources needed to take care of them.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been a family name in HVAC since 1939. Goettl acquired the company in 2013 and brought it to Las Vegas in 2016. Goettl has enhanced the family business with new business models and the latest tech, but the family high quality service still remains the same. Goettl Air Conditioning serves the Nevada and Arizona areas.

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