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Who Is Aloha Construction; Storm Reigning Professionals

Established in Southern Illinois, and proudly serving the 60402, 60412, and 60416 zip code to name a few the Aloha Construction group has your back after a storm. They continue to operate as a family owned and operated business with years of expertise and over 356,000+ local area contracts successfully completed. Aloha is chosen over other local area competitors for their superior finance programs and quality service. After a storm, OSI can help you satisfy your claim with the work of a licensed and bonded professional with eco-friendly material for every contract.

When you need your roof repaired, OSI will step in with a courteous professional with an on-site supervisor to get the job done right the first time. They never have unnecessary technicians in and around your home. In fact, their response time is under 24 hours for most estimates.

Aloha Construction Services

Roofing Services

Your roof is an important part of your exterior home decor and also controls the temperament of your home by eliminating the elements. When the snow comes down in the North, many residential customers notice damage on their roof from the excess water that has melted from the snow.

Siding Services

Aloha offers several siding type including vinyl and durable aluminum products. You can select your style from actual samples, during you no-risk free consultation. The professionals at Aloha know how to help you spruce up the exterior of your home with new siding.

Aloha Construction Helps Ravished Community In Aftermath Of Hurricane Maria

Texas was hit hard over the recent summer from Hurricane Maria and as a result, several residential areas and businesses were destroyed. The Aloha Construction group was able to respond to their tragedy with rebuilding efforts around the local Houston and Austin, Texas area. Their customers have been able to upgrade or repair their roofing and siding with the help of a professional. Let the professionals at Aloha sit down and tell you what they can do for your home improvement needs today.

Hiring Aloha Construction for Remodeling

If you’re currently living in Illinois, you need a company you can trust when it comes to high-quality construction and remodeling. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, you need a company that will come out to your property and get the projects done that are needed. This is why so many people have chosen Aloha Construction for themselves. Aloha Construction is one of the top construction companies in the industry, and they have worked with hundreds of people all over the state of Illinois.

Because of their work in the field, they have a great reputation with those who have already used their services. Plus, Aloha Construction is able to work on a budget, so you can be sure you’re getting the job done without spending a ton of money. In fact, if you want to learn more about the type of work they do and the costs involved, you can contact Aloha Construction either by phone or email. Along with offering a range of services, this company can easily and quickly do a free home inspection for you if this is something that is needed. You will want to contact them if you need more information on having a home inspection done at your convenience.

There are tons of different companies for you to choose, but it is important that you hire a company that is reputable and going to provide the services that you need. This can be found in the company known as Aloha Construction because of the fact that they are able to give you an upfront cost for the work needing to be done. This is going to save you the time and hassle of trying to get work done on a budget. There are lots of people who are able to do the work for you, but it is essential that you get the work done by the experts who have years of experience and are able to work on a budget even if you feel this type of job is not going to be something you are able to afford on your own.

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Aloha Construction Enables Kids to Get the Things They Are Dreaming Of

Lake Zurich’s children have reason to be happy. Learning Express Toys in Lake Zurich, headed by Rick Derr, has teamed up with Dave Farbaky of Aloha Construction and the Dave Farbaky Foundation. They started a campaign that would provide children who came from poor families with various toys that they would otherwise never be able to afford and enjoy.

Dave Farbaky loves giving back to his community. In fact, the whole purpose of the Dave Farbaky Foundation, which he founded, was to help out local children. They created the shopping spree for that purpose as well. They wanted some poor children in their neighborhood to be able to have a happier life. During the shopping spree, the kids were able to pick out the toys that they wanted, all sponsored by Dave Farbaky and the Dave Farbaky Foundation.

Dave Farbaky, the CEO of Aloha Construction, said that it may seem like not such a big deal to adults. However, to those children who were fortunate to be able to pick out toys at the expense of the company, this meant a lot to them. A kid who always wanted toys but knew that he or she would never be able to get them will be extremely overjoyed when they are finally able to get things that they have been dreaming of.

Learning Express Toys also decided to contribute something, so they offered the toys at a forty percent discount. Aloha Construction picked up the rest of the cost. Communities That Care, another organization, also helped out by connecting the Dave Farbaky foundation and Learning Express Toys with needy children who could benefit from such a thing.

Dave Farbaky, CEO of Aloha Construction, was there to greet the kids that were picked by Communities That Care and Omni Youth Services. He was overjoyed to see the smiles on the faces of those kids. He always wanted to give back to his community, and he felt that this was a great way to do so. This is just one of many things that he does.