Skout is a Great App for Meeting Friends

For those that are looking for a social network that allows them to meet people, Skout is the perfect social media platform to sign up with. People use Skout in order to network and meet each other for different reasons which include dating. Among other activities that people do with Skout include exchanging pictures. Skout stands out among other social media platforms in that it encourages people to meet in person. People also use it to just meet up and hang out together. The creators of Skout have the purpose of bringing people together. This is quite unique from other social media platforms that often have people just meet through the computer or mobile device.

One thing that Skout places a lot of emphasis on is the image. Instead of seeing the user profile or a bunch of text, the user is presented to a grid that shows images of people that are currently online. The grid changes as people go offline and come back online. In order to view the profile of the image, the user just has to tap the image. They will get to look at the basic information of the image they have tapped. Among the bits and pieces of information they have available are their last posts and the amount of points that they have. Among the things you can do with users is wink at them, add them to favorites or chat with them.

A lot of activities on Skout cost points in order to take part in. There are many ways that users can earn points for using Skout. Among these are engaging with advertisers. Users of Skout need points in order to be able to find out who has looked at their profile. There is also a wink bomb for people who want to earn a lot of attention. One thing to say about Skout is that it encourages users to reach out.

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FreedomPop – Set Yourself Free of Outrageous Fees

$20 for unlimited everything on my smartphone, you’ve got my attention! Who could be blazin and crazy enough to offer deals like this for data, talk, and text services for your device? The answer is FreedomPop. FreedomPop unveiled a $20 unlimited everything plan while adding LTE phones. This is a signature move in an epic adventure of joining markets with the Sprint LTE network. Today just like any other time in the past we work hard for our money.

We don’t want to just throw it away. Unfortunately, when it comes to our smartphones and personal devices we do just that. We allow cellular communication providers to charge us outrageous and phenomenal fees for talk, text, and data. They add in roaming charges and overage charges that can break the bank. If you’d like to get your freedom from these high prices and absurd charges then break free from your cellular communication provider and make the switch to FreedomPop!

The FreedomPop Unlimited Plan gives you everything you could ever want for $20 a month. You get unlimited text. You get unlimited talk and most importantly you get unlimited data! Now the only drawback to the entire scenario is after your first one gigabyte of data your speed will drop from a fast 4G speed to a slightly slower 3G speed. Remember 3G still powers much of the network and many people argue that 4G really is 3G.

FreedomPop did not just start out they have been around since 2011 when they were backed by the co-founder of Skype Nicholas Lindstrom. Offering a wireless broadband or net based phone service FreedomPop gives you the ability to break free from your current smartphone service provider and do more with your device. Watch movies, play games, talk to your friends and family without worrying about breaking your bank when you have the incredible service offered by FreedomPop.

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Skout Travel Peaks Interest

The social media world has become something that is very enticing, but all the different avenues to social media can make it difficult to choose one particular app.

There are over 1 billion people on Facebook, but there are also a lot of people that are interested in trying Google+ and Twitter. There still some people that are connected to MySpace. There are also a lot of people that are trying to engage in social media through Snapchat and other text messenger related apps.

Skout is a social media app that allows people to connect with friends and meet new friends online. This is the app that is getting a lot of attention recently because of a new feature has been added to this app.

Skout has managed to attract a lot of new registered users by adding the Skout Travel App to the social media platform. This is an app that allows people to take virtual trips to various cities around the world. They can do this within a 24 hour period after obtaining a virtual ticket. This has become very popular with a lot of people that are interested in traveling. There are also some people who cannot travel that want a virtual travel adventure with a social media platform. This virtual feature gives them the ability to see various cities that they would never be able to see without the utilization of this Skout feature.

There definitely are a lot of people that are taking interest in this app because it saves them a lot of time. People that may be indecisive about where they want to travel can get an idea of what a certain city is like by utilizing this feature. That is something that will give this Skout app an edge over a lot of the other social media apps that are out there. People that may be looking for a certain app that has different features from the other apps like Pinterest or Twitter may consider what this app has to offer. Millions have already taken Skout Travel trips.

Social media has allowed people to do many things, in this concept of virtual traveling is one of the newest concepts around. People like this because it is easy to do this without living home. This may be the best way to cure boredom. It is always fun to see other countries this way.

Skout Data Reveals Many College Students Actively Participate In Random Acts of Kindness

February 15th-20th is now known as “Random Acts of Kindness Week” and while it may not have world-wide recognition Skout’s survey showed that college students are among the biggest contribute to little acts of kindness towards strangers. Skout, a mobile platform that brings together people from around the world, surveyed a total of 2,700 of its users and found that 53% of college students perform acts of kindness at least one a day. Their data also revealed that 93% have done something unexpected for a stranger at least once. These little acts of kindness are simple things that can brighten someones day like paying for coffee for the person behind you in line, leaving a dollar taped to a vending machine, or something as simple as texting a friend and thanking them for being in your life. Skout has even taken to asking its millions of users to perform kind acts both online and offline, and then to share their deeds by using the hashtag #SKOUTkind.

Skout’s promotion of kindness has been heard around the world as their user base extends globally. Skouts premier use was a social media app that allows people to meet others in the vicinity as long as they’re also Skout user. In the past couple of years after the launch of their travel app Skout has been used as a dating and relationship app for those who are looking to travel or already do so. By connecting people with friendly locals Skout has been able to create lasting long distance friendships and given people a way to talk daily to those who are in different countries.

Many college students began using Skout as a way to meet friends around the world which has prompted them to travel and visit their online friends. This same niche has also used Skout as a way to find locals around them that are willing to offer directions or help with translating. Skout users can also act as virtual tour guides while on vacation for their friends at home by using Skout’s features like picture uploading or video uploading. These budding friendships have lead to romance as well, and many people who travel often for work or find themselves moving abroad for a job have used Skout to find companionship in their new country. Skout currently has over ten million users worldwide and is compatible with any iOS software