Talkspace’s Sudden Growth

After the 2016 election when Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America people began flooding therapy centers. One popular place to receive therapy has become wherever you are whenever you feel the need. Talkspace offers therapy to people wherever they may be whenever they feel they need help, Talkspace is affordable and time efficient. People are no longer required to make visits to an office and spend hundreds of dollars for a few hours. They can pick up their phone and communicate with a therapist that is best able to fit the needs that they have at the moment that they feel they need help the most.

Talkspace has been a success by matching people to therapist that will fit them best. Most people go into offices to receive counseling and do not get the help that they need because they are matched to someone that is unable to understand and help them. Since the 2016 Talkspace has changed the meaning of counseling for all of the people that have need for help. The reason more people have reached out for help may be the results of the election, but it is not definite that it is. The day that he was elected they had a few more clients than usual. On Inauguration Day that had about three times the average number of clients that they usually have.

Talkspace has helped over million people get the help. The numbers continue to increase. People are starting to take their health serious regardless of race or gender classification that they may be. Talkspace has helped minorities, LGBT, Muslims, and Jewish people get the mental health help that they need. Talkspace continues to grow by assisting people to get the help that they need to be successful in life.