Aloha Construction Focuses on Superior Quality Service and Good Customer Relations

Aloha Construction is a company that serves the major areas of Illinois and Wisconsin. As a family-owned company that has completed more than 18,000 projects, Aloha Construction employs a team of professional installers, inspectors, field supervisors and claim specialists. Not only has this company established itself as one that excels in what they do, they have also gained notoriety for their high standards of safety. Aloha Construction, Inc received BBB 2017 Torch Award for Ethics. They are a bonded and insured company offering services in the areas of roofing, gutter installation and siding.


As president and CEO of Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky places his focus on high quality construction. He also strives to ensure customer satisfaction in areas such as attention to detail and timeliness. He also makes sure Aloha Construction follows good practices when dealing with any external subcontractors, insurance adjusters, suppliers or associated company agents. These dealings are conducted with superior levels of integrity, professionalism and fairness to ensure good customer relations. As president of a family-owned business, Dave Farbaky also knows the importance of giving back to the community, which is why he has established a foundation to help people in local areas.


Aloha has dedicated to providing their customers with high quality service, the team at Aloha Construction understands the importance of meeting the needs of their customers. This is why they begin every project by sending a team of professional technicians to assess what needs to be done. A roofing project could require the replacement of asphalt shingles or cedar shakes. This type of project would need to take into consideration the slope of the roof as well as the wind speed common to the area. This was among the many reasons Better Business Bureau accredited the business and gave an A+ rating. Get Related Information Here.


In addition to their 9-step inspection process, the team at Aloha Construction also offers up to a 10-year warranty on craftsmanship. They also offer free property inspections for both the exterior and interior of a home. Their team of experts can assist with any interior remodeling project as well as with repair projects related to damage incurred from water, mold, fire or smoke. They can also make a home more energy efficient with the installation of Energy Star doors and windows.



Aloha Construction Local Company Serving Wisconsin and Illinois

Aloha Construction is a local construction company operating in Wisconsin and Illinois. They feature a full team of supervisors, inspectors, and installers all working hand in hand to help each project get completed successfully. They have grown from a small business to a large construction company and have seen the completion of several ventures. The company is known for excellence and doing things the right way. Aloha even received great review and rating from J.D Power & Associates.


They are a professional firm which aims to be honest in all of their interactions. They work with a wide range of professionals – insurance agents, customers, and others whom benefit from their wide range of expertise. The company also achieved its success through being attentive at all levels, whether it is on the sales or service side of the business. This ensures that their customers will have a positive experience when working with the company. This was the reason Better Business Bureau accredited the business and gave an A+ rating.


Dave Farbaky is the person whom is currently in charge of Aloha Construction. At 46, he is driven to leading Aloha Construction towards his mission of being the best construction company. He also aims to have the best prices in the market, in order to address a wide range of customers’ home repair needs. He is also active in the community, having created the Dave Farbaky foundation as the philanthropic arm of Aloha Construction.


Roofing, gutters, siding, or windows are all home construction projects which Aloha Construction specializes in. Home roofs can wear out over time, meaning that they depreciate as they gradually get older. If you are in Illinois or Wisconsin and your home doesn’t have gutters, then you might want to consider having Aloha Construction install a set for you. They are also able to install a vinyl or wooden window in a way that is able to work with your current designs or replace siding that is worn out. Get More Information Here.



Why More People Trust Obsidian Energy

Finding a reasonable fueling company can be more than a little difficult. Not only are you trying to get a quality product, but you’re also trying to find something that isn’t going to cost a ton of money. We all know the frustration that comes with placing a fuel order for the home. It can often cost hundreds of dollars, and if you’re a business owner, the rates might be a bit higher. This is why a lot of people have chosen Obsidian Energy formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd., for themselves and are satisfied with the fact that they are able to purchase fuel at a better price for themselves.


There are a lot of people currently using Obsidian with great success. It is a company that offers higher quality fuel products at more affordable rates. In fact, they are the Canadian standard when it comes to both oil and gas. They are producing all of their own fuel, so you can feel good knowing you’re choosing a company that you can trust and that will provide a product that is sure to last. The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY). Obsidian Energy has helped and worked with thousands of different clients, so it’s a company that you can feel good hiring for these specific needs.See This Page for related information.


If you would like more information on Obsidian Energy and what they are able to do for you, you can visit them on social media sites or their website. From there, you can contact them for prices related to the wide range of different products that they have made available to the public. This is a great choice for people who are trying to save money and are happy with the different items that they have available. You will then be able to place the order in question quickly whether you are a homeowner, or you own a business and would like to be able to get the most out of this for yourself. Make sure to consider this for yourself and know that it is a choice that is unlike anything you might have used in the past for all of your fueling needs.



Michael Burwell – Investor With An Instinct For Success

Success in the field of finance is hard-earned because it demands a combination of business acumen and sound investment instincts. Michael Burwell is ideally suited to the investment industry due to his expert knowledge and aptitude for finances. Recently, Willis Towers Watson has promoted Michael Burwell to the position of Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Burwell succeeds Roger Millay as Mr. Millay enters retirement.



Micheal Burwell has many years of experience in the financial world. He worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC for just over three decades. Pricewaterhouse Cooper LLC offers a wide range of services such as advisory, audit, assurance, taxation, legal and sustainability-related services. In the early years of his professional career, Michael Burwell worked in auditing, continuing in this branch for almost 11 years. He then went on to mediate and provide advice for Pricewaterhouse Cooper deals for another 12 years. He gained considerable experience about the workings of the financial domain during these years. The year 2007 saw Michael Burwell take up the role of Chief Financial Officer in this firm. Soon after, in 2008, he was given the additional designation of Chief Financial Operator.



Michael Burwell has worked in several states of the country and is responsible for expansion and growth of Pricewaterhouse Cooper in these areas. He initiated the firm’s branch dealing with mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions in Detroit. His exemplary performance steered him to the post of Transaction Services Leader for the entire country. Michael Burwell continued to ascend in the hierarchy as he became the Vice Chairman Global and United States Transformation in 2012. Michael Burman’s competency in various divisions related to economic dealings, investments, procurements from select areas and understanding the value employee services, has led to a marked difference in the performance and outlook of Pricewaterhouse Cooper. See This Page for additional information.



Michael Burwell now brings his expertise and capability to Willis Towers Watson. This firm is an established leader in the field of finance and has provided services such as advice about buying and selling for several decades now. It began operations in 1828 and has now expanded to provide solutions to over 100 countries all over the globe. The workforce at Willis Towers Watson consists of 40,000 employees and reflects the width of the operations at this company.



John Haley, representing senior management at Willis Towers Watson extended a warm welcome to Michael Burwell. He expressed his firm belief that the collaboration of his company with Michael Burwell would be a fruitful one.


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Mike Burwell CFO of Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is respected executive with many years of experience. Michael Burwell is a Certified Public Accountant who graduated from Michigan State University. Having worked at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in several positions, Burwell has earned a formidable reputation within the accounting community. While at PriceWaterhouseCoopers Burwell served as Central Region leader and he became a partner in 1997. Additionally, he served as Vice Chairman, Head of Global Transformation, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at the company. As a executive at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Burwell was responsible for buy-and-sell projects for international corporations and some private companies. Additionally, Burwell also used his expertise to analyze business models and projections of different private equity funds. Burwell also managed teams that examined the viability of individual products and process enhancements in many different industries.


In August of 2017, Michael Burwell was named as the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson is a global company specializing in advising, brokering and solutions. The company currently has more than 40,000 employees in 140 countries throughout the world. Burwell garnered more than 30 years of experience while working at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and he brings all of this experience to Willis Tower Watson. Michael Burwell replaces Roger Millay as Chief Financial Officer. Burwell officially became the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson in October 2017 when Roger Millay retired.


Michael Burwell comes to Willis Towers Watson at a crucial time in the history of the company. The organization is currently undergoing an evolution associated with the growing complexity of the global financial markets. Burwell’s experience and expertise in areas such as management and transformational leadership are essential to the organization’s ability to meet future goals. Burwell acknowledges the hard work and accomplishments of the former Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay and credits him with contributing to the stability and current success of the company.


Burwell seems eager to serve Willis Towers Watson as the new Chief Financial Officer. As the new Chief Financial Officer, Michael Burwell recognizes the superb leadership and the inclusive nature of the company. These attributes are essential to the future growth and success of Willis Towers Watson. Burwell recognizes the growing global presence and influence of Willis Towers Watson and is eager to assist in propelling the company into greater growth and viability. Burwell will continue the legacy of excellence and unparalleled leadership that he began with his previously experiences with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Visit This Page for additional information.

The Distinguished Career Of Michael Burwell

Willis Towers Watson is a global advisory and a solutions and broking company. They have recently announced their new Chief Financial Officer will be Michael Burwell. He will be replacing Roger Millay who retired from the position on October 2nd of 2017. Michael Burwell has 31 years of experience in professional services and finances. During the last decade his roles have been in senior leadership. This includes Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Head of Global Transformation in the United States. He additionally has twelve years of experience in Transaction Services and eleven years of experience in audits. Michael Burwell valuation and diligence has assisted businesses with pre-mergers.


John Haley made a comment regarding the announcement as the Chief Executive Officer. He spoke of the excitement of having Mike joining their leadership. He stated it would be important for the evolution of the company. He also spoke of Mike’s understanding of driving, leading and managing results in a global economy. He has confidence in his expertise in transformation, transactions, finances, integration and future growth. He firmly believes he will help Willis Towers Watson achieve their fullest possible potential. He thanked Roger Millay for his leadership and contributions. He believes Willis Towers Watson is stronger and better positioned for the future due to Roger.


Mike Burwell said he was honored by the opportunity presented by Willis Towers Watson. He stated he is impressed with their commitment to clients, strength of leadership, inclusive culture and collaborative efforts. He is looking forward to helping the company become even more successful. Click Here for more information


Prior to his service to Willis Towers Watson, Mike Burwell worked for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP for 31 years. He worked with many audit clients in the assurance practice for eleven years. He became part of the partnership in 1997, eventually creating the transaction services practice based in Detroit. This success resulted in Mike regaining leadership of the central division for PwC. He eventually served the company as the leader for the US Transaction Services.


Mike Burwell received the appointment for Chief Financial Officer in 2008. He also became the Chief Operating Officer for the United States business in 2012. He used his position to create change and optimize the effectiveness for numerous internal functions. This included global strategic sourcing, technology, finance and human capital. During his tenure he served several clients as the senior relationship partner. Mike Burwell attended Michigan State University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He additionally holds a CPA.


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Ronald Fowlkes Article

Ronald Fowlkes is a renowned businessman who has modernized the law enforcement and defense industries. He owes his success to his police experience and his years of serving in the Navy-Marine Corps. His expertise gives him the ability to have a broader vision in the defense industry than others can perceive.


Fowlkes served in the military during the First Gulf War in an honorable capacity, being promoted deservingly twice through his career. He served from 1989 through 1993. Training for Marine Combat culminated for him at the Marine Corps School of Infantry. Additionally, Fowlkes engaged in a basic course at the ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company.) Further studies included parachute accreditation and other basic engineer courses. He performed various parachute operations and gunfire missions.


When returning from the military, Ronald Fowlkes served his community by working in law enforcement at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for ten years, and three years with the St. Louis County Police Department. For the last seven years in law enforcement, becoming a team leader in 2003, Fowlkes was a certified instructor in defensive tactics, SWAT/URBAN warfare, shoot house and tactical rifle exercises. His military training helped him in combatting gang problems that threatened citizen’s lives in the area. He served his community in law enforcement for 13 years.


Ronald Fowlkes has a proven track record for training both new law enforcement and military personnel efficiently, making it possible for others to carry on after him. He and his fellow officers were skilled in enforcing the law while maintaining order and control throughout the city. The force is responsible for investigations into the trafficking of illegal narcotics, illegal gun possession and other violent neighborhood crime. They also acted as a Civil Disobedient Team and as a WMD Response Team.


Ronald Fowlkes worked as a contractor for Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) in the 2000s back in Iraq. He trained U.S. Military personnel in numerous operations, CQB, evidence collection, post-blast analysis, and ran infantry operations. Fowlkes also specialized in the interrogation of detainees and hostage situations. After returning home again, he chose a different career path aside from law enforcement.


Fowlkes current role is the Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited, specializing in commercial products and law enforcement. Eagle Industries manufactures equipment for tactical operations and operational nylon gear. His role on the job entails calling on customers nationally, developing products for other law enforcement individuals, training over 150 sales personnel, selecting products to promote, and making the selection of products for sales and development.


Ronald Fowlkes is an avid hockey fan, and when not working, he is involved in the sport somehow, including engaging as the coach to his son’s hockey team.


What USHEALTH Advisors Is, Their Types of Insurance Coverage, Where They’re Located, and More

Personal and family insurance is a field with tons of confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety, for some, here in the United States of America. Fortunately for American citizens at large, at least one insurance provider is helping clients make sense of coverage by providing them with quality plans – USHEALTH Advisors, LLC.

Also called USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Group Advisors, USHEALTH Advisors is located in Fort Worth, Texas, although there are hundreds of independent agents across the country. It owns and operates countless of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance locations – they’re both subsidiaries of USHEALTH Advisors -throughout America, as well. The agency has provided their well-reviewed, highly-valued services to an astounding 15,000,000 – that’s fifteen million – clients throughout the past fifty years, making it one of the oldest insurance providers throughout the United States.

They’ve been reviewed as offering top-notch customer service, with domestic customer service representatives available at most times throughout the work week, even later in the evening to accommodate the needs of hard-working American citizens. USHEALTH Advisors was even named a member of the Top 50 North American Call Center in 2013, a reputation the organization still upholds through this very day.

USHEALTH Advisors currently holds an A+ business rating from the BBB – short for Better Business Bureau – meaning its agency resolves every reasonable problem clients have had throughout its entire history, rather than making clients seek out help on Internet forums, from offshore call centers, or by asking friends and family because they can’t get in contact with the insurer – these happen far too often, but not at USHEALTH Advisors.

Stay up to date with USHealth Advisor at linkedin

Its employees and independent contractors typically hold comparably high salaries, making them work more diligently and exhibit more loyalty and higher quality of customer service. For example, Glassdoor indicates that USHEALTH Advisors’ average insurance agent brought home more than $70,000 on an annual basis. Account managers earn about $52,000 annually, with independent contractors acting as insurance agents raking in a mean yearly salary of $85,000. Such high salaries is one of the many reasons its customers are so often satisfied.

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Matthew Autterson’s Business Leadership and Philanthropic Deeds

Matthew Autterson’s journey into becoming a business developer and one of the most generous philanthropists in the world started at the University of Michigan where he graduated and was a student of Finances. He then enrolled at another University program where he improved his abilities. At student’s age, Matthew grew his financial skills and learned how to be a fantastic business administrator and many types of investments that would lead him to achieve his first few fortunes at a very young age.

Fiserv’s subsidiary, also called the First Trust Corporation, hired Matthew Autterson because of his strong financial skills, and this is where his career began.


Matthew left the First Trust Corporation a few years after joining it, in 1982, to join a company that aims to help a new chartered trust company in the Colorado State, which is part of the Integrated Resources Inc., a financial services company based in New York that would help him train his financial administration traits. Four years later, Matthew joined the Resources Trust Company where he became the President of the corporation and a part of the most important people in the company.


Seven years after joining the NY-based company, SunAmerica, which was then known as Broad Inc., acquired Resources Trust Company as well as other Integrated Resources, Inc assets. With that, for $18 billion, in 1998, AIG bought SunAmerica, and started its empire in the industry.


Three years later, Fiserv bought Resources Trust Company from AIG. Before this, Resources Trust Company provided custodial and depository services to thousands of clients. The Resources Trust company had enough employees to be considered an enormous corporation, close to 1000 of workers, and billions in custodial assets.


Matthew Autterson’s financial success is only rivaled by his generosity in philanthropy. Matthew had many leadership and supportive roles in several medical researches that involved saving the lives of many humans and animals alike.


For several years, Matthew had leadership roles being a member of the Board of the Webb-Waring Foundation, Denver Zoological Foundation and Denver Zoo. Matthew also became the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice’s Chairman and used to be part of the World President’s Organization and Young Presidents Organization. View More Information Here.




Most recently, Matthew Autterson’s philanthropic deeds are represented by being a Falci Adaptive Biosystems, member of the Board of Directors.


Matthew is currently CNS Bioscience, Inc’s CEO, President, and Board Member. CNS Bioscience was founded by Scott Falci, in 2013, to push forward the development and research of drugs that aim to cure neuropathic pain.

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How the Management Team and Organizational Structure of Obsidian Energy Ltd Foster its Growth in the Canadian Oil and Natural Gas Business

Obsidian Energy is a natural gas and oil production company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company previously operated under the names Penn West Energy Trust and Penn West Petroleum. Its stocks are publicly-traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange Market.


Brief History


Penn West Petroleum underwent several changes before being renamed to Obsidian Energy on June 26, 2017. These changes affected all business aspects of the firm in a positive way. They also enabled Penn West Petroleum to redefine its operations with a view of the future. Today, Obsidian Energy strives at excelling in the Canadian oil and gas industry by learning from past experiences.


Organizational Structure


With a production capacity of 30,000 bowls per day, Obsidian Energy is regarded as a medium-sized company. It has a balanced portfolio of profitable assets across Alberta. Obsidian Energy manages these assets with a goal of delivering bottom-line results. The firm seeks to use this asset to succeed in the evolving oil and gas industry.


The company obtains natural gas and oil from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, which is based in Alberta. The basin also ranks among the largest petroleum reserves globally. Obsidian Energy’s exploration efforts are centered on three areas in Alberta. These include the Alberta Viking, the Pembina Cardium, and the Peace River oil sands.


Management Team


David French heads the management team of Obsidian Energy as the CEO and president. Prior to joining the firm, French worked with companies like Apache Corporation, McKinsey & Co, and Bankers Petroleum. His expertise lies in law, mechanical engineering, and management. David Hendry is also part of the firm’s management team. As CFO, he has over 25 years of experience in public accounting and finance. He works alongside Tony Berthelet who serves in the capacity of VP of development and operations. View More Information Here.


Other members of the management team of Obsidian Energy include Andrew Sweerts and Mark Hodgoson. As the VP of production and technical services, Sweerts joined the company back in 2014. He has over two decades experience in overseeing joint venture partnerships and trading activities. Hodgoson, on the other hand, serves in the capacity of VP of business and commercial development. Hodgoson’s expertise lies in investment banking, corporate planning, and crude marketing.