Tempus Is Eric Lefkofsky’s Latest Philanthropic Project And Company

The medical industry is always improving and finding new ways to help people with their problems. Out of all the medical problems people can find themselves dealing with cancer is typically one of the worst ones. This is not only because of what it does to the body and how painful it can be, but because there is no specific cure. Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman and entrepreneur that has found success in various different companies today, including Tempus, which is focused on compiling data related to cancer from all over the world. Despite the ever-advancing industry, Eric saw up close that the medical field was lacking in terms of technology when it came to their ability to sort and structure data.

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus with a longtime friend, Brad Keywell, and the company currently resides in Chicago. As the CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has big plans for the company and its research. Eric has personally invested millions into this company to ensure its success. By compiling molecular and genomic data from patient files around the world, Tempus will be able to provide doctors with all the information and notes they could need to personalize their treatment for each cancer patient. While this does not specifically fight cancer, it allows medical practitioners to fight it to the best of their ability for everyone that is afflicted.

Tempus is a new idea for Eric Lefkofsky, but his generosity and desire to help others has been a longtime commitment for him. Eric and his wife founded and run their own charitable foundation that works to help gives students a better education all over the country. Various programs at Eric’s foundation help students get into all sorts of industries today, including medical, art, history, and even human rights. At the end of the day, almost everything Eric works to achieve is also work towards helping others and creating a better global community.

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Eric Lefkofsky Business Success

Eric Lefkofsky is a prominent business owner. He is passionate about the health industry. There are millions of people who suffer from ill health. One of the great things about working in the health industry is the ability to make a positive change in the lives of customers.

Although Eric Lefkofsky is successful, he had to take an arduous journey to get to where he is today. His first business idea was a significant failure. After his business collapsed, he had a mountain of debt. Although he was offered a job at a company, he decided to keep pursuing different business options. He saw a significant need in the medical field, and he decided to start a company to meet the needs of customers.

Financial Planning

One of the biggest mistakes Eric Lefkofsky made in his career was borrowing too much money. Some business owners think it is normal to borrow a lot of money. Although some business ideas will require a massive loan, it is always a good idea to avoid too much debt. Avoiding debt is especially important in the early stages of a business.


Marketing is critical to the success of any company. Numerous business owners do not take advantage of social media. Eric Lefkofsky has a significant presence on social media, and he interacts with many of his followers.

Social media is free to use, and it is a great way to interact with customers. Business owners should use various marketing methods when interacting with customers.

Future Plans

Tempus is a small company, but it is expanding in various ways. Eric Lefkofsky is excited about the future of Tempus. He has multiple plans to expand the company in the years ahead. Anyone who needs health advice should work with Eric Lefkofsky and his team at Tempus.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Art of Giving and Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Americans have been spending a lot on health care due to increased charges and patients getting more intense, expensive care. Also, population growth and aging is also a cause for increased healthcare costs.

However, when one looks closely at every disease separately, you will find out that different factors have led to this increase in spending. Diabetes for instance, which had the highest charges, it was noted that t most amount of the money was spent on drugs. All said and done; there have been efforts to bring this figures down which have bore fruit. All of this, however, is important to enable future research on the value of health care spending.

CEO and Co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkosky is an American Entrepreneur. Moreover, Eric Lefkosky is the co-founder of Interworkings, Uptake, Mediaocean and Light Bank.

Born on September 2, 1969, Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, Eric Lefkosky attended the University of Michigan where his career in business started. It was in 2001 that he co-founded Interworkings. 4 years later, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Global Logistics, a freight Logistics firm. In 2006, he co-founded MediaBank which later changed its name to Mediaocean. Eric then co-founded Light Bank in February 2010 and Uptake in 2014.

Eric Lefkofsky has been cited to be a man who is deeply concerned with cancer patients and is highly driven to help them. This is why in 2015 that Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus. Tempus is simply a technology driven firm that enables physicians to offer personalized care to cancer patients. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Tempus basically, analyses large volumes of clinical and molecular data. This is all in a bid to come up with precise medicine to care for cancer patients.

Helping cancer patients is not all, Eric and his family are great philanthropists. In 2006, he started the Lefkosky Foundation. This is a foundation dedicated to supporting scientific, educational and organizations and causes across the globe. The Lurie’s Children Hospital is one of the organizations that has benefited from the foundation regarding health funding. Apart from health, education is also key in the Foundation’s agendas and truly they have been able to support over 17000 students in Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Man Who Co-founded Tempus

The best companies today are those that have a passion for service beyond profit. There’s always the finance factor for every business, but if the first motive is to create the best product, you’ll know that as a customer you’re waiting for an outstanding creation. This situation is the experience that Eric Lefkofsky’s had when he co-founded Tempus.


The Role of Eric

Mr. Lefkosky is an American entrepreneur who co-founded Tempus to promote some of the best policies, programs, and platforms for a better cancer care for patients. Tempus is mainly a technology company that allows physicians and medical practitioners to confer the best cancer care for all those who need it.


There is a lot of duties that Eric has for Tempus as its CEO and co-founder, and some of them include making it the best company that offers the best health care process for patients. It is not the duty of the business to cure cancer, but only to improve the process that patients undergo during treatment and learn more about Eric.


The Philanthropist

With the help of his wife Elizabeth, Eric formed an incredible and trusted charitable institution that not only offers support for the scientific programs needed to advance cancer care but also present the right methodology for the researchers to find better ways for physicians to better do their work as doctors and read full article.


The combined efforts they have were able to fund more than 50 charitable programs that administer proper changes to the way cancer care gets delivered. It is also in 2013 that the couple joined The Giving Pledge, an organization that is also supporting some of the important causes that the couple finds meaning in helping and Eric’s lacrosse camp.


Lefkofsky is also active in his involvement with the board of directors at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, which is a fascinating group that needs support from influential and tech-driven people like Eric. There is also something in Eric that makes his heart closer to the arts, which made him support The Museum of Science and Industry and fund its programs to create the best exhibits for many children, adults, and organizations to enjoy.

Eric Lefkofsky and His Many Different Business and Philanthropic Endeavors

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur that was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1969. He grew up in Southfield, Michigan and was the son of a structural engineer as well as a school teacher. He currently is the co founder and CEO of many different companies and is also involved in many different philanthropic Endeavors. Below are just some of Eric Lefkofsky most notable positions and some of his top philanthropic endeavors.

Co Founder And Chairman Of Groupon

One of Lefkofsky’s most notable jobs to date is being the co founder and chairman of the very popular website Groupon. Groupon is an e-commerce website that was founded in November of 2008. It is currently one of the most popular websites in the world and boasts millions and millions of subscribers. Groupon is available in more than 28 countries and is one of Eric Lefkofsky’s biggest accomplishments.

Co Founder Of Echo Global Logistics

Lefkofsky is also the co founder of Echo Global Logistics which is a logistics company that was founded in 2005. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and employees many people from all walks of life.

CEO And Co Founder of Tempus

Tempus is a unique company that is headquartered out of Chicago, Illinois. Tempus has built a system that helps physicians and caretakers to analyze data and treat patients more effectively. Using technology and genetic coding doctors are able to provide better care for cancer stricken patients.

These are just a few of the many different business endeavors that Eric Lefkofsky has been a part of. He is also the co founder of Mediaocean as well as Uptake. Aside from his many different business endeavors Eric Lefkofsky is also known for his many philanthropic endeavors.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Back in 2006 Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth formed their own charitable trust named The Lefkofsky Foundation. To date The Lefkofsky Foundation has helped fund over 50 different charitable organizations all around the world. They are committed to bettering the health, education and well-being of children and individuals all over the world.

In 2013 Eric Lefkofsky and his wife also joined The Giving Pledge. The Giving Pledge is a great organization that is run by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. The goal of the organization is to help inspire the wealthiest people in the world to donate their money to different charities.

These are just a few of the many different philanthropic endeavors that Eric Lefkofsky has been involved in. He is constantly working to find new and innovative ways to help individuals all over the world and his Twitter.

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Clay Siegall Inherent Desire to Make an Impact through Cancer Research

What do news releases say about their experiences with Clay Siegall? Please name any blog you source.

Years of experience and dedication to the field of cancer research has ensured that Clay Siegall remains at the forefront in the battle against cancer. Since its inception in 1988 by Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has had numerous in-roads in coming up with innovations necessary to champion different forms of cancer.

Currently, Clay Siegall holds the company’s president position, as well as the CEO and Chairman of the Board.

During the Clay Siegall tenure at Seattle Genetics, the company has managed to improve the lives of numerous cancer patients. However, the company has not only been focusing on treating cancer only as they have also been associated with the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as lupus.

With his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University, Dr. Siegall has been committed to research on new advancements that are effective in the fight against cancer. The organization has therefore managed to come up with different antibody drugs including brentuximab vedotin that already has an FDA accreditation. Besides his research work, Dr. Siegall has portrayed great leadership skills especially in raising over $1.2 billion in funding for the organization’s activities.

These efforts have eventually caught the attention of the community and other stakeholders. According to a reporter at engadget who got the opportunity to listen to Siegall speak at an event, he was impressed by how passionate he is in coming up with advancements that shape patients lives whose world has been affected by cancer.

Arthur Siegall has managed the work with other cancer research organizations such as Bristol Myers Squibb, The National Cancer Institute, and the National Institute of Health to bolster his attempts to eradicate the disease. His highly-prized advanced cancer treatments are currently available in over 65 countries and have sold over $325 million, but despite this achievement, he is not relenting anytime soon.

In tune with his passion for research, you will find DR. Siegall following up on the latest trends that affect such quests for advancements for instance the recent budget cuts by the government slated for research or the renewed energy by researchers to enforce integrity in the research world, all of which can be found on his blog.