George Soros: Leading the Charge Against Evil

Being a philanthropist is very rewarding when done for the right reasons. There are a lot of billionaires and millionaires that use charitable foundations for tax write-offs and publicity. George Soros is not one of those billionaires. His passion for philanthropy comes from his past.

As a young boy, he grew up in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Even after World War 2 ended, Hungary adopted Communism, leaving Soros no choice but to leave. After living in London, England for a few years, he moved to the United States. After a few years in New York, he became a hedge fund manager on Wall Street.

Now, at 87 years old, Mr. Soros is focused on philanthropy. Honestly, he’s been focused on philanthropy for the last 30-plus years, but he was only recently recognized for his contributions. The NY Times revealed that he’s donated $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations, and learn more about George Soros.

That’s almost the largest transfer of wealth to a single organization made by a single donor. The only organization in the country bigger than Open Society is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Even though Gates’s foundation is larger, Open Society operates in more countries. Open Society promotes human rights in over 120 countries.

Over the past two years, Open Society’s been supplying aid to the U.S. Since President Trump’s victory, the nation’s been dealing wave after wave of hate and abuse. Nearly every minority group has been attacked by white nationalists. There’s actually too much for Open Society to deal with by itself.

A lot of Democrats and fellow philanthropists praise Soros for his bravely. These are dark times in the world, and people like George Soros make the world a better place. Eileen Heisman, Chief Executive of the National Philanthropic Trust, praises Soros more than anyone. She called him the exactly man the world needs right now.

Unfortunately, all the news about George Soros isn’t good news. One thing that’s clear about the negative news is that it’s also not true news. According to JPost, several right-wing conspiracy theory sites accuse Soros of trying to destroy the world. He’s even been accused of hiring women to accuse Republican candidates of sexual assault.

The demonization of philanthropy is affecting Soros is a bad way. Before, he was able to ignore the hate, but now, he’s responding to some of the outrageous claims.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Career, Slow-Yet-Steady Ascent, And Purchase of HSBC

Banco Bradesco was founded in 1943 by Amador Aguiar in Marília, a now-thriving city in São Paulo, Brazil. Just eight years after the highly successful financial institution was created, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born to two hard-working parents working paycheck to paycheck, not involved in banking, marketing, insurance, or any other sector that Luiz would later dominate in various positions at Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a household name insofar as financial services is concerned in the country of Brazil, the fifth-most populated in the world, in which competition in the banking industry is highly competitive. But before we detail his fruitful, high-yielding career, let’s take a peek into his background, shedding light on how he became the success he is today.

Mr. Trabuco finished high school earlier than expected, his parents, teachers, and family members realizing his mental capabilities at a young age. Going to grow the perfect storm brewing inside his head, Luiz Carlos Trabuco enrolled at the University of São Paulo, by far the best postsecondary institution in the entirety of Brazil, to study at USP’s FFLCH, or Faculty of Philosophy, Letters, and Human Sciences division. The adolescent Trabuco finished ahead of schedule – yet again – and decided to remain in academia for the next few years; too young to be respected in working conditions, yet mature enough to excel in the academic realm.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco stayed within the metropolitan area of São Paulo, São Paulo, although transferring institutions to the FESPSP, in English known was the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo. Mr. Trabuco capped off his academic career with a graduate degree in sociopsychology, one of the many successful specimen to later excel in life after graduating from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics.

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When he was 18, Mr. Trabuco decided to apply to jobs in the field of finance, obtaining several offers, although choosing Banco Bradesco over all others, its first branch conveniently located in Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s hometown of Marília. Leaving the metro area of the Brazilian state of São Paulo, Mr. Trabuco trekked over five long hours home in car rides on the interstate just to work.

Having proved his discipline in making the sacrifice of relocating from the epicenter of Brazil’s fun and excitement in the city of São Paulo, moving to the formerly not-so-fun city of Marília. Similarly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco also proved to managers and supervisors that he was worthy of a promotion, just two years after his initial hiring in 1969 being offered a job at the bank’s headquarters in São Paulo, specifically in Osasco’s Cidade de Deus region, only twenty-some minutes from where he attended university in earning the two degrees that were already propelling his communication and leadership skills.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was awarded the title of Director of Marketing in 1984, a discipline he was prepared for by learning about how people think, their resulting behaviors, and inherent mannerisms in his two degrees. Along comes 1992, in which Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named the Executive Director of one of Banco Bradesco’s many subsidiaries, where he controlled retired workers’ pension plans. Mr. Trabuco rose up to President of the subsidiary in 1998, the following year being transferred to Bradesco’s insurance subdivision. He moved from EVP to President through the late 1990s and early 2000s, eventually being named President of Bradesco in 2009.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is best known for contemplating, and quickly following through with the purchase of HSBC Brazil’s banking assets, reinforcing its foundation firmer than ever before. After receiving approval from Chairman of the Board Lázaro Brandão, Bradesco purchased HSBC Holdings’ banking-related assets.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Man Who Co-founded Tempus

The best companies today are those that have a passion for service beyond profit. There’s always the finance factor for every business, but if the first motive is to create the best product, you’ll know that as a customer you’re waiting for an outstanding creation. This situation is the experience that Eric Lefkofsky’s had when he co-founded Tempus.


The Role of Eric

Mr. Lefkosky is an American entrepreneur who co-founded Tempus to promote some of the best policies, programs, and platforms for a better cancer care for patients. Tempus is mainly a technology company that allows physicians and medical practitioners to confer the best cancer care for all those who need it.


There is a lot of duties that Eric has for Tempus as its CEO and co-founder, and some of them include making it the best company that offers the best health care process for patients. It is not the duty of the business to cure cancer, but only to improve the process that patients undergo during treatment and learn more about Eric.


The Philanthropist

With the help of his wife Elizabeth, Eric formed an incredible and trusted charitable institution that not only offers support for the scientific programs needed to advance cancer care but also present the right methodology for the researchers to find better ways for physicians to better do their work as doctors and read full article.


The combined efforts they have were able to fund more than 50 charitable programs that administer proper changes to the way cancer care gets delivered. It is also in 2013 that the couple joined The Giving Pledge, an organization that is also supporting some of the important causes that the couple finds meaning in helping and Eric’s lacrosse camp.


Lefkofsky is also active in his involvement with the board of directors at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, which is a fascinating group that needs support from influential and tech-driven people like Eric. There is also something in Eric that makes his heart closer to the arts, which made him support The Museum of Science and Industry and fund its programs to create the best exhibits for many children, adults, and organizations to enjoy.

National Steel Car Is An Industry Leader In Freight Cars Thanks To Gregory Aziz

From the day Gregory Aziz joined National Steel Car, he had a vision of growing the company into a global phenomenon. Today, the freight car company is an industry leader in America and has employed thousands of employees through the years.


Gregory James Aziz is the current CEO, president, and chair of National Steel Car. Founded in 1912, National Steel Car has grown to be a top freight car and engineering company in North, Central, and South America. The freight car business also has outlets in Canada, and is expanding to other parts of the world.

Before becoming the executive chair of National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz spent his early years honing his business and managerial skills. He joined the business world at the age of 22 when managing their family business, Affiliated Foods. Through his strong business acumen and ability to adapt to new trends, Gregory expanded the family business to global standards. Affiliated Foods is a chief importer and distributor of fresh foods in America and beyond.


By the time he joined National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz already knew the direction he wanted to take with the company. He saw the huge potential that the then Canadian freight company had in terms of engineering and manpower. Mr. Aziz decided to buy the freight manufacturing company from a Canadian company, Dofasco, in 1994. The idea was to expand the freight car manufacturing business to North America.  Click Here to learn more.


By tapping into available manpower and investment capital, Gregory J Aziz has grown National Steel Car to become the only freight car business in America. The company’s production moved from 3,500 freight cars to 12,000 freight car annually by 1999. The number of employees also increased from 600 to 3000 as the freight car company started expanding beyond North America.


Today, National Steel Car is ISO Certified and is listed on the American Stock Market, NASDAQ. Besides crafting freight cars, the engineering company also manufactures train components like fulcrum brackets, brake piping, trucks and wheel sets, and body bolsters. Gregory Aziz together with his team at National Steel Car are able to come up with innovative solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of the railway industry.


Gregory James Aziz also serves as the chairman of National Industries Inc. based in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. The company has major companies in their portfolio like Canpotex who has invested over $500million in new railcars with National Steel Car.


How Gregory Aziz Runs a Leading International Company

Since National Steel Car first became a company, they have been leading the rail industry. They have remained committed to the industry and they knew that they were going to continue their long line of success. Since they have full control over their own industry, they have managed to secure different client options and that is what has allowed them to keep growing and making more money than what most of the other companies have been able to do. The company is run by Greg Aziz and he knows the right way to do things so that they will continue to be profitable.

As the CEO, Gregory James Aziz knew that he was going to have to make a large majority of decisions for the company. He also knew that things would change depending on his own capabilities so he made sure that he was always doing the business the right way that it should be done. Even when things got difficult for the rail industry, he held out and continued manufacturing steel cars for people who were running the companies that needed them. He was a provider for those who were running steel throughout North America.


Even When G James Aziz was working to improve the company, they were still industry leaders. He was confident that he could make the company better than all of the rest and that is what motivated him to continue pushing for a better business. All of this was a part of his commitment to the company and a commitment to the things that he could do to improve the company. No matter what he did, he did it with the company in his mind. He made all of the right decisions for the company and knew that he could continue to allow it to profit.  Click Here for more info.

There were many different issues in the rail industry in the past. Gregory Aziz helped with all of these issues. He changed the company so that it would be able to adapt to all of the changes with the industry. He also chose to include different options for people to do new things and that is what gave him the chance to try more. For him to do all of this, he had to be sure that things would get better and that the company would be successful no matter what regulations were thrown at it in the industry.


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Greg Aziz Contribution in the Manufacturing World

With over ten decades of excellence in the manufacturing and engineering field, National Steel Car has a long-term reputation as the leading steel manufacturer in North America. Greg Aziz is the chairman and president of the company. Since the introduction of machinery, National Steel Car has had its fair share in the company’s history through manufacturing. National Steel Car majorly focuses on challenging themselves and persistently improves on the available upgrades.


Founded in 1912, National Steel Car has surpassed the expectations of its investors. For a long time, the company has continued to perform well with increasing growth every year. The company began manufacturing just as any other Canadian company that specialized on rolling stock manufacture. However, in the following year the company received an all-time rolling stock order that surprised majority of its investors. The order was timely since it boosted the company’s humble beginnings and improved its morale.


The company’s products majorly include the manufacture of any vehicle that uses railway to move on. Business boomed in the first few years before gradually falling out of orders in the year 1930’s. Its depreciation was mainly due to the fall of orders, which recently led to its sale to Hamilton Corporation National Industries Inc, a company owned by Gregory James Aziz. By the year 2000, James Aziz had significantly increased the workforce to a record of 3000 employees and a production capacity of 12500 railcars annually. Learn More Here.


About Greg Aziz


Gregory J Aziz is the current chairman, CEO, and President of National Steel Car. Born in London April 30, 1949, the CEO has dedicated himself to not only improve the mode of transport, but also improve the livelihood of others by offering thousands of jobs.


After working on several investments banking in New York, Greg organized and acquired ownership of National Steel Car in the year 1994. The company is committed to the Hamilton community by its involvement in the different programs such as the Aquarius Theatre, United Way, the Salvation Army, and other local charity organizations. Greg’s love to help the needy has made him famous in the Hamilton community. This fame has made Greg vow to provide more jobs to his community. Indeed, Greg promised a minimum of 1,500 jobs with a pay of $ 20 dollars per hour. Together with his wife Irene, they joined together to sponsor Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is Canada’s most famous agricultural fair.




What Bob Reina Believes to be True About Talk Fusion and Success

Bob Reina, Founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion takes his business seriously. Reina knows that in order to be successful you must be committed to what you’re doing. Reina believes that success isn’t overnight, but yet it’s making a solid commitment to be in the game of your business every single day. He is known widely for his ability to crack a joke, but Reina also knows what it takes to be successful in your business short-term and long-term. He attributes his success to sticking with his business regardless of the challenges that cropped up along the way.


Building a communications business isn’t an easy task. There are numerous tools as well as tricks of the trade to think about within the communications industry. Video communications have continued to evolve along with the host of rules and regulations, but Reina was committed to self-discipline to learning the industry and the changes that have come with it.


Bob Reina attended school at the University of South Florida while working several jobs in order to pay for his education. It was then that he’d decided that he would do whatever it took to follow his passion. At the time, Reina graduated first in his class at the Police Academy, but eventually he gave in to his desire to own his own business. His desire for entrepreneurship was born and he hit the ground running.


When the idea for Talk Fusion, a video communications business was born. Bob Reina was determined to give the gift of opportunity to others, promoting his endeavor through direct marketing. Today, Talk Fusion is one of the fastest growing direct marketing companies in the country.