Russia Issues Ultimatum to George Soros’ Charities.



The Open Society Foundations around the world have opened this year on a sad note following the destruction of one of their projects in Russia. What makes matters worse is the fact that the heinous acts were perpetrated by government officials in the region.


Just a few days ago, Russian Media reported of an ongoing operation in the Northern Komi area targeting beneficiaries of Soros-funded projects. At a local college, a bundle of books in the library was set on fire. Officials also took with them multiple dozens of other textbooks. The books contained topics on the Renewal of Humanitarian Education and other subjects on governance that the government claimed contrary to its education system.


This hunt follows the official ban and blacklisting of two active foundations in the same area. Authorities feared the spread of ideological inclinations contrary to those of the regime. Some sources had earlier accused Soros and his organizations of providing ideologies that contradict the constitutional dispensation as well as the Federation’s tenets.


Following the accusations, a ban had been imposed on the groups. The Open Society Foundation, as well as the Open Society Institute, has operated in Russia and Ukraine ever since the fall communism. They were brought in to assist the torn communities heal and transition from the defunct social organization. Since then, they have facilitated social integration and exchange of cultural ideas with other communities in western countries.


George Soros has become a social entrepreneur and philanthropist since retiring from active management of his Soros Hedge Fund. George Soros seems to be under fire from various quarters. In his homeland, Hungary, politicians accused Soros of aiding illegal migrations of refugees who needed access to healthcare, education and housing. Neither George Soros nor any of his representatives has issued comments on these attacks on Open Society Foundations.


In other news, Soros is likely to continue doing his noble work. He has invested many years of his career and billions of dollars in making the world a better place. His philanthropy spreads beyond the United States to Europe, Asia, and Africa. If he ever gave up in life, then he would never have achieved such monumental success. The Open Society Foundations foster for an inclusive and transparent society where every life matters.


Concerning, the controversial shutdown in Russia, we can expect George to respond in a manner that justifies the behavior of an open society.