Dressing up neatly could be difficult, especially when you don’t want to break the traditional rules that define the society. But surprising, sometimes breaking these rules could make you look more unique and gorgeous. It isn’t a sin to break fashion and beauty rules. Beauty specialist and professional entrepreneur on fashion and beauty Doe Deere advises on some old rules worth considering for revision.


The most common and fundamental is wearing a bold eye with a bold eye is against the fashion and beauty rules. Consider having a mix and match color that make you look more different. For instance having blue milk eyeliner and a red velvet lip may sounds wonderful. Also don’t forget to match your skin, very important!


The other considered rule worth breaking is the mixing of too many colors. Although you don’t want to end up with a rainbow impression, actually mixing colors’ the perfect and the correct way creates a good taste. The color is very dicey; having an apologetic splash of colors is a thing to admire. The trick to prevent from crossing over from good to worse is coordination. Your hair and make ups show at least show some communication. To achieve this quickly using the colors that coordinate for clothes make ups and hair as well.


Just like mixing colors, mixing patterns is considered breaking the loyal beauty rules. The secret in going behold this goes behold identifying the fun in combining models. A good combination of matching patterns is merrier. The best way is to keep the patterns in the same color family to avoid ending up with an awful mismatch. Maintaining mono chrome color makes it easy to match the patterns.


Socks should not be worn with open ended toes. That is a fashion rule that people struggle to keep. Just think of socks as they match with tights. They symbolize fun and hiding them under closed shoes isn’t fun either. Wear socks with a contrast toe with open ended shoes a watch the difference. The other rules worth to consider revising includes wearing black or neutrals if you have unnaturally colored hair. With proper color intensity, a slight color revision for this rule will give you a natural beauty taste.


Doe Deere is a talented designer and fashioner. She is also a successful entrepreneur who is the founder of Lime Crime products. She has an enormous online presence on instagram and other social media sites. The Lime Crime founder is a strong supporter of women entrepreneurship. Deere has worked word to build her idea to the leading manufacturer o fashion products.


She started with a small shop in eBay and has since developed to make her brands the leading in the market. The outspoken entrepreneur tests her products by herself to ensure they are fit and safe the market user. By doing this, her products have won a wide reputation in the market making them top of the best selling products in the industry.