Beneful Commercials: Stories of Dogs and Their Owners

There is a series of Beneful commercials that focuses on stories of dogs with their owners. In the commercial, you get to see a real story of two best friends (dog and human) in a documentary style segment. Usually, Beneful commercials opens up with an adorable scene of the dog and owner playing together with happy music playing in the background. Then it cuts to the person telling the camera how they came to find their best friend–usually it was love at first sight. Some of the owners have been with their pup for over ten years!

As the person is telling the viewer about their story, occasionally the commercial will cut to home video footage of the human and their dog playing together. The best ones are when you get to see the dog as a fresh puppy clumsily running for a ball. Typically, the person being interviewed will go in depth about how much the dog has helped them in their life. It’s a touching reminder that dogs can really enrich a person’s life and give them real emotional support. Towards the end of the commercial the owner will talk about the food product that they have been feeding their dog and how it has improved their health.

It’s great to get to see these real life relationships between the human and their dog. Not only does it make for an entertaining commercial, but an informative and personally touching one!

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Give Your Beloved Pet Friend The Benefits Of Beneful

Beneful dog food commercials give their customer insight on the goodness packed in each product. The goal is to ensure your beloved pet companion in around for years to come. Their products are backed with the all-natural guarantee of wholesome pet food products. Beneful commercials show the joy in each dog who has the ability of eating a nutritious meal at each meal time. They will thank you with wet kisses and wagging of the tail, each time you feed them. Their products have real meat including chicken, beef, and more. You can also help your pet indulge in the benefits of real vegetables including wild rice, carrots, green peas, and green beans.

Beneful also advertises commercials telling their customers where to find their products for a reduced rate. Walmart customers can get an additional 20% off during their rollback promotional periods advertised throughout the store. Treat your pet to the benefits of Beneful pet food today.


Beneful Grain Free Dog Food Makes Nutrition Easy

Choosing a nutritious diet for your dog is not an easy task, and the wide array of dog food products on the market don’t make it easier to narrow down to what your pet needs. Also, many of the grain and gluten free dog food options are very pricey, which makes it difficult for pet owners to purchase for their dogs. Fortunately, Purina’s Beneful dog food line produces healthy dog food options at a reasonable price, with the newest addition being Beneful grain free dog food. Whether your dog has gluten allergies or you just want to provide a dog food that is more nutritionally dense, Beneful grain free covers your bases.

Beneful grain free dog food’s primary ingredient is real farm raised chicken. The simple ingredient list is free of corn, wheat and gluten. Accents of blueberry, pumpkin and spinach pack extra nutrition and superior taste. Your dog will look forward to dinner time, and picky eaters won’t be disappointed. Beneful grain free is designed for adult dogs, and provides for 100% of their nutritional needs and what Beneful knows.

Deciding what to feed your pet doesn’t have to be complicated or break your bank. You can even save extra money by looking for one of Beneful’s frequently available coupons before buying your next bag. Furthermore, Beneful grain free dog food can be ordered online from Beneful’s website, or from retailers like Walmart. What could be easier than that? Order a bag of Beneful grain free dog food for your pet today, your dog will thank you for it! and read full article.

Dog Food Might Be the Most Delicious Thing in the Kitchen

Ask most people where their freshest and most delicious meals are stored and they’ll probably point at the fridge or the freezer. If it’s dinner time than they might happily point to the delicious smells emanating from the dining room. But one place they probably won’t point is the dog food bowl. But an article published by the Daily Herald suggests that people might begin to do so. In fact, the article begins with an unusual take on a holiday classic. Executives in one dog food company end the tour by taking a big bite out of their Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe. One of them proudly proclaims that the poultry based treat tastes just like thanksgiving. The article offers another example in the “he’ll have what you’re having” ad campaign. It highlights dog food recipes which harken back to everything from beef stroganoff to lasagna. From start to finish the article details some of the more unexpected areas in which high quality dog food is showing up. But one of the single most unexpected places to find this type of high quality gourmet dog food is in one’s own cupboard. Because many people are buying similarly high quality brands without even realizing it. One of the best examples of this is Beneful. The company’s dog food is almost always listed among the top five in the country. But most people buying it never stop to really examine just what’s in the food. When one actually looks at the dog food it quickly becomes apparent just how different it is than most other brands. The biggest visual distinction comes from the fact that one can actually see real ingredients within it. When people sit down for a meal it’s usually quite obvious what types of meat, vegetables and other fresh ingredients went into the meal. And the same goes for Beneful’s dog food. Because it’s made with fresh ingredients one can actually see the chunks of chicken, beef or healthy vegetables within the high quality dog food brand. And the dogs themselves are usually quick to show just how much that means to them. Because when they bite down on Beneful dog food, they’re actually feeling the natural juices and textures. And that can mean the world to a dog.