Celebrities have Chosen Kabbalah

Many celebrities find solace in the Kabbalah rules, which are taught in the Kabbalah Institute. Madonna was the pioneering artist as she desired to find life’s meaning after realizing that success and fame are not the ultimate goal of one’s life. Albeit the fact that she had a big name and was known all over the world, Madonna still felt a void that could only be filled by a higher purpose. It was in Kabbalah that she learned how to give back to the society and touch other lives. She immersed herself in the knowledge and invested much time in the studies. Later she opened Kabbalah centers where she taught other people about the wisdom. Moreover, Madonna welcomed many other celebrities such as Britney Spears, who has since left for paganism and more information click here.

Other celebrities say that they joined Kabbalah to eradicate the pain and problems in their lives. Case in point, Sandra Bernhard said that Kabbalah eliminated 80% of the problems that were in her life. Paris Hilton also concurred with what Sandra said saying that Kabbalah helped her get through her breakup with Nick Carter peacefully. She states that on the day of the breakup she went to Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles and shared with the whole class. She was then given the coping strategies and a red Kabbalah bracelet that helped her heal and forget and its Website.


Kabbalah Learning Institute

Kabbalah Institute is owned by Rav Berg and his wife Karen Berg. Since the two understand the importance of legacy, they actively involve Michael and Yehuda, their sons, in the operations of the organization. Berg and Karen aspire for their sons to learn every principle of operating the center so that they too can leave it as a legacy to their sons.

Kabbalah concentrates on the Kabbalah Volunteer Program that focuses on mentoring new students, helping the sickly within the society, and cleaning the environment. The program also focuses on other events that improve the lives of people locally and globally. They clean beaches, help the elderly among other activities. Karen Berg posits that one’s main purpose should be to do something that positively influences other people. She posits that everyone was born to help someone else and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.

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