Public Education with a Difference-Rocketship Education

Public schools are not known to have a quality education, in 2006 two colleges Preston Smith, and John Danner decided to do away with the myth and establish a public school that was to offer a different kind of education and also caters for the students and parents who could not afford private schools. Rocketship Education was first founded and opened in Sao Jose, California. The public school has been expanding and they institution has opened more school in San Jose. The expansion has also come with praises as the education facility has been producing top students. Rocketship has also opened other educational facilities in Nashville, Indianapolis, Memphis, and Washington D.C among many others. In 2013 the management and the leadership of the school changed with Preston Smith being appointed the Chief Executive officer after John Danner left.

Rocketship Education can also be described as a non-profit public elementary charter school that was established to primarily cater to the needs of students from low-income families and those who cannot afford best private education. The Education Center has been relying on their partners who they believe have played a major role in their expansion as well as the success of their students. The partners have assisted Rocketship to accomplish the following;

  • Managing as well as analyzing their financial data as they point out the appropriate sites for their expansion
  • Improve curriculum for Rocketship leadership development program for the learners, and the teachers.
  • Lead strategic as well as annual planning within their network, this include the development of the organizations performance dashboard helping the staff as well as the management team to have the required skills to make right decisions for their students.

Rocketship education has been in existence for about 10 years. The educational facility counts the years as a success to the institution, the students, their parents, and teachers. The ten years have not been without challenges and also learning. Rocketship has learned a lot for the ten years and some of the things they have learned are as listed below.

  1. Personalized learning begins at home
  2. The education system needs to be changed but it has to come with the creation of demand
  3. Power of parents is important and must be honored

Rocketship Education will continue to provide quality public charter learning and make a difference in the education sector.