Kate Hudson’s Innovative Online Fashion Giant Fabletics

One of the hottest fashion brands to hit the market is Fabletics, an entrepreneurial powerhouse launched by Kate Hudson. Fabletics has captured the women’s wear market with what is they call “Athleisure”; a colorful combination of athletic wear and leisure wear that women are making fashion statements in while running daily errands. Self-titled ‘Fashion That Performs’, Fabletics is an online subscription-based / brick and mortar retail company started by Kate Hudson to give women comfort, quality, and trendy looks for affordable prices.


Holding 20% of fashion sales, Amazon was a stiff competitor for Fabletics at first, but by streamlining their marketing plan Fabletics has successfully transformed online fashion sales. An effective marketing strategy that’s proving to be successful is reverse showroom techniques. By using real-time sales data, the physical store locations are stocked with top-selling merchandise based regional performance. Up to a third of Fabletics customers are already active members of the online store, and signing up for online membership is part of the in-store shopping. This creates a way to track customer behavior, suggest more items based purchase history, and engage with them in the future. Customers tend to spend more money with brands that are relatable. Even the clothing items that are tried on in dressing rooms is collected into the company database, making it easier to offer a particular customer related items to the ones actually purchased and leave out related items to the ones they put back.


In an interview with Marie Claire, Kate Hudson talked about her love of the brand she co-founded. When asked would she wear Athleisure apparel out on the town, Kate Hudson replied “ Yeah, I don’t see why not! Wear it wherever you want. Out on the town, to dinner, whether it be on a date, or with your friends—it works with whatever you’re doing”. Kate Hudson has a vision of women with different body types being able to dress in stylish items that are affordable and easy to order.


Fabletics will auto-charge $49 per month, with a free $25 outfit upon sign up. In months that a customer’s budget is a little tight; that same customer can choose to skip them until the next month. During the initial setup of the membership, the Lifestyle Quiz asks questions that help determine personal style preferences. Taking the Lifestyle Quiz is fun, and a great way to start looking great in the comfortable, no fade styles of Fabletics.

Fabletics is One Step Ahead Because They’re Listening to You

Finally silencing all doubters, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics company is an official success. Since it’s 2013 launch, it has grown by over 200% and earned over $235 million in revenue, with more than one hundred million paying members. Even with the explosion of athleisure wear across retailers and market saturation, the company is going strong. Kate Hudson has always been known for that authentic, girl-next-door appeal and the actress turned businesswoman has brought that attitude to her lucrative athleisure clothing brand.


Their rapid growth is largely due to leveraging the power of the crowd, according to Shawn Gold, Corporate Marketing Officer of Techstyle Fashion Group (Fabletics’ parent company). Kate Hudson and co. have focused on listening to you, their customer. They are embracing consumer reviews in order to provide the products customers want. Those same reviews are also convincing them they’re making the right choice.


Why the shift from traditional marketing and advertising strategies? Like many smart companies, the folks behind Fabletics understand that today’s consumers are more likely to trust genuine crowd-sourced reviews over anything else. The opinion of a fellow buyer carries significantly more weight than a funny commercial. Customers are spending more time online and researching businesses and products before pushing that “checkout” button or choosing a restaurant for dinner. They want to hear about others’ experiences to help them determine their final purchase.


Fabletics is using this crowdsourcing to be “transparent and customer focused.” They feature customer stats and reviews from Trustpilot, one of the world’s largest review sites, directly on their homepage. Potential buyers see right away what other loyal customers have to say about their new athletic wear. Specifics on size, fit, and quality from real people help them have confidence in their own purchase.


The fashion forward athleisure brand is also heavily leaning on customer data to help them make smart choices when designing new products and purchasing more inventory. Shawn Gold says, “If we don’t know what people want, and we don’t truly listen to their tastes and circumstances, it is impossible to improve their lives. Ultimately everything we do is confirmed by the direct opinions of our customers in their own language.”


And it’s paying off. While industry experts are claiming the athleisure trend is dying off, Fabletics saw a retail growth of 644% last year. They plan to have open 12 more stores by the end of 2017 and are projected to reach $250 million in sales.


From the very beginning, Kate Hudson has been more than celebrity spokesperson. She is involved on a weekly basis, whether it’s designing new clothes, choosing a social media strategy, or reviewing sales numbers. Her efforts have always been focused on maintaining clear communication with customers and excellent customer service. Fabletics wants to empower women by providing beautiful quality athletic wear at an affordable price. Sounds like a company to jump on board with. But don’t take it from us, or even Kate. Check out the thousands of great reviews left by happy customers. Then take the Lifestyle quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is right for you!

The Fabulousness of Fabletics

If you’re a fashionista, you likely read Marie Claire magazine to keep up with all the latest fashion trends. If so, you know how popular the athleisure trend has become. Marie Claire decided to sit down with Kate Hudson and discuss her awesome athleisure brand, Fabletics. In the interview, she expresses her excitement regarding some new additions to the already extensive line, that will sure to attract some new customers and fans of the super cute brand. Fabletics is an already popular brand that offers athleisure wear to women of all sizes, and Kate Hudson is the co-creator and spokesperson, along with A-List actress!

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When Fabletics comes up, she talks about these new additions being so exciting. First, is a bath suit line. They have added a collection of bathing suits that are made from your favorite stretchy, comfortable material. These styles will be form fitting and flattering to you, while a bit flirty and on the sporty side. You will fall in love with these styles! In addition to the bathing suits is a collection of athleisure dresses. Yes, athletic wear dresses at http://www.fabletics.com/the-summer-refresh.htm! Though, don’t let the title fool you- these dresses are anything but sporty. Wear them out on the town while enjoying the feel of your favorite stretchy matieral, while it hugs your curves in all the right places. The versatility of these dresses is undeniable- almost as undeniable as how pretty they are!

If you’ve never heard of Fabletics, you’re in for a real treat! Fabletics is a subscription service that sends you new atheleisure clothing to your door every month. At a reasonable, fixed rate, you can gradually grow your ideal athleisure wardrobe. When you sign up, you fill out your profile which will contain your style preferences and size. Based on that, you receive new athleisure that Fabletics is sure you’re going to absolutely adore. And compared to competitors, you’re getting these outfits at a steal. You will fall in love with Fabletics, so don’t waste any time. Sign up today!