How Woke Twitter and Brenda Wardle Responded To Penny Sparrow’s Racism

Words are infinitely powerful. Unfortunately, they are oftentimes used to reinforce hegemonic systems of power. In recognizing that words are frequently appropriated to promote racist ideologies and praxis, the members of Woke Twitter are committed to identifying and dissecting representations of racism that manifest in specific community settings such as social media. The Woke Twitter community does this with the expressed intent of raising consciousness regarding the destructive power that racism wields in this 21st century world. Group members feel it is important for people to reject “Rainbow Nation” narratives which state, in covert and overt ways, that white supremacy is a problem of the past and now everyone has an equal chance to excel in society. Recently, the Woke Twitter community drew attention to the racist statements of former real estate agent Penny Sparrow.

What Did Sparrow Say/Suggest?

Racism can take on numerous forms which contain various degrees of ugly import. In a world predicated on white supremacist values, racism typically manifests in terms of denying the humanity and abilities of people of color. Penny Sparrow advanced this type of racist rhetoric through her social media account after observing a group of black South Africans populating a beach near her residence. In evaluating their presence, Sparrow equated them to animals. Upon realizing that Sparrow had called black South Africans apes and monkeys, community outrage ensued. Sparrow’s statement was condemned by many members of her community and people across the globe pointed out how this manifestation of racism via social media proved that racist thought and praxis was prevalent and powerful in these modern day times.

Brenda Wardle’s Telling Interpretation of Sparrow’s Statement

Upon learning of Sparrow’s racist statement, Wardle made many important points. First, she noted that the constitution affords humans the right to free speech. Wardle went on to point out that this free speech has various limitations which people need to be aware of. Specifically, people do not have the freedom to make disparaging, dehumanizing statements about other individuals. Given that Penny Sparrow did this very thing through her racialized dehumanization of black South Africans, Wardle argues that her comment is ultimately an illegality (in addition to being grossly inappropriate).

Wardle’s Background, Academic Interests, and Book

As a legal student, Wardle is passionate about studying the law and analyzing the role it plays in altering and defining human experiences. She is also the writer of the book To Kill A Fragile Rose: The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius.

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Hall Capital’s Morrison Is Changing The Working World for Women

Helane Morrison is one of the leaders of Hall Capital, one of the most successful and largest money managers in the Bay Area. Their assets have reached $24 billion. The investment firm that is located in San Francisco, was founded in 1994. The firm is managing some money for some of the most successful families in Bay Area.

Female Leaders

Morrison, along with Kathryn Hall and Sarah Stein, are the leading women in Hall Capital. Hall thinks that when the CEO of a company is a woman, and when there are other women at high levels as well, the company becomes an attractive workplace for women. Female leadership in financial companies is very rare, even though there are quite a lot of women in business schools.

Morrison’s Background

Morrison joined the firm in 2007. Before that, she was the head of the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) in San Francisco Office from 1999 to 2007. She was the representation of SEC in business, financial and legal communities. Prior to that, she worked at Howard, a San Francisco law firm, as well as Falk & Rabkin, Canady, Nemerovski and Rice from 1986 to 1996. She is a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation as well as the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of American Bar Association

Hall Capital

The three leaders of Hall Capital stated that the benefit package of the firm includes paternity and maternity leave, as well as workplace flexibility to accommodate their workers’ commitments to be met. As an addition, the firm encourages its employees to be engaged in outside activities. This is because Hall believes that people can do their jobs better when they are more engaged to activities outside the company. Hall Capital also has a zero-tolerance for anything less than complete integrity in the business world and refuses to align themselves who does not uphold these high, but very attainable ideals.

The Firm’s Condition

Under the leadership of Morrison and the other two women, the firm won foundations and endowments as clients because these investors decided to let other professionals to manage their money after the financial crisis in 2008. Now, about 20 percent of the firm is focused on endowments and foundations.


Even though female leadership is rare, there are some successful firms that are led by female such as the Hall Capital. As one of the leaders, Morrison offers a great and professional leadership. Under the leadership of these amazing women, Hall Capital will continue to improve while offering the best financial services.