Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions Investment Pillars

Wealth management is not a task that can be undertaken by anyone in the community. The market has been changing so much. With the new challenges that keep arising, investors need professionals who are highly experienced so that everything takes its right cause. Richard Dwayne Blair is an American financial expert who has been dealing with wealth management for a long time, and he has founded a company that specializes in the same. Richard Dwayne Blair is the perfect expert for the people who want to avoid losses in their investments. Having worked in wealth management for several decades, this businessman is equipped with all the knowledge you need to become a billionaire. Richard Dwayne and his company will devise a strategy that will work for all your investments.

Richard Dwayne Blair founded his firm, known as Wealth Solutions so that investors do look experience the numerous challenges in the marker. With the help of Wealth Solutions, people are pursuing their financial goals and accumulating the amount of wealth they deserve. Retirement planning and wealth planning is not an easy subject for most financial experts in the American market. The roadmap is always challenging one that needs to be handled by professionals who know their roles very well. Richard Dwayne Blair and his team currently use a three pillar approach to ensure that they have achieved the best wealth management plan for their customers.

The first pillar in the plan is always made for the customer to lay their financial roadmap. This is done by checking the financial goals of the customer, the risk tolerance, strengths and the opportunities for growth available. The second phase involves developing a long term strategy that has been proven to be useful in the market. This is a crucial stage in the financial investment department, and it can only be handled by an experienced professional. The final stage mostly involves establishing the financial goals of the clients so that there can be liquidity and growth. Richard Dwayne Blair always takes all the measures needed for all the stages, and this is why he has a great reputation in the market.


With the internet, business transactions are now made across, state, county and continental lines. It is now very easy to be in one part of the world and do business with someone in another part. In the area of financing, Equities First Holdings is a company that us very fortunate to come up with a product that is very appealing to many, in different parts of the world.

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002, in Indianapolis Indiana to provide their customers with options to their finance requirements. The company offers them loans facilities, that are secured against their stocks and shares. Offering them terms that are not stringent, working with them to find terms that will be easy for them to satisfy and giving them interest rate that are low, to make the repayment easy. They have offices in five countries. Equities first Holdings has intentions of opening more.

The Creative Musical Past of Cassio Audi

Together with Yves, Felipe, Machado Andre, and Pit, Cassio Audi was part of the Viper Rock band. His first appearance in the group’s project was in 1985, in the Project Sp metal demo. He appeared in most of the band’s subsequent project as their drummer. The band musical influences include the 80s British heavy metal bands.

Cassio Audi also actively marketed Viper’s music and helped in the composition of their song. His determination paid off as the band got more airplay and made hit songs. Viper band tracks Killera, Nightmare and Princess from Hell were a commercial success and topped Brazilian charts.

The band toured Europe and America. They commanded a huge following and loyal in Brazil. Even as they gained popularity in South America, the market was eager to get more material from them. Cassio Audi wrote and composed more songs for their bank and was instrumental in the launch of their inaugural album Soldiers of Sunset in 1987. Upbeat dream showcases his prowess in harmonizing the drum beats and the vocalist’s tone. The album’s success made them group more popular and placed them among the top bands in the rock genre. Allmusic gave the album a four star. The Soldiers of Sunset has different versions that were redone and covered since its debut. Despite their decision to sing in English, the group appealed more to the Brazilian crowd.

Theater of Fate, the group’s second album launched in 1989. The album composition incorporated classical music. Cassio once more showcased his abilities to compose and write excellently. His signature innovative and electrifying beats impressed his bandmates. He stayed in the band for 9years before leaving to pursue a different career path.

Cassio Audi believes in that music and business are interrelated. Just like in business, music requires creativity, a trait Cassio has honed since his teenage years. Cassio is writing more music that will be part of his upcoming projects. He continues to build his music career as he pursues other interests.

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