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Freedom Financial, established in 2002, is aimed at providing lasting solutions to financial freedom. These include timely financial services and education to assist consumers in reducing debts, creating wealth and achieve financial freedom. Freedom Financial Networks aspires to build bright futures by empowering their customers to meet their financial goals and freedom by overcoming debts. Freedom Financial Networks offers different solutions for settling debts, personal loans and mortgage.

Here’s information on way to try to achieve better credit health:
Building a good credit record can be a nightmare especially if you have not established a good credit history to determine your spending and payment habits. Below are best practices to help you build and maintain a good credit record.

• Get a secured credit card

Secured credit cards are an excellent method of building your credit score since they control your spending. Payments are made on or before the due date after which balance accumulates interest. The card requires a cash deposit which also serves as the card limit and collateral. A secured credit card is best as you work on getting an unsecured one. Check to make sure it reports to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit bureaus.

• Establish good student loan records

Suppose you took a student loan to finance your education, making partial on-time payments can substantially boost your credit score should you want to acquire another loan to go back to school. The three credit bureaus observe your payment habits and can recommend you to future lenders to support your schooling.

• Identify a Co-Signer

Having difficulty getting approved for a loan on your own, get a trusted individual such as a family member or significant other to serve as your co-signer when applying for unsecured credit card. The co-signer acts as a guarantor to your debt and carries the risk of paying back the debt in case the debtor is rendered bankrupt.


Freedom Financial Network offers solutions to help their consumers stay debt free and aspires to brighten their future by empowering them to meet their financial goals. The solutions include getting a secured credit card before getting a secured one, establishing good student loan records and obtaining a co-signer in case you get disapproved for a loan. Before taking on any of the above measures, make sure they report to credit bureaus which include Equifax, Experian, and the TransUnion. The above measures are best practices to securing financial freedom.

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Equities First Holdings: Specializing in Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings provides stock-based loans and is recognized throughout the world for its universal loaning and multiple financing arrangements. The association has more than 14 years of operation and offers customers with optional financing packages which empowers them to meet their own capital objectives. Equities First Holdings is a worldwide pioneer and finance shareholder having workplaces in London, Bangkok, United States, Hong Kong and Sydney.

EFH headquarters are based in Indianapolis, Indiana and from 2002 the association has controlled more than forty million in resources. New companies require an approach to investigate innovative options, get capital for new business ventures and be able to trade in different financial atmospheres. With EFH, a business can really secure some quick cash without putting unnecessary effort for endorsement.

Equities First Holdings do specialization in stock-based advances. With this kind of credit, there are fewer limitations; hence the cash can be utilized for numerous reasons. With a stock-based credit, a borrower will have the opportunity to pay a greatly lessened fixed interest rate which is 4% or lower. All loans come with some kind of risks; nevertheless, some borrowers can part with the transaction without any commitment.

A business’ stock can be utilized as insurance, giving the entrepreneur the alternative of getting a loan to spend as per their desire. Tragically, with a margin credit, the customer is taken through particular stages to figure out whether they qualify or not. Hence, margin loans are much hard to acquire and may even force borrowers to use their borrowed money for specific projects.

However, with Equities First Holdings, things are different. This association submits to deliver the optimal benefits to their customers with minimal measure of risks; hence the majority of their clients can meet their monetary and individual objectives. The team members behind are trained to the code of trustworthiness and depend on trading firms for guidance.

When and How to Cut of Your Adult Children: Advice From Sam Tabar

Parents are often faced with the predicament of when to stop financially supporting their adult children. In fact, no generation has faced greater scrutiny for elongating their parental dependence than millennials. While recent graduates can benefit from financial assistance while they search for professional positions or widdle down their college debt, parents often continue their monetary generosity long after it is needed.

Sam Tabar, a New York-based attorney and chief financial officer, offers parents of adult children a bit of advice when it comes to navigating this type sticky situation. First, Tabar suggests that parents take a thorough look at both their children’s and their own financial situation. All too often, adult children are able to establish generous savings and retirement funds while receiving help from their parents. Meanwhile, parents often neglect their own accounts. If parents’ generosity is costing them their own financial security, it is time to call it quits.

Transitioning to financial independence can be difficult for some young adults. Parents can make the passage more comfortable by talking with their adult children. For some, the reality of living off their own income may mean making cuts. Parents should discuss what is a necessity versus a luxury. Adult children may struggle at first, but such experience is both necessary and beneficial. They may even find that they are more financially prepared than they had predicted.

Tabar’s article, “When Should A Parent Stop Supporting Their Adult Children?,” is viewable on the Huffington Post’s website. It offers parents a simple dose of advice on an issue so many people struggle to navigate.

Tabar has been providing financial guidance for years. In fact, he has worked for notable financial institutions, including the Bank of America. Prior to his career in finance, he attended Columbia Univerity and received a degree in law. Today, he serves as the CEO and Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel, a New York-based company. He currently lives in New York City.

While Sam Tabar usually deals with major international accounts, his financial guidance should not be ignored. A parents decision to help out their adult child financially is determined by many factors. However, parents often apply different standards when giving to their children. Tabar wants to assure that parents do not allow themselves to take on their children’s burdens. While assisting an adult child can give a parent a sense of purpose and need, they can often put stress on their own finances and fail to aid their child’s progress. While each family’s situation is unique, Sam Tabar suggests that parents talk openly about finances with their children. A platform for discussion can result in financial independence and help fill in unknowns about personal finance.