Ross Abelow Helping The Animal Shelters Of New York

Winter can bring families closer by allowing us to snuggle under a blanket in front of the fire place while watching Netflix and sipping hot cocoa but for those less fortunate, this isn’t the case. On January 13th Ross Abelow, a city lawyer, created a fundraiser to help out the animal shelters all across New York. His expectation was that the money from the fundraiser would help the shelters be able to afford blankets, food, medical care and other necessities they needed because without them they could possibly become vulnerable and unable to take care of all the animals in their shelters.

Money from Abelow’s fundraiser is drastically needed by the shelters. Winter weather can be formidable and the low temperatures prove that these homeless animals need to be off the streets and in the warmth of a shelter but lack of space is preventing shelter workers from bringing in any more animals. The fundraiser is hoped to receive $5,000 so that these shelters can provide the assistance these animals need.

If the GoFundMe account that Abelow created is able to reach the goal of $5,000 then the animal shelters of the state of New York will be more than capable of ensuring that the animals currently in the shelter are taken care of as well as those animals that need to come in off the street. Unfortunately, without money from the fundraiser many animals residing in the shelters or on the streets will possibly die since the shelters are severely lacking resources and space to help all these animals.

Ross Abelow has been a lawyer in New York since 1990. He attended State University in Albany, graduating with his Bachelor’s degree and received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. His main career focus is families. He specializes in matrimonial and family law but he also partakes in commercial litigation and entertainment law. Abelow’s hobbies and spare time are also law related. He frequently sends in legal articles to a blog called Crown Point New York. He also has a personal blog that is strictly legal matters related. He also has an active Facebook and Mashable account.