George Soros And His Vision For Open Societies

George Soros has certainly proven his talent as one of the world’s most successful hedge funds managers. No matter what you say about him it can’t be denied that he was able to build an incredible empire through the use of smart funding and investment. Now, he wants to do everything he can to help change the current course of politics and steer back the way it needs to go. He’s seen the rise of the far right and its attacks on open societies. The only way to stop this from happening is to start funding the opposition to it all.

The Open Society Foundation is the center of the vast majority of his philanthropy. It serves as a way to help guide the direction of all the activities he plans to do in order to help promote a better world. Many people simply can’t understand the importance of getting the right candidates into position in order to protect the current progress societies have made. George Soros understands this all too well and knows he needs to do everything he can to stop the likes of people like Donald Trump and other far right figures from reversing the globalization of the world.

The most important thing to understand about George Soros is that he is focused on giving the world democracy. One thing he understands better than most is what life looks like when you don’t have the ability to choose how your life is going to play out. When things are chosen for you, you can’t live out your full potential. In order to prevent things like this from getting in the way of peoples lives he wants to give the entire world globalization in order to achieve this effect. The Open Society Foundation was specifically created for that reason.

The next decision going forward for the west is going to be a big one. If the right manages to take away globalization, the consequences are going to be enormous. So many people rely on globalization for much of what they do in their life and for economic progress. Under no circumstances could the prosperity seen in the modern world exist if we refused to connect various cultures together. Free trade and immigration can’t be vilified and Soros is making sure this doesn’t happen. He has taken lessons from 2016 and he plans on doing everything he can to change the course of things.

The most amazing thing he’s done recently revolves around his apparent need to fight back against Trump. He understands that Trump plans on doing just about everything he can to turn back the tide that Obama produced and the change that came with it. This is something that Soros will not allow and he is now in the process of talking to donors who can help fund the movement to resist Trump. Only by gaining back power can the left stop the current regression from Open Societies. He just wants to make sure he’s part of the solution.